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  2. Good half by the Matilda's had the majority of the ball, some great passing and positional play. Should be two or 3 goals up, but deserved leaders at HT.
  3. Matilda's looking good early on.Sam Kerr running backwards and heads in for a goal...! 1-0
  4. Grr. I thought I'd fixed that. Maybe I only replaced the home logo!
  5. Today
  6. Normally its only the a-league officials looking to **** us around...but now I'm also worried about those Adelaide ball boy/girls looking to put themselves on the line like those toughs from the eastern suburbs.... 3-1 to us
  7. HAL 2017/18 Round 8

    Marrone out.
  8. FFA Cup 2017

    Marrone punishment coming https://www.theffacup.com.au/news/marrone-incident-referred-independent-disciplinary-and-ethics-committee
  9. Australian National Discussion V3

    I'm puzzled by Gallop's comments. It just shows he has no idea what he is doing. What was the purpose of saying it was puzzling? You're not gonna win brownie points from the #angeout crew for making disparaging remarks about his decision. In fact, all you're going to do is give him more support and make yourself look bad. And it takes a special kind of muppet to make themselves look worse than Ange has looked over the last month or so. It actually sounds like the comments of a guy who hasn't got a backup plan and wants Ange to be the fall guy if we don't get a decent replacement.
  10. Coach and Staff Thread 2017/18

    So there is friction between our senior players and our new coach ? I guess there was always going to be some disquiet with this transition. I hope we string a few wins to settle the stable.
  11. The smurfs were so far ahead of everyone else last season that they can go backwards and still be top of the table. Couple of injuries plus ACL (they didn't have to deal with either last season) might cause things to unravel, particularly if the Socceroos headhunt Arnie.
  12. The $murf$ definitely are not as good as last season. Newcastle and Mariners on the rise. Glory have slipped. City have improved with new coach. The Phoenix are about the same. Not sure about Victory.....gone back a little perhaps....lose a lot if Berisha isn't there. Roar are Dad's Army. We are better than last season. Just wish the potential was shown for the full 90min.
  13. Australian National Discussion V3

    I look forward to the angry wizard of woy woy head butting Lionel Messi.
  14. I don't know about that. I think SFC, MVFC, Roar, MCFC, Glory and Wellington have all declined from last season. I believe that might have something to do with some of those teams crowds. We are at about the same level. Newcastle, Adelaide and CCM have improved. The fact that SFC are still on top, despite not having the potency of last season, means no one has really stepped up to raise the bar. But still early in the season, so maybe things will change.
  15. Ahh, that's not the right WSW logo mack
  16. I don't think there's been a notable decline in quality, certainly nothing to keep people away. If anything I think the leagues quality is as good as ever.
  17. FFA Cup 2017

    Marrone should've done a Hazard on the little smartarse.....
  18. Youth League General Discussion

    Round 2 Conference A Adelaide v Vi$ion City Brisbane Roar v Melb Victory Conference B Mariners v Wanderers Smurfs v Newcastle
  19. Alvaro Cejudo

    Week off via cancelled game v's Nix should allow him to recover from the operation on the knuckle of his thumb
  20. FFA Cup 2017

    Yeh sure, the whole thing is a big laugh right? Not like Adelaide were trying to get a goal back with 5 minutes to go on a final or being a player down didn't help there cause, as I said, if I was an Adelaide supporter I'd be pissed. Have just read the ball boy picked up a cramp, nek minnit lifting the trophy on stage
  21. . Sorry mate, I enjoy my job. But the first few rows in that south stand have gone up, including the 'walkway' into the stand. You can see that over the fence. Theres a nice big hole with works going on where the main grandstand 'west' is going to be, im assuming things like dressing rooms etc are on that side. They are hoping for the roof to start on that south side by february. Good progress though. I might be going again in a couple of weeks. I'll give another update then.
  22. We need this win to stop the rut of draws were having. The team is good enough its all between the ears for the players to keep the concentration.
  23. Puff piece, same regurgitated stuff but I enjoyed this quote
  24. Yeh, that's what I thought you said
  25. Australian National Discussion V3

    It can't be Arnold go back to 2007 that was a better team he found someway for us to play the worst we had ever played right up until Holger's team got smashed twice in 2013. For me a foreign coach has to be appointed. No Australian coach has the skill to lead an average team in the world cup to get something out of it.
  26. Australian National Discussion V3

    If its Arnold then we get Matt Simon for Socceroos. Follow the sydney playbook put the angry wizard of woy woy on for the last 15 mins
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