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  1. Is it just me, or was that like watching Nico distributing to Alexis Sanchez! Isnt this guy like way way way expensive?
  2. What's not to like about this guy! 20 years old, starting striker that plays for dnipro in the Ukraine which is no easy league, u21 international, contract expiring in June. Did i mention he's 20 meaning he's not looking to retire! Good looking kid that could do with a break from playing in snow.
  3. Guys I'm curious. What would be comparable leagues and divisions globally that our recruiters would be looking at? There seems to be a lot of conjecture with respect to how the a league overall would stackup competitively. For example if a match was setup between us and lets say Aves from the Portuguese 2nd division, or Dynamo Kyiv in the Ukraine 1st division would we dominate or simply ne competitive. I see comments sometimes like the Scottish 1st divison is shiite but I reckon someone of those teams would tear us a new one. Happy to receive some perspectives.
  4. As a side question, what kind of team would realistically be in place before the Arsenal exhibition? It appears to me to be pretty crap timing.
  5. Cant find highlight videos for poo or piglet!
  6. Time to get off the bullet train and back into random YouTube videos of south americans!
  7. I'd put Duje Cop forward. Played for sporting gijon whom are now relegated. On loan player whom just happens to be croatian international. He's pricey though but dreams are free. Come on, share my dream
  8. Would this individual not be a prolific scorer but a seasoned one club man? Go fish.
  9. Now that's what im talking about!
  10. I suspect bozza won't be making a statement .
  11. Here, here.
  12. It's number 3.
  13. I'd love to see him play again, but alas he probably wouldn't last.
  14. Sorry, still navigating the new forum theme but doesn't George Colombaris get a free WSW membership for being charged with assault on a SFC fan.