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  2. Genius idea really. Get us to pay for improved security so they can watch us closer? Maybe thats what trump has in mind for the wall/fence?
  3. So that's where the money from our ticket prices goes...
  4. Well I hope Llorente is first choice, otherwise why are we spending a foreign spot on him? So many times the ball went to Clisby in ACRES of space the other night, and he did nothing with it. He's no good at intricate passing movements/1-2s etc, and his crosses are just hit and hope. Where a good winger/fullback will get their head up and try to weigh the cross, he just bangs it across. More often than not Risdon, for example, is aiming for someone. Clisby's just aiming in the general direction. I also can't see why Herd can't play all games except around FFA Cup ties etc. It's only one game a week.
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  6. http://www.9news.com.au/national/2017/09/13/18/24/sporting-louts-warned-as-scg-upgrades-security-system Upgraded security systems at the Moore Park precinct.
  7. Terry Antonis

    Terry got his first start for VVV Venlo playing in the Dutch Cup. Played RB and scored a goal.
  8. David Squires Cartoons

    Love his depiction of the conceded penalty.
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  10. Interesting Football Stuff.

    Great story. What a strange world. I was born in Bangalore. Now Dimas is playing there, and finds himself in North Korea! Football eh?
  11. These are the boots that Thwaite wore last night
  12. David Squires Cartoons

    I love the first panel...." whatever mad **** the AFL are up to in China....!" lol
  13. Take a few guys from Blacktown City more like
  14. Tokich is supposed to be on his way to Qatar for a Young Socceroos camp. I think it will be Lustica as AM with one of the NPL boys as DM. Majok to start and Krousorati to come off the bench.
  15. Perhaps we'll rustle up some Victorian NPL players to fill out our bench.
  16. It's unlikely that any of the starting 11 from last night with feature. Riera, Risdon & Thwaite were at the spy movie premier tonight, so they didn't travel down with squad today. There may be a few NPL2 1st grade players still training with AL squad, but normally they would be in the middle of a 3 - 4 week break before returning for NYL pre-season training. Not many u20 NPL players left to call up as Tokich along with Grozos, Najjar, Russell, Cordier, Pufflet & a couple of others are OS with the Young Socceroos u19 squad
  17. I'm unsure that those players would have done much at the end of the day: Aspro got done for the first goal, (I believe it was a double deflection so a touch unlucky). I thought he did well for the rest of the game but can only see Corny add something more at set pieces. Llorente, is he actually our first choice left back? Does he have a big enough engine? We will soon find out. Herd will not play every game, he will need to be managed. I didn't think the Baccus/Melling combination was too bad considering we are in still pre season. From my perspective. Yes, the gap between the A-League clubs and top NPL sides is not that great but I feel that our poor first half let Blacktown into game. You have to give it to Mark Crittenden. He deployed his tactics to a tee and he nearly pulled off a huge upset. The first 60 minutes were all about limiting the damage, after we scored our first we should have scored a few more before half time but were wasteful. I didn't think it was a clever decision to press so high with four attacking players which we easily exploited but he got to half time at 0-1 so I'm sure he would have been confident. I really hope this year we are not ruing missed points because of poor finishing, one season of that was enough. Give credit to the City keeper, some fantastic saves nonetheless At 60 minutes I thought the whole team looked gassed. This is where my dilemma regarding conditioning comes in: - We have traditionally been slow starters and with Popa's training plus the preseason loading it should be no surprise that the legs would be heavy. There is no point in aiming to peak now for the season, we want to be aiming to be peaking a week or so into the season - The last thing we want is a repeat of ACL season when we hit January and the team is cooked mentally and physically. - We have had a full squad in preseason, with 13 preseason games you'd hope that when we hit 60 minutes that everyones legs don't run of gas. Most games, players play 45 minutes but you'd hope they'd be further along than they were last night. Struggling in ET no issue but so early in the second half? - Perfect timing for BC, a few weeks rest after the season and peak time fitness wise to play us and unsure how much of an advantage the synthetic field would have played into their favour. The fields at BSP are pretty much as solid as concrete slab anyway Am I being too harsh or expecting too much? Perhaps the goal of last night was to do enough win the game without sacrificing the preparation for the season? At 60 minutes, MC changes the tactics and goes for the game. Huge risk to leave another attacker up the field but he had to roll the dice to go for the game by being more exposed but boy did it pay off. The substitution and tactical change worked a treat for Blacktown City as that was when our legs went. The timing of the goal for Blacktown City was absolutely perfect. In the three upfront, they had much joy exploiting the room left by our marauding left & right backs and we just let them keep on exploiting our weaknesses. Madly frustrating. After the goal it was pretty much all Blacktown City, with a bit of luck and Vedran magic we somehow managed to make it to full-time 1-1. Another frustrating aspect was when we went from moving the ball slowly up to 60 minutes, to moving the ball so quickly that their tired legs and minds could not keep up. We lost our composure after that goal and were trying to force things on the field. I was hoping with more pre season matches than we have had ever before, that we'd gel better as a team. My biggest issue was the slow transitions and not moving the ball quick enough allowing the defending team to get behind the ball yet not being able to put away the clinical chance (as in the first half) or not being able to create enough chances (as we did in the second half of the match). In ET, thought Blacktown City were the better side and it seemed only after the goal that we really stepped it up a gear to level it up at 2-2. An urgency that I hadn't seen in the second half. In penalties, I feel it is the ultimate leveller but by city missing the first two penalties it really ended up being one sided and gave us what we needed to get through to the semi finals. I ask myself, am I expecting too much? Preseason, surface, cup competition, stage of opposition season and expectation all play a part. It is hard not to read too much into the game.
  18. All we have to do is dream by SHEPPARTON NEWS SEPTEMBER 20, 2017 Whatever plans you have on Friday night cancel them. Well, that is unless you are going to be at the soccer. There is no AFL in Melbourne on Friday night, there is no local football either, so there is no reason why you should not head off to watch the world game at McEwen Reserve. In what will be a first for the Goulburn Valley, two A-League clubs will go head-to-head when Melbourne City and Western Sydney Wanderers grace the newly developed ‘‘Theatre of Dreams’’. With no disrespect to the Goulburn Valley Suns or our region’s four teams competing in the Bendigo Amateur Soccer League, it will be the best standard of soccer you will probably see in Shepparton (depending on how good the Asian Football Confederation Under-19 Championship qualifiers are in November). With the A-League season starting in just more than two weeks, it is expected both clubs will travel with relatively strong squads in preparation for round one, well City anyway. The Wanderers could also field a competitive side, despite playing in the FFA Cup tonight. Last month, Warren Joyce, Melbourne City’s new head coach, did not rule out the possibility of playing Socceroos Tim Cahill, Luke Brattan and the returning Stefan Mauk, so you would be stupid not to go if you like soccer. On Monday, City also announced the signing of marquee player and Polish international Marcin Budzinksi. It may be the first time any fan in Australia will have the opportunity to watch the midfielder live and in the flesh. If you do not have an interest in soccer, but you love your sport, you are never going to get a better opportunity to watch two of the country’s premier soccer clubs face off in your own backyard. Wanderers have an impressive track record of their own, having been crowned the best club in Asia after winning the Asian Champions League. Tony Popovic’s squad also includes Robbie Cornthwaite, Dutchman Roly Bonevacia and Spanish La Liga attackers Oriol Riera and Alvaro Cejudo. To see some high-quality soccer for just $15 is an absolute bargain. If that does not tickle your fancy, well here is another reason to go. The clash will also coincide with the launch of the redeveloped Shepparton Sports Precinct and a new 500-plus-seat grandstand on the western side. As the sun sets on Friday night, fans, spectators and interested onlookers will be in awe of the ‘‘Theatre of Dreams’’, even if they have had a sneak peak beforehand. It looms to be a monumental community hub for football and other sports at the reserve. The pavilion is huge — it is 21m wide, 75m long and expected to seat more than 500 people outside. The pavilion will cater for four players’ change rooms underneath, an umpires’ change facility and a first aid room. In addition, the pavilion’s social room allows for a further 200 to 240 people to be seated inside. The elevated viewing area starts at 1.5m above ground level, before the height begins to vary in the undercover seating area. All jokes aside, the Greater Shepparton City Council has done a remarkable job at redeveloping McEwen Reserve and the sporting facilities that surround it. Now it has gone to the effort of bringing high-quality sporting teams and players here, so get off your backside, stop complaining about the lack of things to do in Shepparton and get to McEwen Reserve on Friday night — you will not regret it. LOWDOWN When: Friday, September 22. Who: Melbourne City v Western Sydney Wanderers. Where: McEwen Reserve, Shepparton Sports Precinct. Kick-off: 7.30pm Tickets: $12.50 (adult), $7.50 (concession, students and children 5 to 17), via the Riverlinks Box Office, Shepparton, or on match-day. 2017-18 Melbourne City members will receive free entry to the match.
  19. I imagine our lineup, assuming there aren't players out with injury, will look something: GK: Hall/Suman Defence: Keanu Baccus, Cornthwaite, Hamill, Llorente, Midfield: Herd, Tokich, Majok Attack: Krousorati, Santalab, Cejudo Depending on how Bridge pulled up, he might get some time along with Scott, maybe Melling & Jumpei half an hour, the rest of the team sit on the bench. I'm not sure if the NYL squad is up and running yet, maybe they'll take some NPL kids to help make up numbers.
  20. Mark Bridge

    It went during the period he was seeking assistance from the PFA, to exit his contract with the club in Thailand
  21. Lactate accumulates quicker in the muscle on synth pitches which would explain why they tired badly in the second half.
  22. Melbourne City vs Western Sydney Wanderers VS Date and Local Kick-Off Time at Stadium: 22/09/17 Sydney Kick-Off Time: 7:30PM EST Round: Pre-Season Competition: Pre-Season Friendly Location: Shepparton, Victoria Stadium: McEwen Reserve View full record
  23. Interesting Football Stuff.

    All class
  24. Wanderers pre-season games 2017/18

    A crowd of 2000 is expected at tomorrow night’s A-League contest at the newly minted McEwen Reserve in Shepparton. http://www.sheppnews.com.au/2017/09/21/110700/scoring-soccer-dollars
  25. Football Media Discussion 2

    http://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/newslocal/the-standard/wanderers-and-luke-priddis-foundation-to-hold-clinic-for-children-with-autism/news-story/abdd5d1446fe949ece9c1e3c2dcfc394 An opportunity for kids with autism to participate in a Wanderers football clinic for anyone who may be interested. Cost is $25. Registration required.
  26. Mark Bridge

    Too many fines
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