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  1. Sydney FC: Season 2017/18

    Apparently he sought advice from a sports psychologist regarding this (I assume after his first season at ESFC which included a few notable meltdowns). He's been flying high whilst they were winning. The real test of his mettle will be when results don't go his way, they've won 1/7 in all comps. It will be even more interesting (and arguably more precarious) when he is in charge of the Roos leading into the next Asian Cup.
  2. Sydney FC: Season 2017/18

    They're not far off at the moment regardless. --------- I like that it states: "David does tend to have a complex around perhaps being the whipping boy a bit at times and I think this might have been an example of that". I.e. he's an angry ginger. Also like his agent reaffirming that he did nothing that would break his contract. Always looking out for his monetary interests, first and foremost.
  3. My old man used to say all the time: NSW Police - the best money can buy.
  4. Bridge played for the Smurfs too.
  5. Awesome. Happy to see both of them signed. Young, plenty of talent and looking to go to the next level. I've been very happy with Gombau's signings so far (Ikon, Carrusca and now these two).
  6. David Squires Cartoons

  7. I cannot see Santa leaving "for a better offer". It's so obvious what this club means to him. I believe he would play for nothing if he had to (don't give Lederer ideas). The only way he would leave is if Gombau et al did not offer him a contract. Which seems ridiculous considering his stature in the club and he is still scoring goals. He should be consigned to the bench unless in an emergency until he wants to hang up the boots. And then he should be given a role within the club in some capacity (not that that has really happened with any of our former legends).
  8. Stop, Hamill Time!

    Turkish third division. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kerem_Bulut
  9. Stop, Hamill Time!

    Shoulder injury.
  10. AFC Champions League 2018

    In an entire campaign? CCM 2012: 4 losses, 2 draws. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Australian_clubs_in_the_AFC_Champions_League
  11. Kearyn Baccus

    So do many (me included, before the latest kerfuffle).
  12. Kearyn Baccus

    Apparently demanded to be released during the January transfer window to sign overseas. Club refused, he had a sook and has been getting the treatment since (bar one game where we needed a CM due to injury/suspension). Nothing official, just rumour.