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Dour 0-0 Draw Marred By Officials

Referee Kris Griffiths Jones helped Adelaide to an undeserved point in a soggy 0-0 draw tonight.

With Adelaide in 10th place, and the Wanderers yet to score a victory at the Olympic Showground, the Red & Black wanted to make a statement against the cellar dwellers. Their quest began in earnest in the 20th minute, with Nico Martinez lifting a cross from a short corner to Kearyn Baccus, the young midfielder headed back across goal for Lachlan Scott. He beat the keeper with his toepoke toward goal but not a defender on the goal-line who turned the shot away.

Just prior to the break the Wanderers should have taken the lead but were unfairly denied by the referee. Jumpei Kusukami & Jack Clisby combined down the left flank, the fullback fired in a cross that Daniel Margush spilled at the feet of the onrushing Scott, sparking an almighty goalmouth scramble between Terry Antonis, Dimas, Scott, four Adelaide defenders and their goalkeeper. Margush dived to the turf in a recovery attempt but the slippery surface had him beat, he dropped the rebound off Scott, Dimas had a lash at the ball, Margush could only watch the ball slide out of his hands, Dimas smashed the ball home finally to the delight of the home fans but like so many other games this season, the Wanderers were killed by an incorrect decision.

Rescuing the keeper, Griffiths-Jones decided that somewhere in the scramble that there was a foul on the keeper, incorrectly assessing him as having 'control' of the ball, despite the laws stating that a goalkeeper can't control a ball just by touching it after dropping it accidentally. Additionally, Lachlan Scott was denied a goal with a dubious offside call

Despite the poor refereeing on display, the Wanderers should have done the job in the second half but once again a lack of penetration and quality with the final ball let them down. Terry Antonis forced a good save out of Margush with a long range left foot strike that the keeper turned over the bar. Scott couldn't buy a goal, his 50th minute effort of a header he nodded on target despite having to jump backwards was also saved by Margush.

Kearyn Baccus dodged and weaved through the Adelaide defence 3 minutes before time, passing through Tarek Elrich and other defenders, linking with Ryan Griffiths before smashing his shot wide. Jaushua Sotirio had a shot deflected away for a corner and the last chance of the game was a free kick for Antonis, but inexplicably he failed to realised it was awarded as an indirect free kick, not that it mattered as he crashed the shot on the crossbar.

It was another game of short corners and poorly taken long corners, being either unable to beat the first man, or smashing it far across the penalty area, fullbacks who cross the ball to people who aren't in a position to attack the ball, and forwards who couldn't fire home. The refereeing on display was the usual ineptitude in the A-League, the pitch was a disgrace but the Wanderers should have put three past the poor Adelaide side.



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Mar 04 2017 09:52 PM
The slow death is killing me
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What was the crowd? Missed it.
Bring on the VAR!!

Starts in Round 26 as I guess most would know.

What was the crowd? Missed it.


8,965 iirc

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What was the crowd? Missed it.

A bit under 9000 I think.

Edit^^^ there you go.
Shouldnt have had to worry about the scrubbed out goal, should have won a game like that comfortably.

Such a ******* depressing game...i almost feel like saying meh what the ****, just give 6th place to the Jets, they havent been in the finals for ages, i am over this season.
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Mar 04 2017 10:01 PM

The Wandrawers are baaaack baaaaby


The less said about this game the better other than feeling some serious end of season 3 rainy night vibes.


Aaaaanwaaay, RBB was in good form....and all the utslayz walking around from the rave next door was highlight of the night :xnod:

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Nothing...I've got nothing to say about that, other than, it was nice to get of the house....


Glad to be back home, the beers are much better...

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Mar 04 2017 10:16 PM
**** me I didn't think anyone could take corners worse than Dimas but Martinez pushed him close tonight
I remember season 1 we didn't concede from a corner until the grand final maybe we will score from one when we win this years grand final

Baccus had another great game
Rbb sounded great

That's it move on.
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Highlight of this evening:

Before k.o., my 2 lads got a photo with Santa, & he also kindly autographed their jerseys as well.

And THAT is the end of the story.

Season 2017-18 is too far away. Given this season's recruitment, there is nothing to look forward to in any off-season signings & announcements.

If this team was an animal, it would be humanely euthanised...

Thank you & goodnight.
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To quote popa...that's a ******* joke

Just an excruciating evening. Made all the more excruciating by KGJ and his cronies stopping the game whenever it seemed to gather any momentum. FFA should refund anyone who bought tickets to this match and pay the airfares home for the poor bastards who'd flown over from Adelaide.
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Mar 04 2017 10:30 PM
  • Not one win at Souless all season. Dwindling crowds and you could feel the cold stench of despair.
  • One goal in our last 4 HAL matches. We all know where the problem is
  • What was the point of signing The Griff? He is old and past it (if he ever had 'it')
  • Carbon copy of the Mariners game only fortunately they don't have an O'Donnovan to punish us.
  • Popa will wield out the usual, we created chances and were unlucky guff.
  • I'm happy to give Popa another season providing he gets the backing from the board and is able to sign the players he wants.
  • I'd rather Lederer walk away and we get a sugar Daddy!
  • Baccus is a genuine positive this year (as is Antonis)
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I found that game extremely tough to watch as a supporter of one of the teams. I don't think any neutral would have lasted watching that game.
No mega and no flags - more dick-gate punishment?
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I've been under the impression for months now that Baccus is useless. Despite playing and watching football for 30 years, it appears I know nothing. Actually sat and watched him properly tonight and he is a player. Fair play lad.
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Yeah I thought Baccus was great in a generally lacklustre team. Dimas and Jumpei were doing my head in as usual. Can we actually manage to keep Antonis next season? Based on this year's recruiting you'd be betting against it. But perhaps tonight just left me in a particularly negative mood! And why is Spotless so bad? Honestly I reckon ANZ is better with a 10000 crowd.
Mar 04 2017 10:39 PM

Disallowed goals...

Where's our apology?



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I'll excuse two-dads shitehouse calls as it's Mardi Gras tonight, his thoughts must've been elsewhere..

I found that game extremely tough to watch as a supporter of one of the teams. I don't think any neutral would have lasted watching that game.

It would have looked even worse to a neutral if compared to the game that preceded it!

3-3 between the Nix and Perth!

Great play and cracking goals!
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If we had a Lewandowski to put away the chances we create, we'd easily be up there with the smurfs.
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So was it a goal that should of stood or another harsh call? I thought goal.
Still not good enough at home against the worst team not scoring and next two weeks at home again will be hard to swallow.
I want to see Majok get a start ahead of Scott if no Santa with Sotirio ahead of Jumpei.
Very sad feeling at soulless.
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Mar 04 2017 10:48 PM
what was the story with NIchols injured? We missed his energy

Jumpei gets worse each week. What's the point of Griffiths?

Antonis is ace

Baccus gets better each week.

Another one of those games where we just seem to run out of ideas after about 70mins
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What was the crowd? Missed it.

8,965 iirc

I think we may have bought in special guest crowd counters from gws. Looked less than the mariners game to me.

Also the fact that we have 10k members not showing up is disgraceful. Fairweather, bandwagoning soft cocks. This club has never experienced actual tough times - half a season of struggle and folks can't come up with excuses fast enough not to show. ******* pathetic.
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