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  1. Can't see you beating that little club down under in July either. Gunna be a long off-season for #WengerIn fans
  2. He's an ok player, I guess @danielcarr https://www.transfermarkt.com/jorge-valdivia/leistungsdaten/spieler/20758
  3. Football NSW preview Match of the Round Western Sydney Wanderers vs North Shore Mariners, Sydney United Sports Centre, 7pm, Saturday 27 May Western Sydney Wanderers host the in-form North Shore Mariners in Saturday night's PS4 NPL 2 NSW Match of the Round at Sydney United Sports Centre. The Wanderers haven't enjoyed the sweet taste of victory since their 3-1 win over Central Coast in Round 9 but after last week's one-all draw with Mounties, coach Trevor Morgan is confident his young side is on the right track. "I'm very happy with their effort (against Mounties) because it was an improvement on recent weeks and we're still in second place on the ladder," Morgan told Football NSW. "I was disappointed for the boys but pleased with certain aspects of the performance, which were excellent." Western Sydney have played some scintillating football this season. In virtually every match they've dominated possession and left teams chasing shadows with their fitness, mobility, and creativity. But the one area in which they could do with some polish is their finishing. Yes, they've scored a staggering 28 goals in 12 matches, but given the number of chances they've created, that tally could be so much more. Western Sydney this weekend face a Mariners side that has some similar stats to their own: 28 goals for and 11 against, a goal difference of nine as opposed to the Wanderers' 11. But while the teams may be similar on paper, the difference on the field is vast. While Western Sydney is technically excellent and play a possession-based game with lots of speed and movement, the Mariners' go-to is a more direct in-your-face approach, a style that is effective and has the potential to damage. Just ask Marconi, who were on the receiving end of a 4-0 thrashing in Round 5, a result that remains one of the biggest upsets of the season. North Shore will arrive at Edensor Park fresh from a 5-0 annihilation of Bankstown Berries, so their confidence will be sky high. But coach Joe Haywood won't make a big fuss about the importance of the Wanderers game, nor will he make any outlandish statements. He'll just take things one step at a time and prepare as best he can. The same can be said of Trevor Morgan. No fuss, just business as usual. This is shaping as quite an interesting battle, one of contrasting styles between two teams that have the ability to score a bagful of goals.
  4. NPL Preview: Wanderers vs North Shore Mariners image: http://www.wswanderersfc.com.au/di/library/Western_Sydney_Wanderers/6d/d0/npl_1lg11ciogjw5ozc8j5fmvdpak.png?t=1121720292 1/1 Make sure you head to Sydney United Sports Centre on Saturday night! Friday, 26 May 2017 - @wswanderersfc The Western Sydney Wanderers will be aiming to finish the first half of the NPL 2 season on a high when they face North Shore Mariners at Sydney United Sports Centre on Saturday night. After a hard-fought draw last weekend against Mounties Wanderers, the Red & Black are now five points off NPL 2 leaders Marconi Stallions. North Shore Mariners are led by coach Joe Haywood who has a wealth of experience having coached at the Central Coast Mariners NYL team and Manchester City Academy. The Northbridge outfit have had a formidable attack this season having scored 14 goals in their last four games. North Shore currently occupy sixth position on the NPL 2 ladder, with the highlight of their season so far being their comprehensive 4-0 victory over competition favourites Marconi Stallions. Last season's top goal scorer, Kyle Cimenti, is back after a long layoff due to injury. After last week's goal against Mounties, Kyle is now the team's joint top scorer for the season, with four goals in eight appearances. Cameron Devlin is another player to watch after putting in a typically solid performance last week. In addition to captaining our NPL 2 side, the energetic central midfielder has also represented Australia at the Under-21 level. Entry to the match is FREE for all Wanderers Members, while tickets for non-Members are $10 for adults and $5 for concession card holders. Western Sydney Wanderers v North Shore Mariners Saturday 27 May, 7:00pm (U20s kick-off at 5:00pm, U18s at 3:00pm) Sydney United Sports Centre - See more at: http://www.wswanderersfc.com.au/article/npl-preview/1w4bjz7nvrxno1sq93veuvvxjo#sthash.kciJiFyT.dpuf Read more at http://www.wswanderersfc.com.au/article/npl-preview/1w4bjz7nvrxno1sq93veuvvxjo#6o12OJivRKdjO4Ji.99
  5. In Thread name needs to be updated
  6. Shoulder reconstruction. Expected to be on the sidelines for 6 months
  7. No channel has been granted the rights at this point in time
  8. PAOK own his services for another 12 months, so he doesn't have much choice, but to return to Greece & await his next destination.
  9. Why is this in the Golec thread? Your not are you
  10. Might by worthwhile having a specific thread that can be maintained & used as a source of information in relation to the salary cap. http://www.a-league.com.au/about Salary Cap System A summary of the Hyundai A-League salary cap 1. What is the purpose of the Salary Cap? The Salary Cap facilitates competitive balance and parity between Clubs by ensuring that the playing talent is distributed amongst the Hyundai A-League Clubs. In doing so, this increases the attraction of the competition to fans, sponsors and broadcast partners. The Salary Cap also safeguards the economic viability of the Hyundai A-League by ensuring that Clubs are not put in a position where they are forced to spend beyond their financial capabilities in order to stay competitive on the field. 2. What is the Salary Cap in the Hyundai A-League? The Hyundai A-League Salary Cap is $2.60 million for the 2016/17 Season. Clubs must spend at least the Salary Floor which is $2.340m (representing 90% of the Salary Cap). The Salary Cap applies to the 20 to 23 Players that Clubs have registered to their Hyundai A-League Player Roster. Unless specifically exempt, all payments and benefits (eg. cars, accommodation, etc) provided by a Club to a Player are included in the Club’s Salary Cap. 3. What can Players receive outside the Salary Cap? Players can receive payments from Clubs outside the Salary Cap in certain circumstances as approved by FFA. These ‘exemptions’ or ‘allowances’ incentivise Clubs to spend in specific strategic areas such as attracting marketable world class players to the Hyundai A-League (Marquee or Guest Players), retaining long-serving Players on multi-year contracts (Loyalty Players), encouraging the development of young Australian Players (Homegrown Players) or identifying late-developing Players that may have missed the traditional player pathway (Mature Age Rookie). The following discretionary payments are outside the Salary Cap: Designated Players – A Club can spend an unlimited amount on two Players (Foreign or Australian) it nominates as Designated Players; Guest Player – A Club can spend an unlimited amount on one Guest Player who must satisfy the prescribed marketability criteria as approved by FFA. A Guest Player is restricted to a maximum of 14 Hyundai A-League matches; Season 2016/17 Guest Player – A Club can spend an unlimited amount on one Season 2016/17 Guest Player who must satisfy the prescribed marketability criteria as approved by FFA. The Season 2016/17 Guest Player is not restricted to a maximum number of Hyundai A-League matches; Homegrown Players – A Club can spend up to a collective $150,000 on 3 Australian Players aged 23 or younger that have come through the Club’s youth system. Any payments to such Players above the $150,000 allowance are included in the Club’s Salary Cap; Loyalty Players – A Club can spend up to a collective $200,000 across any number of Players that have given 5 or more consecutive seasons of service to the Club. A portion of a Loyalty Player’s contract value is excluded from the Salary Cap based on a progressive scale from 25% (5th continuous season) to 50% (10th continuous season onwards); Mature Age Rookie – A Club can register an Australian Player that is aged 21 or older who last played in an Australian competition (eg. PlayStation4 National Premier Leagues) and has not played in a fully professional league for at least 18 months; Contracted NYL Players/ Scholarship Players – Each Club can contract up to 6 under 20 Australian Players on the minimum youth salary (Contracted NYL Players) or national minimum wage (Scholarship Players). Any payments above the minimum youth salary or national minimum wage (whichever is applicable) to these Players are included in the Club’s Salary Cap; Salary Cap Banking – A Club can access any underspend from the previous two Seasons to be utilised in the current Season, up to a maximum of 105% of the Salary Cap for that Season; and Relocation Expenses – Clubs can reimburse Players for bona fide relocation expenses (eg. airfares, temporary accommodation, storage) outside the Salary Cap up to prescribed amounts in order to assist a Player relocating to a new region for football employment. 4. How many Players does a Club have on their Hyundai A-League Player Roster? At all times during the Season, a Club’s Hyundai A-League Player Roster must have: a minimum of 20 Players; a maximum of 23 Players; a minimum of 2 Goalkeepers; a minimum of 3 Australian Players aged 20 or under; and a maximum of 5 Foreign Players. During the Hyundai A-League 2016/17 Season, a Club may only register either a Guest Player or a Season 2016/17 Guest Player during the Hyundai A-League Season but not both. A Season 2016/17 Guest Player is included in the 20 to 23 Players on a Club’s Hyundai A-League Player Roster. Guest Players and Mature Age Rookie Players sit outside the Club’s Hyundai A-League Player Roster. Players on a Club’s Foxtel National Youth League (NYL) Player Roster, including Contracted NYL Players and Scholarship Players, are also eligible to participate in the Hyundai A-League. 5. What is the minimum salary for a Hyundai A-League Player? The minimum salary for Players in the Hyundai A-League in the 2016/17 Season is: Under 20 - $41,533 (excluding superannuation); and 20 and over - $55,715 (excluding superannuation).
  11. Instagram post on WSW FB page appears to indicate that Antonis is headed OS to continue his career
  12. Tell us what you really think! The Clean Sheet shared NSW NPL Banter Page's post. Yesterday at 18:16 · With Marconi Stallions FC sacking coach Tony Candy from the manager's position, the Fairfield based club have brought in Peter Tsekenis of Sydney Olympic FC fame to guide the club back to the top tier of NSW football once again. NSW NPL Banter Page Yesterday at 16:04 · After the departure of Tony Candy from the Marconi dugout after last week's loss, Peter Tsekenis looks as though will be the man to takeover and you would imagine tasked with bringing Marconi back to NPL 1 1 Comment Luco Capone Love him or hate him – either way and just for the record Candy wasn’t sacked - the poor bloke resigned - the club board didn’t want him to go - he had enough of three certain know-it-all charlatans, wannabees, leeches on society, free loaders, who are involved in the club in a certain capacity (no they are not players) who did their utmost to impact on the guy cause he didn’t do what they wanted him to do but also couldn’t handle Candy's successful season thus far. Candy's a gentlemen and it’s a shame that these jealous grubs got the better of him. Strong allegations are rampant today that the football board at Marconi have had it up to the gills with these three anal bacteria’s who have gotten away with murder - worse still one is allegedly a un-licensed, non FIFA registered and approved silent secret player agent with a few Marconi YL players on his private books with his egotistical, useless, good for nothing big brother who is holding the club to ransom – and if allegations are true, boy are they in for a rude shock very soon – especially when the FFA legal bodies come knocking on two of the three’s front door – stay tuned for this and watch it all unfold. What is more funny is they think no-body knows of their scrupulous shenanigans – well their so called secret is out now – they will be handing back their EAT AND DRINK FOR FREE MARCONI 24/7 Club Card’s to the big ZAP very soon by the look of things. Furthermore, allegedly this grubs big brother is in on the act as an extra-extra silent partner with his so called European connections where they have taken kids on junkets selling them un-salted popcorn flavored dreams as trials and beefing themselves up as bigshot player agent player managers – basically stealing and raping hard earned money from these kid’s delusional parents. As for Tsekenis, he has a proven track record of success and good club/player management, and with Papoythis, they would be one of the best coaching pairs in Football in NSW…I am sure success is not too far away with these two – proven success is part of their DNA. And one more thing – a message to the flop striker at Marconi with a size 18 ego, a personality of a front door hanging on a hinge with no paint – get off the gear son, stay clean, drink heaps of water to flush your system, make sure your septum stops dripping snot every 5min, keep your mouth shut and your big headed opinions of yourself to yourself – you don’t run 1st Grade – you’re a nobody cause once the new boys get wind of your nocturnal habits, you won’t be playing football, you will be someone’s little princess with red lipstick at either Club Bathurst, Sunny Silverwater or maybe even the big daddy of them all - The Long Bay Health and Spa Resort for lipstick wearing boys with inflated egos.
  13. There's is no doubt his my way or the highway approach, is limiting our recruitment opportunities.
  14. Last 3 seasons results, his intractable manner & his treatment of players, most of which doesn't reach the public domain. 9th, 2nd (after being clear top with game in hand) & 6th.