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  1. FFA Cup 2017

    Yeh sure, the whole thing is a big laugh right? Not like Adelaide were trying to get a goal back with 5 minutes to go on a final or being a player down didn't help there cause, as I said, if I was an Adelaide supporter I'd be pissed. Have just read the ball boy picked up a cramp, nek minnit lifting the trophy on stage
  2. Puff piece, same regurgitated stuff but I enjoyed this quote
  3. Yeh, that's what I thought you said
  4. FFA Cup 2017

    My perspective, Marrone deserved the red. The ball boy was completely unprofessional but the player can’t act in that way, try to grab the ball and then clumsily fall on top of him. Similar if you get hit or cop a bad tackle, doesn’t give you the right to retaliate. Feel for Marrone and Adelaide, not that it affects me, if that had happened to our team I’d be furious. Ropeable. Marrone is trying to win the game, but here is this little kid acting like a brat, purposely delaying play & frustrating the player in a high stakes, tense situation. In a cup final of all things, the A-League/FFA already has a poor image and the FFA cup is trying to get credibility, then this happens? This is supposed to be one of the most premier competition at the highest level of competitive football in this country and we don’t have professional or neutral ball boys for a final? This is not a home game, this is not All Age mens football played on council grounds and to win in those circumstances, not that Easts fans would care I’m sure. The only reaction I’ve seen from them is to comment on Marrone reaction not what led him to act like that in the first place. Certainly doesn’t help existing perceptions of the club. What doesn’t sit well with me has been the reaction post match and in the media. I’m not condoning Marrone’s action but commenting purely on the actions of the ball boy. To be rewarded for his poor behavior instead of getting reprimanded by getting a medal and lifting the trophy on the field? For an incident that he caused? What a joke. The A-League is already at record low interest levels, are we trying to turn this into a tin pot league? The Congress debacle, Spotless game called off, FFA’s running of the game, ridiculous ball boy incident and now Ange walking away when clearly things aren’t right behind the scenes..... Disillusioned with the way things are at the moment
  5. FFA Cup 2017

    Why wait till the weekend? Why give the guy a chance
  6. The other issue? What is the carrot for attracting these players to this team? No AIS, the NYL license was a token gesture so the team was always going to be under strength.
  7. Australian National Discussion V3

    I had lots of satisfaction watching those fizzle out Can’t Ange just tweak it slightly? Perhaps put someone like Risdon at RWB instead of Leckie or not picking Brad smith? It’s as if Ange compromises anything then he goes into fight or flight mode. I thought after the offsiders interview it looked like for the first time in a while it looks like he will stay on, but seems like he wants some assurances by FFA on certain things before making that call.
  8. Saw Gallop & Lowy out there on the field, was thinking how they thought they deserved to be out on the field. Everything good that is happening with Australian Football is all despite the management & board. Agree, we need a clean break. Lowy only wants yes men, so many football people that have been looked over because it’s not what he wanted to hear. Let’s be honest, the FFA don’t have that sort of cash to give Gallop et all a payout. The game has been taken through the mud, I’d like all the key management personnel to walk so we can start with a clean slate. Let’s just hope that picking a new CEO isn’t as difficult as sorting out the congress. Ratings low, interest low, lots of discontent = A-League on life support. The AL never got the lift that we usually get in the first few weeks, after the poor start it looks like the rot has already set in. Doesnt help when the Wanderers are set for another season transition with hopefully a crack at the post season Cup
  9. Coach and Staff Thread 2017/18

    It seems like all the assistants become Australian youth team coaches these days, but what you said all makes sense. Still think it is a sign of FFA moving its pawns around especially with Ange’s future in limbo. Still baffles me that he turned down the job, too good to be (1) an assistant coach for a national team (2) coaching an Australian youth team
  10. Australian National Discussion V3

    I’d have to disagree with you both on the game, that was the loudest game (sans 2005) in terms of atmosphere. Stadium sung the pre-match thing, never heard the anthem sung like that and in terms of volume it was the loudest or the most involved I’ve ever heard a crowd. It’s funny Mack, you say that FFA wrecked it but I disagree. I think pre-game is very good and the support they’ve given the Australian actives is great. It isn’t “organic” as many would like it to be but will take some time for that culture to grow when you’ve got people trying to sit in the middle of the active area or when your trying to educate different types of sports on how to support the Socceroo’s. Disagree about the Syria game, we were at the opposite end to the away support in the bowl & it was horrible. No real volume and the actives were pretty woeful. Honduras I was sitting on level 4, night & day in terms of atmosphere for me.
  11. Australian National Discussion V3

    The transport for this game was a ******* joke. At Doonside someone was trespassing on the tracks for 20 minutes and in the afternoon there was a tree down on the northern line. The result? I go to catch the direct train from Westmead, only to find they were all cancelled. Not only that but the trains were so full that nobody could board the trains! Eventually got to Lidcombe and that was an absolute disaster, people everywhere. Not only that, the bloody train left platform 0 when it was empty and people were on the platform. FFS. Took me over an hour to get to SOP, what a joke The way home was just as worse. In the words we only save for unlimited. Never. Never ever.
  12. Australian National Discussion V3

    Agree with the sentiments with Ange, he has lost the plot and perhaps if he didn’t walk around with a massive chip on his shoulder then it would have made these last few weeks much easier. I know there are many on sokkah twitter whose Ange love-in are difficult to understand, using the Honduras win to believe they were right all along. The truth is, since we changed to the back 3 the system was not working and all the criticism was valid. Ange turned it into some sort of “outsider” “not a Socceroo” “name calling” “I refuse to answer whether I’ll be coach after Honduras” nonsense which was never the issue. We beat Honduras and made it through to the World Cup with our best two performances with a back 3 (saying something hey). The issue? Honduras were horrible and we will get torn apart if we took this to the World Cup. I give Ange massive amounts of credit, despite all the criticism he has done a fantastic job. Already achieved so much without going to his second World Cup but the events over the last few weeks have really changed my opinion of him. Being a pot 4 team, we are going to get at least 1 or 2 difficult teams. I love that our manager plays with no fear but it’s not about putting on a show or trying to match Germany or Spain or Argentinia at the way they play football. Tournament football is about results, the performance matters little unless you execute your game plan. I don’t think Ange is pragmatic or willing to do what it takes at the World Cup.
  13. Coach and Staff Thread 2017/18

    Lots of talk about Ante, looks like he has a new role.... His decision making must have gone something like this: P Lederer: So are you keen on Wanderers job AM: Nah, got big things coming up ahead. nek minnit Looks like they are clearing the decks for a new manager and his own assistant/s too.
  14. I heard on FNR that the Russian WC entry was not included in the budget, an acceptable risk to outlay money for a flight. Costs of the flight have been exaggerated, FIFA covered base travel costs plus both FA’s were offerred a grant for the journey. When you realize that Qantas who chartered the flight are official sponsors, costs were rumoured to be around the 200-300 Mark depending on how much Qantas helped. In addition, WC revenue will be around 15m (AUD) with approx 5m costs. I’d say it’s a fair risk to take in the circumstances. I think you’d realise that I don’t give the FFA an easy ride but in these circumstances they deserve all the plaudits. They also paid for the Australian physio Les Gelis to spend four weeks with Mile at Aston Villa to make sure he was right for the games against Honduras. They do a lot of **** things and lots of things **** but seems like they’ve got the managing of the national team down pat.