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Gallop & De Bohun Must Support Football Or Quit

Dec 01 2015 11:43 PM | mack in Supporter Articles

David Gallop & Damien De Bohun must immediately accede to the demands of Australian football supporters, or resign their posts. This afternoon David Gallop made one of the most stilted, rattled press conferences I've ever seen outside of a politic...

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Ban List Leak Shows FFA Contempt For Supporters

Nov 23 2015 06:59 PM | mack in Supporter Articles

The FFA's massive breach of privacy in allowing their banned supporter list to be leaked to the media is a damning indictment on those who run the league. Note: I preface this opinion post with a 'disclaimer' that it represents myself only, not the RB...

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Fundraiser Sunday 21/12/14: Help One Of Our Own

Dec 16 2014 08:08 PM | 102megan in Supporter Articles

Admin: I've promoted this to an article as there are already comments in the thread and I would like to keep them. Also moved to the Western Sydney Wanderers sub-forum as that is viewable by the public. As I'm sure a few of you have already seen on th...

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Lobbyists Push For More Unwanted ANZ Stadium Upgrades

Nov 18 2014 09:16 PM | mack in Supporter Articles

Another day, another attempt by the privately owned ANZ Stadium to subvert the will of a community that wants Parramatta Stadium upgraded. ANZ Stadium, which was once acquired by a consortium involving current AFL Chairman Mike Fitzpatrick, is pushing...

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ACL Final Live Site Centenary Square Parramatta

Oct 28 2014 05:41 PM | mack in Supporter Articles

Parramatta City will be hosting a live site for the Asian Champions League final second leg on Sunday morning. Set to be officially revealed tomorrow, the live site will be at Centenary Square Parramatta, previously known as the Church Street Mall. O...

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