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  1. Very sloppy and lazy performance, Foxe needed to yell more at the boys from the sidelines like the mariners coach was as felt as if he didn't command the sidelines like Popa us to. Was disappointed by our marking defense more than the countless offsides as lost count of how many times they got down the lines behind the fullbacks and we will be destroyed next week if we do the same. At least we didn't lose but didn't think we deserved a draw and was surprised with small crowd on a Saturday afternoon, should have had 15k there, anyway bring on the derby and lift for a win.
  2. Having the game on two channels is always going to effect the final ratings, should only be broadcasted on one channel on Onehd but wont happen.
  3. Football Media Discussion 2

    Ewww.......but fair comments.
  4. Foxe's Men Hunt Down Glory

    We were good and can only improve with time and can see some real sexual football throughout this season, might even win all three Derbies. Actually looking forward to going back to spotless if we keep this up. We DA best
  5. Some sexual stuff by the Spaniard with cejudo looking good, then Hamil/Jumpei shock us all with a quick transition attack to score. More of the same plz as Perth playing some long ball tactics we can counter for more goals.
  6. HAL 2017/18 Round 1

    Couldn't see the whole thing while watching but replay is here haha http://theworldgame.sbs.com.au/video/1064980547626/Muscat-snubs-Arnold-handshake
  7. HAL 2017/18 Round 1

    Hahaha Arnold not getting a hand shake after the game was beautiful, can someone gif it as his reaction was priceless. Victards should have scored a few goals but lacked service once George can off who looks very dangerous even being unfit. Mat Simon has to be the dirtiest player in the league, he came on and hacked and pushed and elbowed for 20minutes. The bold dutch esfc guy also looks very good, him and ninko will create alot of goals.
  8. Give the man his $500k as he is a smart technician and will get the best out of our quality signed, just think we should keep Fox for the fitness role and let him bring in his own assistants to implement his structure, as our attack in season one was his with Popa's defense that was pretty good. Not sold on Gombau for us but be an entertaining post game interview as he won't give the classic Popa stubborn style interviews. Musket men! Ryans Giggs perhaps or an experienced English coach as not much talent in Aus to step up.
  9. Football Marketing/PR Thread

    Should be interesting to see the ratings for ten/CBS Saturday night game as they are doing alot of advertising, probably more than the whole crummy FFA will. That opening season thing is a joke, FFA need to be overhauled asap even if that means FIFA taking over.
  10. Really looking forward to the game and being back in action despite Popa going I think we should be strong and win 4-1 with the quality we have this year. Oreo brace with Cejudo landing a couple of assists, fat head to get one and Santa grab a late goal, just need a big turnout but predicting 16.5k crowd.
  11. Feel shattered after this Popa and co have been great for us and wish them all the best. Never liked Lederer taking over the club and wish he would piss off instead.
  12. What DA FAQ even ABC reporting it, must have had beef with Lederer or something like that as no way he would just quit like this.
  13. 2017/18 EPL & F.A Cup thread

    That's good news for the big game tomorrow morning, should be interesting to see if the Hazard, Morata and Batsu show can produce the goods against $hity.
  14. That Atlanta stadium is a beauty, it was built for the Atlanta Falcons NFL team but looks as though soccer has taken over.
  15. Melbourne Victory: Season 2017/18

    George confirmed and looks to have a good record with Europa and champions league expeeience, has a one in five games scoring rate and similar stats with assists so if he produces in every 2.5games he could be dangerous with Trioisi feeding Berisha. https://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/leroy-george/leistungsdaten/spieler/49591