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  2. I don't mind it actually - if it works - it works. Otherwise they get rid of it. I like that the club went out to schools and got kids involved. At least some part of the Wanderers and its values hasn't been totally lost. Wanderers have an obligation to all target markets such as kids and family, it's important that they get kids early on to become fans and invested for the future growth of the sport.
  3. The Wiggles could be our mascot The young fella loves them! But, maybe we should also vote on our favourite banner for the boys to run through... "Smash 'em lads!"
  4. So once we get a new mascot, what is next? Cheerleaders? Seriously. Why would anyone want their child to be distract by someone in a silly costume when he/she should be cheering our players on. If I want that I will take them to see the wiggles sing and dance.
  5. Not much else to discuss when we've only got one spot left (which rumour has it could be Nico). The only other movement we will see is if Borda or someone else is released.
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  7. Adeleke was by far the worst Popa signing, although Borda is giving a run for the money. I am sure someone went to the airport to collect Adeleke and collected some random person, the real Adeleke was left sitting on a suitcase in the arrivals hall and ended up giving up and heading home. That is the only way I can explain how someone paid to play football looked so amateur and out of their depth.
  8. Already got one. He plays in goal.
  9. Lol Adeleke. I remember at the time no one really criticised him and said he was good going forward. I recall stating right away that he was rubbish and made us vulnerable on the left. Nekminnit he lets Ibini run right by him and then disappears off the face of the earth. Another awesome Popa signing.
  10. Why can't we have a red-bellied black snake as a mascot? Colours are right!?
  11. Came here to discuss squad development . Instead we read of audits, **** players seeing out their contracts, and random comments about nothing to do with developing this squad. Year after year this thread dribbles more and more. Anyway the only development related question was re; Martinez. I hear he wants to come back and we are able to loan him but the ham company can't afford him. Nico to Nottingham.
  12. I think NFP's & Charities are required to do an audit for the Department of Fair Trading.
  13. The sun burnt pom.
  14. Indeed, the seeds of the second tier need to be sown and could take a good few years to build up. I would suggest start by creating state based second tiers in a bit more of an organised structure than we have now but no promotion or relegation at the start. Going to a national nationwide professional second tier with promotion and relegation isn't going to happen within a few years, it will need to be nurtured along.
  15. What in God's name is that thing on the left?
  16. I meant regarding political pressure from all sides. How could they put pressure on a club if the club has FIFA on its side?
  17. It's all fun and games until its head comes off and the kids are traumatised for life
  18. semi-professional is how it has to think the non-league teams in England are all professional? or three of four tiers down in any country around the world? MOST countries that have pro-rel have had it for decades and over time they have grown more and more professional. How entitled are we to think that if we can't have a fully pro 2nd division we can't have on at all. everyone has to start somewhere - and its almost never at the top.
  19. Are they? or are they actually doing well and just crying poor?
  20. "Need a mascot? Why not Zoidberg?"
  21. soooo that jersey the mascots are wearing...
  22. Thanks to all audit responses! The place I used to work where this bugged me was a NFP, a member association with voters etc, so yeah I think it was internal. All they'd ever do was say "we recommend this" and then bugger off. I'm probably bagging the auditors when it should be my company. If they gave me more warning I'd just have set aside time, but everytime I had to run around doing whatever the auditors asked. Then they'd get pissed when I told them I was busy and they were going to have to wait! Anyway, I doubt the FFA have very good ones, or surely they'd have caught out more teams and not relied on - was it the SMH? - to uncover Perth. The FFA can't even set the rules up with no loopholes never mind monitor them!
  23. There's different types of audits. Some audits are to ensure laws and rules are being followed (payroll tax, land tax, GST, salary cap, etc.). Whilst not knowing what it is you do, I get the feeling the audit you may be referring to is an obligation of the entity of which you work for. So if you work for a listed entity, charity or association that entity has an obligation for an audit of their financial statements and sometimes their financial system (internal controls, etc - bit different). The reason for this is to ensure that financial statements are "fairly represented", that means balances are accurate in the financial statement. The ultimate reason for this is listed entities and associations have an obligation to its shareholders or stakeholders to provide information that can grant them the opportunity for decision making in a fair and just environment. For example, dodgy financial statements affect the share price unfairly and induces shareholders to make decisions on inaccurate information which is illegal. It's also important to remember that the Auditor limit of responsibility also.
  24. You westie bums needs jobs...
  25. Don't worry, I'm sure this mascot could double as the new leadership of the RBB, get up on the mega and get Dale going. Two birds with one stone, right? Right? But yeah, the trust issue is a huge problem which they need to fix. A lot of people have no confidence in them doing anything right. I get an email that says "we've asked the kids about mascots just like we asked you about colours, location etc" and I used to think "cool, getting out amongst the fans" and now I think "yeah, yeah, you're just trying hard to connect this to the past so it seems like you still care" The problem I see with this mascot thing - apart from the fact that it's totally unnecessary and a waste of club resources when they could be doing something to improve the overall member experience - is that I don't trust them to pick anything that remotely represents Western Sydney. A fox? We're bound to end up with some form of Wanderer superhero dude, which to me undermines the idea of the Wanderers being a football name. Anyways, our slide into the mediocrity of being just another cookie-cutter franchise is almost complete.
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