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  1. Da Silva has the same get out clause that Buhagaharirar had for the Mariners sacking Okon. I assume they have the same agent (Grella). I'd take Da Silva.
  2. mack

    Gombau Sacked By Wanderers

    You must be so proud of that 2700 average advantage in a season you had two derbies. And you're still 2800 behind Melbourne Victory lol.
  3. Is it brown? The design document advises that the roof fabric is only available in white.
  4. I wouldn't say it's weird, I'd say ours is pretty much in the middle of what you'd expect for our capacity. It's basically a design choice how many in the lower vs upper bowl you have. Ours has ~12 rows in the lower bowl. If you look at the new Avaya Stadium in the MLS, the bottom bowl has 3 rows around most of the lower bowl, with most of the capacity in the safe standing area for active support, and then on the other side, the open air bar end which has pub style tables across that whole end. They could easily have done a much bigger capacity lower bowl, or with the capacity at 18000, just left it as a single tier. The new LAFC Stadium (22k capacity), one end has rail seating in a really steep home end with a upper tier above it, two sidelines with probably 25 rows and then a large upper tier, and the other end being probably opposite to ours, with a larger lower bowl and a smaller second tier.
  5. mack

    Newcastle Jets: Season 2017/18

    Vanilla Chocolate Magic Big Ruben Row Z Zadkovich actually scored against us at Campbelltown from about 25 yards out back in 2013/14.
  6. O'Rourke was about a 6 on the 0 to DeBohun, FFA Spin Scale
  7. Discussion thread for Wanderers club staff, coaches etc. Previous Thread Here
  8. Politically the chances of a positive outcome from this situation was ruined the moment they caved into Jones & Ayres relentless pushing of SFS first instead of rebuilding ANZ and then leaving any talk of doing the SFS until after the election. I still think they'll win the next election anyway.
  9. I dount the club get more than 10% of any shirt sales.
  10. mack

    Toilet Seat Playoffs

    Who knew that would happen? Oh wait, every active support group and every supporters website, podcast or opinion article about the FFA killing the league.
  11. mack

    Gombau Sacked By Wanderers

    I think we can call that a "subtweet".
  12. mack

    Toilet Seat Playoffs

    They'll get public pressure to host it in Newcastle, and the poor crowds this past weekend might make them think 33,000 capacity is enough for a match that doesn't involve the smurfs.
  13. Imagine signing a 1 year deal and still getting punted out on loan in the January transfer window. Ouch.
  14. mack

    Perth Glory: Season 2018/19

    And gone. Back to Melbourne to run Football Victoria.