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  1. Adeleke was meh but we were better playing with 10 than having Borda on the field.
  2. Popa must have been impressed by Adeleke starting his career with Lazio, because I'm not sure how he could have seen playing for a bottom half team in the Swiss 2nd division would be impressive. According to his wiki page (and some intensive google searching), Adeleke went back to Italy, and joined an amateur level team called Arcella (who appear to be linked to the local church), playing in either the 6th of 7th tier of Italy.
  3. Jardel was absolutely the worst foreign signing in the history of the league. Borda is in the vicinity. In just 20 games total, he either got red carded or gave away a penalty four times, and looked as defensively solid as a tub of freshly made jelly.
  4. If were running a club I'd have walked out immediately. That is a disgraceful action by the FFA.
  5. Top 10 for sure. Victory probably happy they only loaned him and didn't sign him on a long term deal.
  6. Yes, and Borda is right up there with him. I'd say he's in the top 5 worst all time with Jardel, Ubay Luzardo, Tony Warner and Steve McMahon Jr.
  7. wow, Redmayne once trialled for Arsenal? I had no idea.
  8. They literally put people in hospital with stab wounds and the FFA & local media said nothing. They basically have a green light to do whatever they want and the media & FFA will turn a blind eye.
  9. My point is don't feel sorry for Borda. He is one of Australia's all time worst ever foreign players. If he wants to sit around doing nothing for a year but getting paid his 350k or whatever we are paying him, then that's what he is entitled to, but don't feel sorry for him because he'll get to do a season long Piovaccari holiday.
  10. No-one is forcing Borda to stay here.
  11. Just buy the parking pass. I know it costs as much as an actual membership but it makes getting in & out so much quicker.
  12. I inferred that the club hadn't paid his wages based on the terminology the PFA used in their press release regarding his contract termination. I don't think anyone has "reported" it so to speak.
  13. If Bridge had just cause as defined by FIFA, which in their example is not getting paid for 3 months, then what the Thai club think is irrelevant.
  14. Guys can you please post stuff about other clubs in their own threads. Thanks.