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  1. Surely this should have been designed by David squires? King of the cartoon, no brainer in my book I prefer the bouncing dancing KFC bucket hat version instead Where is that gif?
  2. I know we have a few junior coaches in here, might be of interest
  3. Should hear some of the stories of what happened during his time there, would give the NPL a run for it's money as a professional league This probably just adds another layer as to why they are so bitter and want to prolong his misery by naming him in there squad for the season!
  4. Keen, Last one was good and already have the next one in my diary Did you end up having enough volunteers for lunch?
  5. Comments on social media are a complete joke. Some are calling the signing of one our key players in our squad over the first 4 seasons for season 6 a joke. He will be a key signing not on the field but off it and a key weapon off the bench. For those that don't get that, stick to playing football manager and your comments on social media.
  6. Edinburgh on the money, discussion already exists. No need to duplicate it in here.
  7. Personally I'd like the idea of fan ownership to be raised, what form that takes will be debatable but it is something I'd love to see. Over the last two seasons especially I have felt the gap between the club and the fans grow. In the first two seasons I felt we had a special connection to the club and a very close working relationship between the fans and management. Last season this hit a new low for me. Something needs to change, we were prided as being a community club. A club that was shaped by the fans for the fans and that is why many of us felt such a connection to the club & our fellow fans. I have made my feelings known to the club but I'd like to see others raise this as an issue at the members forum too.
  8. Pre and Post discussion about the members forum held by the club. I thought would be good to start up this thread to get the creative juices going and issues that could be discussed pre-member forum (RBB issue aside). It might also be a good place to debrief afterwards to discuss what was mentioned and anything else from the night. Link to preregistration your name and questions you want answered NB: PLEASE NO RIDICULOUS QUESTIONS! Don't bother about asking why we didn't sign Ronaldo or Messi or conspiracy theories about why the club only sign Croatian players.
  9. No hoodies, in fact haven't seen any hoodies there since season 1 but stuff in there sells quick. They go through lots of marked down WSW merch
  10. I think I bought the last XXL in the home and away jersey yesterday, sorry jess Also, remember because they are the authentic and not the replica, they are more slim fit. I'd say that the XXL in the slim fit is closer to a L in the replica size.
  11. Jess, I literally just posted my findings from yesterday i know you had your birthday yesterday and going by your comprehension skills of the first post, it was a blinder but today a bit dusty
  12. The biggest issue is that the AAFC won't announce costings for a second division but say that PFA costings aren't realistic. PFA 100% spot on though, no point in going ahead if it's going to be a two bob bit part league. Proper league, properly funded and set up to succeed for many years to come.
  13. FYI I was slightly pissed off that day (day after email) and had some more sensible thoughts a few days after
  14. Also chief, I was thinking it might be best to break it into two different threads. 2nd division and a-league expansion are almost at the opposite ends of the spectrum. I feel that the second division will get off the ground in the next year or so and the A-League is set to expand a further two teams. Two separate threads so they are combined and confused.
  15. FCB, this is nothing new. I don't know if you remember but there was a Chinese based company looking to buy some assets of the government in south australia. It was something very similar with this, this Chinese company was going to invest in stadia or a sports team before the SA government pulled the plug. These companies see it as way to buy favor with the locals and government. No conspiracy theory. Just the way it is. Wouldn't be surprised if on the land there would be a residential, hotel, commercial or retail preceint built in to it. Before you know it... oh wait, conspiracy