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  • The FFA are hosting the announcement/launch of the club tomorrow.


    Monday the 25th. The time is 12:00 noon. The venue is Parramatta Stadium.


    Stay tuned to Fox Sports News who are expected to be showing the launch live and in full, and may be streaming the launch on their website. SBS may also be doing something similar. As always Social Media such as twitter will be very active at the time.


    I have created several threads that specific elements that are likely to be launched on the day can be discussed in.


    They are as follows:

    This thread will automatically close at 10am Tomorrow. At that point please continue to use the other threads.


    I will create a review article after I return from the launch to recap all the decisions made and my reaction to them.

    Media in Europe are reporting that Aaron Mooy has signed his release papers from his Scottish club St Mirren.


    Having spent time with Bolton Wanderers and St Mirren, Mooy will return to Australia to take up a midfield position in the Western Sydney Wanderers squad.


    Mooy has been plagued by a back injury last season. Hopefully he can put his injury past behind him. Australia is a noted leader in the field of Sports Science and Sports Medicine. If he can sort out those problems he could be a young star for the club.


    St Mirren's manager Brian Caldwell spoke about Aaron on the club's internet site:


    "This move will give Aaron the opportunity to play more first team football which he really needs at this stage of his career.


    He has been in the UK for the last six years so I'm sure he will be glad to get back home to Australia where he will look to push on with his career.


    We would like to thank Aaron for his efforts while here at St Mirren and to wish him all the best for the future."


    It remains to be seen if he will join the squad in time for the unveiling of the name, colours and logo on the 25th.

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    • Can't make it to Parra for pre-game drinks, are most punters headed straight to the ground once in town or is there a favoured pub near Central before the game?  
    • Leaving aside the ignorance of journalists who write about other sports (but let's be honest, there are plenty of football journalists who'd stuff up the names of teams outside their area of expertise)...   Offsiders is a better show now that Kelli Underwood is hosting and it's no longer a Gerard Whateley wankfest (who the hell cares about horse racing, Gerard? Even if some care, it's still not a sport!), but they'll always keep their focus on the other sports given they only have 30 minutes. The show did give Ange a good run, though, and Richard Hinds writes decent football articles at least once a week, so it's not like the show as a whole is ignoring football.
    • Not a chance they are the kopites of the a League he could take carrusca leg off in a two footed challenge and only get a yellow with Arnold then demanding a written apology for carrusca putting his leg  there 
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