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  2. Digital rights will be minuscule for the A-League. NRL digital rights were costed at $90 million over 6 years ($15 million per year) but that also includes the naming rights sponsorship to the entire competition. The A-League naming rights appears to be worth about $3.3 million per year. I doubt the A-League digital rights alone would be worth more than 3 million per year at the highest, and even that feels a bit too high considering that would be a combined (Digital + Naming Rights) $6.6 million per year compared to NRL's $15 million per year. I think it'll be lucky to reach $2.3 million (thus taking the overall rights deal to $60 million per year). Knowing FFA & Gallop I wouldn't be shocked if they just sell the thing for 10 years to secure more cash to try and get the owners onside.
  3. It's only been around for a couple of seasons. LVG's first season IIRC. If you've watched a United game in that time, you almost certainly would've heard it. It gets a run at 99% of our games
  4. Awesome, thanks for that! Hopefully we see a decent outcome for the digital rights.
  5. @FitzySA but the rest of the year they can be redneck bogans, who forced a superstar of the sport into retirement. #NationalShame

  6. FWIW I get what Mack gets... the whole message, as well as who it's from etc.
  7. this is garbage, i dont get such interesting PM's from newsbot
  8. Are you sure? This is what a PM notification email looks like to me:
  9. Hey Mack, can you upgrade some of the info when you receive an email notification to say you've got a new PM? Under the old system it told you who replied, to what PM and what they said. Under the new system, it just says abcde has sent you a pm
  10. The broadcast rights for AFL, Super Rugby, NRL & the A-League allow the broadcast owner to live stream games on their own apps for their customers. Hence why I can watch A-League, NRL, AFL and Super Rugby on Foxtel Go, and why when SBS had A-League rights, they could stream games on their website. Digital rights are separate from the broadcast rights. Telstra's digital rights for AFL & NRL are intended for people without Foxtel so they can buy an online streaming pass rather than buying Foxtel. The previous A-League broadcast deal as far as I can tell, only sold international digital rights (to World Sports Group) in the last rights deal, and did not separate the Australian digital rights from the Australian broadcast deal, so Foxtel was the only 'authorised' company for digital streaming of A-League games. The new rights deal does separate broadcast & digital, but the digital rights have not been sold yet. I would assume the FFA are in discussion with Telstra, Optus, and may have reached out to Netflix and looked to see how streaming there might work.
  11. I realise I'm asking a question that has probably been answered many times in this thread, but what's the deal with the online/mobile rights for the A-League? And the W-League? Given the AFL, NRL and Netball all have Telstra-supported apps to live stream every game, I'm wondering what's stopping Foxtel/Telstra releasing something for the A-League. Something in the broadcast rights around online and mobile streaming? Business case doesn't stack up? The apps are fantastic, so the sooner something can be organised for the A-League, the better. It'd be great to see something similar for the W-League, too, even if it just a glorified amateur feed similar to what many state league teams stream via their websites.
  12. Is it just me, or was that like watching Nico distributing to Alexis Sanchez! Isnt this guy like way way way expensive?
  13. Borello confirmed going to Germany
  14. Someone sent me a link to this chant lol Probably been around for a good few years now.. When I die and I head up there I am going to go on the piss with Georgie Best as well
  15. not from south america so its obvious he is useless
  16. Brisbane Roar issued with fine from AFC
  17. I reckon there's a better chance of the young blokes caring than the older ones. They'll want to impress.
  18. I've just realised one of the hosts on the ABC coverage was from the B-League. It all makes sense now... No one is criticising them for "having a go", they're criticising them for being dickheads.
  19. I reckon I guess the crowd number.
  20. Hmm would probably play a Vidosic type role for us then, rather than an out and out striker. Would probably suit us well. Regarding the A-league's level, I think the level of players is different to the level of teams. In other leagues the players are of reasonably similar quality, with a few exceptions. That's because other countries have well established divisions, meaning players find their level. In the A-league we have players outside the cap who could be very high quality, some pretty decent cap players, some very average squaddies and some horrible fillers. It's part of the the A-league's charm. So while the whole team would be eaten up by a 46 game Championship, there's some players that are of that level, getting to that level, or even above. But there's also guys that would probably not look out of place in non-league teams! So I don't think the A-league has a comparable league. For recruitment that means the clubs have to look at what level they are trying to fill and scout appropriately. Most of the visa players would need to be high quality marquees outside the cap, or quality players within the cap. So you're hoping they can pick up players from the second divisions of big leagues, or players who were tipped to be playing higher who for some reason (injury, off-field situation etc) have not got there, decent players with a year or two before their legs go who can handle a 27 game season better (in fact, that should be a major selling point to dudes in that 31-34 age bracket), or top division players in smaller countries.
  21. Another season with 10 teams playing each other up to 4 and 5 times. Crowds will just be booming...
  22. Can't see you beating that little club down under in July either. Gunna be a long off-season for #WengerIn fans
  23. This the least confidence I've felt going into an Arsenal game, I just don't see us winning.
  24. Valdivia is a true number 10 south American playmaker. Has awesome vision to see a through ball where others don't. Unfortunately, has a history plagued by injury. Played in Brazil for years. Popa would break him.
  25. FA cup final is on tomorrow morning 2:30am kick off being showed on sbsHD, then the Barca Del ray final on straight after.
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