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  1. I'm unsure that those players would have done much at the end of the day: Aspro got done for the first goal, (I believe it was a double deflection so a touch unlucky). I thought he did well for the rest of the game but can only see Corny add something more at set pieces. Llorente, is he actually our first choice left back? Does he have a big enough engine? We will soon find out. Herd will not play every game, he will need to be managed. I didn't think the Baccus/Melling combination was too bad considering we are in still pre season. From my perspective. Yes, the gap between the A-League clubs and top NPL sides is not that great but I feel that our poor first half let Blacktown into game. You have to give it to Mark Crittenden. He deployed his tactics to a tee and he nearly pulled off a huge upset. The first 60 minutes were all about limiting the damage, after we scored our first we should have scored a few more before half time but were wasteful. I didn't think it was a clever decision to press so high with four attacking players which we easily exploited but he got to half time at 0-1 so I'm sure he would have been confident. I really hope this year we are not ruing missed points because of poor finishing, one season of that was enough. Give credit to the City keeper, some fantastic saves nonetheless At 60 minutes I thought the whole team looked gassed. This is where my dilemma regarding conditioning comes in: - We have traditionally been slow starters and with Popa's training plus the preseason loading it should be no surprise that the legs would be heavy. There is no point in aiming to peak now for the season, we want to be aiming to be peaking a week or so into the season - The last thing we want is a repeat of ACL season when we hit January and the team is cooked mentally and physically. - We have had a full squad in preseason, with 13 preseason games you'd hope that when we hit 60 minutes that everyones legs don't run of gas. Most games, players play 45 minutes but you'd hope they'd be further along than they were last night. Struggling in ET no issue but so early in the second half? - Perfect timing for BC, a few weeks rest after the season and peak time fitness wise to play us and unsure how much of an advantage the synthetic field would have played into their favour. The fields at BSP are pretty much as solid as concrete slab anyway Am I being too harsh or expecting too much? Perhaps the goal of last night was to do enough win the game without sacrificing the preparation for the season? At 60 minutes, MC changes the tactics and goes for the game. Huge risk to leave another attacker up the field but he had to roll the dice to go for the game by being more exposed but boy did it pay off. The substitution and tactical change worked a treat for Blacktown City as that was when our legs went. The timing of the goal for Blacktown City was absolutely perfect. In the three upfront, they had much joy exploiting the room left by our marauding left & right backs and we just let them keep on exploiting our weaknesses. Madly frustrating. After the goal it was pretty much all Blacktown City, with a bit of luck and Vedran magic we somehow managed to make it to full-time 1-1. Another frustrating aspect was when we went from moving the ball slowly up to 60 minutes, to moving the ball so quickly that their tired legs and minds could not keep up. We lost our composure after that goal and were trying to force things on the field. I was hoping with more pre season matches than we have had ever before, that we'd gel better as a team. My biggest issue was the slow transitions and not moving the ball quick enough allowing the defending team to get behind the ball yet not being able to put away the clinical chance (as in the first half) or not being able to create enough chances (as we did in the second half of the match). In ET, thought Blacktown City were the better side and it seemed only after the goal that we really stepped it up a gear to level it up at 2-2. An urgency that I hadn't seen in the second half. In penalties, I feel it is the ultimate leveller but by city missing the first two penalties it really ended up being one sided and gave us what we needed to get through to the semi finals. I ask myself, am I expecting too much? Preseason, surface, cup competition, stage of opposition season and expectation all play a part. It is hard not to read too much into the game.
  2. Interesting Football Stuff.

    All class
  3. Mark Bridge

    Too many fines
  4. He is paying the price for his loyalty to his second division club in China. Maybe Ange has finally happy to bury his pride and admit it's not working?
  5. Check the spare tickets thread http://www.westsydneyfootball.com/forums/topic/7129-sparesellingrequest-ticket-thread-201718/?do=findComment&comment=631153
  6. Germany Thread

    Carlo got the best out of him at Real Madrid but nobody has used him properly since and looks like after the players meeting, things are back on track.
  7. 2017/18 EPL & F.A Cup thread

    The issue is they've been hyped up, a good run towards the end of last year and new signings meant everyone was thinking they'll challenge the top 4. Lets be honest, it was always going to be a pipe dream and asking way too much but that's not the reality. The reality is, Everton have invested heavily, the owners will be expecting a return and the fans want results. The pressure isn't going to be getting any easier on RK, the team or Everton.
  8. Let's wait till the 23 is announced
  9. Germany Thread

    Heard re: Nazi Salute that it came from one journalist but nobody else saw it. I guess we can take it with a pinch of salt especially when there is a high percentage of ultra groups in Germany that are anti-racist
  10. A-League & 2nd Tier Expansion Thread V2

    Interesting that Adelaide City have done there own feasibility study, $3.5m needed but without knowing any variables it could change drastically and seeing the feasibility study would be an interesting read comparing it to one done by the PFA.