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RBB Media Statement Sydney Derby via 2UE

The Red and Black Bloc wishes to distance themselves from the incidents that occurred during the pre-game march through Church St Parramatta.

A video has emerged on 2GB's website of an incident that took place last weekend and The Red and Black Bloc wishes to deny it's involvement in the incident that took place, and condemn those who were involved. These individuals do not represent the Red and Black Bloc, our views, our support nor our sport. These are not regulars of the support base.

It has become apparent that a minority of fans partaking in the march for the Sydney derby last Saturday night were more intent on participating in anti-social behaviour to families dining pre-game, rather than passionately supporting their team, which the march represents. The Red and Black Bloc does not promote anti-social behaviour and actively attempts to eliminate it from our fanbase. Anti-Social, rude, violent and illegal behaviour is not tolerated at any time in the Red and Black Bloc fanbase, march, functions or matchday.

The Red and Black Bloc’s matchday march is a tradition down to the stadium, and that all of the club’s fanbase are invited to join in. The march has had involvement from children, the passionate fans, and even older members of the community. The surrounding businesses have all enjoyed our march and it is a facet of the matchday atmosphere.

The Red and Black Bloc wishes to apologise to the Sydney FC fans tormented by the minority who joined in on the march at the Sydney Derby, and wishes to express our deepest sorrow for the anti-social behaviour they were a victim of.

The Red and Black Bloc is a strong believer in self-policing of the support group and is actively working toward creating a fun, passionate environment for the Wanderers supporters to experience. The Red and Black Bloc were able to work successfully with security in removing several supporters involved in anti-social behaviour at the match.

The Red and Black Bloc are actively attempting to identify the individuals involved in the pre-game march incident, as well as investigate further incidents relating to the FFA’s hired security company, Hatamoto, and a separate incident involving an unprovoked attack from one of the stadium’s security staff.

The Red and Black Bloc are very happy to announce that the members of the community who benefitted from tickets donated by the Red and Black Bloc community enjoyed the match between Western Sydney Wanderers and Wellington Phoenix, and hope that these fans will become Wanderers for life.

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