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  1. Meanwhile gallop keeps his hands in his pockets and shrugs his shoulders while the league dies a slow var replay death
  2. Make that only 7 now with a coaching staff sent off
  3. What a disgrace the a-league has become FAQ off this var bullahiz
  4. So embarrassed by that lack of performance and defense was horrible, just standing still not tracking players, then our attack was poor again. The line up said it all for me and had a feeling it would be ugly and game over after 20 minutes, everyone needs a good look at themselves at the club as that was not acceptable. Not sure what Gombau can do to turn it around but firstly put your best line up one would be a start, gonna be a long hard season me feels.
  5. **** var and this ridiculous refs, but seriously we we're pretty **** for a team that had two weeks off.
  6. Just simulate the game so we can get a draw with the Nix scoring in the 96th minute.
  7. Los Reyes Del Empate

    Did we even midfield this game, we looked lost in attack and will need to fix the cam setup as Bridge was poor, take a draw from that as $ity could have scored 4/5 goals if it wasn't for snake and their striker having a bad day out. Bring on the Nix at home and hopefully Gombau gets more training sessions in and the boys pick up this style as the first 20" was piss poor.
  8. 4-2-2-2 for 60" then 4-4-2 would be ideal.
  9. I was thinking that as city play 3 at the back so target them with santa/Oreo pressing with Cedeju and roly in midfield trying to feed them and play more direct rather than run around them. Have Sotirio and bridge on each wing, leave out Jumpei for last 30minutes, take off both bridge,Santa for a fresh last 30" when we seem to drop off games.
  10. Attacking line up should be interesting to see if Gombau tweeks the formation, tipping a hard fought win that's if var doesn't screw us in favor of $ity. Come on you wanderers
  11. The miss pen from the farcical of that var waiting changed the game and the crowd lifted the tards up which was impressive and reminded me of us at parra. Our transition in attack was poor from midfield, to much trying to walk it in. Gombau got some work to do in our front attack but our defense was good. Wasted a good opportunity to win but take the draw and move on to city.
  12. Very happy and should get the best out of the boys and help promote and develop youth players.
  13. Very sloppy and lazy performance, Foxe needed to yell more at the boys from the sidelines like the mariners coach was as felt as if he didn't command the sidelines like Popa us to. Was disappointed by our marking defense more than the countless offsides as lost count of how many times they got down the lines behind the fullbacks and we will be destroyed next week if we do the same. At least we didn't lose but didn't think we deserved a draw and was surprised with small crowd on a Saturday afternoon, should have had 15k there, anyway bring on the derby and lift for a win.
  14. Having the game on two channels is always going to effect the final ratings, should only be broadcasted on one channel on Onehd but wont happen.
  15. Football Media Discussion 2

    Ewww.......but fair comments.