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  2. Oriel left training early Friday with shoulder injury.
  3. Can't make it to Parra for pre-game drinks, are most punters headed straight to the ground once in town or is there a favoured pub near Central before the game?
  4. Football Media Discussion 2

    Leaving aside the ignorance of journalists who write about other sports (but let's be honest, there are plenty of football journalists who'd stuff up the names of teams outside their area of expertise)... Offsiders is a better show now that Kelli Underwood is hosting and it's no longer a Gerard Whateley wankfest (who the hell cares about horse racing, Gerard? Even if some care, it's still not a sport!), but they'll always keep their focus on the other sports given they only have 30 minutes. The show did give Ange a good run, though, and Richard Hinds writes decent football articles at least once a week, so it's not like the show as a whole is ignoring football.
  5. Today
  6. Not a chance they are the kopites of the a League he could take carrusca leg off in a two footed challenge and only get a yellow with Arnold then demanding a written apology for carrusca putting his leg there
  7. HAL 2017/18 Round 21

    the How good was Arzani's goal last night? He should be grabbed for the National Team!
  8. Do you guys buy into this Riera out crap guys if Riera was injured they would of updated the ins and outs like every other club does but to be honest haven't heard about Riera being injured plus I met Riera on Friday evening he came back from training and was at parramatta park taking his family out for a walk in the park and I came up to him and said hey it's oriol Riera right yeh mate he said and I said how you doing he said good mate just had eh training this morning and we had a chat about the derby and **** but to me he didn't seem injured he looked just right
  9. Matt Simon. Red card. 100%
  10. Hahahaha! Sigh...I remember when these threads were a cesspit of arrogance and supreme confidence! COYW!
  11. I’m digging this expecting nothing out of a derby, it’s probably the Evertonian in me.
  12. Probably right, but if rumour is to be belived herd is back in uk swapping Llorente over and bringing in Clisby makes us too narrow, that said Reira is our now, so crossing is less of a thing
  13. I give him 5 mins or less myself.
  14. last time we had mini baccus at right back for the last 20 minutes against citeh they made him look like a little kid filling in for his big brother's team.
  15. So how many minutes do you think it will be before Simon hacks one of our players and gets away with it.
  16. i would say the 3-2 after leading 2-0 was pretty humiliating but yes you are right we have saved our most disgraceful performances for home games.
  17. You are right he is, hope Gumby puts mini Baccus there. If he goes with Clisby on left and Llorente on the right then we lack width, Clisby crossing his hit and hope and Llorente is far better on left
  18. We've never been destroyed at Fortress Allianz. Even the biggest margin (3-1) was a game where we were pressing for an equaliser and conceded that late penalty.
  19. oh I am definitely in my element - must be the little bit of yorkshire blood I have in me. football and whingeing just go together
  20. Thats the spirit, now people know what it is like to support Leeds and the Boro hey mate...we go through this kinda shyte every week.
  21. we are going to get destroyed. with riera 5-1 without riera 5-0 I just hope I don't get rained on too badly - long trip home soaking wet nursing another derby humiliation.
  22. He's often in the extended squad
  23. Is that why Lachlan Scott was named in the extended squad?
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