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    • Digital rights will be minuscule for the A-League. NRL digital rights were costed at $90 million over 6 years ($15 million per year) but that also includes the naming rights sponsorship to the entire competition. The A-League naming rights appears to be worth about $3.3 million per year. I doubt the A-League digital rights alone would be worth more than 3 million per year at the highest, and even that feels a bit too high considering that would be a combined (Digital + Naming Rights) $6.6 million per year compared to NRL's $15 million per year. I think it'll be lucky to reach $2.3 million (thus taking the overall rights deal to $60 million per year). Knowing FFA & Gallop I wouldn't be shocked if they just sell the thing for 10 years to secure more cash to try and get the owners onside.
    • It's only been around for a couple of seasons. LVG's first season IIRC. If you've watched a United game in that time, you almost certainly would've heard it. It gets a run at 99% of our games¬†
    • Awesome, thanks for that! Hopefully we see a decent outcome for the digital rights.
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