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    • I don't mind it actually - if it works - it works. Otherwise they get rid of it. I like that the club went out to schools and got kids involved. At least some part of the Wanderers and its values hasn't been totally lost. Wanderers have an obligation to all target markets such as kids and family, it's important that they get kids early on to become fans and invested for the future growth of the sport. 
    • The Wiggles could be our mascot The young fella loves them! But, maybe we should also vote on our favourite banner for the boys to run through... "Smash 'em lads!"
    • So once we get a new mascot, what is next? Cheerleaders? Seriously. Why would anyone want their child to be distract by someone in a silly costume when he/she should be cheering our players on. If I want that I will take them to see the wiggles sing and dance.
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