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  1. AFC Champions League 2018

    Have to agree here, I think it’s a great yardstick to see Australian teams competing in Asia. Brisbane Roar & Melbourne Victory have been diabolical, it isn’t great for Australia or our teams. Victory fans are livid with Muscat & are beyond frustrated with his tactical inflexibility throughout the season. Switched off after they went down by 2, completely unacceptable. This is the issue with first XI heavy teams like victory & sydney fc. So reliant on the first XI but nobody to bring off the bench. No faith or trust in youth but who can blame them? Look at last week when they brought on those young kids. I guess Muscat felt that playing your strongest but tired team was better than young kids running around like headless chooks. What a call! Very different game to the first but there opposition allowed them to play a different game. Great ebb & flow, they gave a very good account of themselves away from home. I thought they were the better team before they conceded there first but did such a good job to get back into the game twice before half time. The old Redmayne came back after an unlucky punch led to the second goal. He gets so well protected in the A-League by his defense that he very rarely gets tested in the air. Surprised more teams don’t target him. Second half, was all the home team up until the 80th minute & probably should have done better. The last 10 swung back into the away teams favor, thought that they could have sneaked all 3 points as there superior fitness came to the fore. It was interesting, unsure whether Shanghai are a more direct team who prefer to play on the counter or just changed there tactics for this match. SydFC struggled against Suwon with the way that they got ripped apart in midfield but looked more compact & comfortable with the different approach by Shanghai. They were much more disciplined in midfield learning from the first game that the tactical fouling isn’t acceptable in Asia. They also added a bit of playacting & gamesmanship which is more prevalent in Asia, something that they were getting incredibly frustrated about in the first match. Another loss in the second game would have been mission impossible for them, especially what looks like the third best team. Going to be a really really tough game against Kasihma, need to get at least a point to get out of the game especially since Kashima beat Suwon who were easily the better team against them.
  2. Football Media Discussion 2

    Going to be interesting to see the stance of: A-League clubs: They’ll look to protect there investment. Will they be happy with the NPL clubs getting promoted? AAFC: Will they allow expansion teams be given preference over current NPL clubs
  3. Incredible, who would have guessed? All along Ayres has been pushing for Allianz, even when it got shut down by Baird. The business case was null & void when NRL clubs refused to move there games there plus the backing of FFA for big matches. Shock horror that (1) the estimates for Allianz were underestimated (SCG trust doing I’m sure) (2) Despite the support for ANZ & it benefiting a wider audience, Allianz is still his preference.
  4. Football Media Discussion 2

    I really hope they throw out this whole “team for south NSW” bullshit, ridiculous what they are trying to pull.
  5. The Refereeing Thread

    The reasoning behind this (coming from Gab Marcotti) is that it has become similar to: in/out, goal/no goal, where offside is now black & white. There is some confusion surrounding this by pundits, commentators & fans but can easily be cleared up with better communication. If they have learnt anything from the trial thus far, they need far greater lines of communication to clear up misunderstandings.
  6. The Refereeing Thread

    I don’t think that A-League VAR has the lines on the screen as used in Italy & more recently England. I believe that all VAR trials approved by FIFA use the Hawkeye technology, so perhaps they do have the lines but they aren’t provided to Fox? The other alternative is that they don’t have enough cameras for them to use Hawkeye, is it 15-20 cameras needed (or something excessive like that)? I also know that FIFA are asking for companies to produce the ability to put on an offside line within a few seconds.
  7. The Refereeing Thread

    Just to clear this up: Hawkeye gave the wrong image to the tv crew, so while everyone was blowing up on twitter & post game, the referees used a different image to determine mata offside. It was the right call, only a fraction but his knee was offside, so despite everything it was okay in the end despite the initial image given to the TV audience.
  8. R21 - Smurfs - Sun 25 Feb - SFS

    I’m out, Sunday nights are hard enough at home let alone the trek to eastern Sydney. The wallet has taken a hit over the last few weeks & the ticket price certainly doesn’t help the cause. Is there another game before? 5-5:30 kick off would see a lot more people attend (as well as a substantial decrease in the ticket price).
  9. The Refereeing Thread

    I’m all for the use of VAR but try not to draw a line on the screen by hand to rule off a legitimate goal. Ridiculous FFS
  10. Same as above, my better half got called into work
  11. AFC Champions League 2018

    I don’t know, part of me wants to see them do well in Asia. It’s the best team in the A-League by far, it’s a good yard stick to see how we match up in Asia. On top of that, I wouldn’t mind them getting out of the group & making a run at the finals. On the game, wow, completely dominance by suwon. Am I right that they didn’t get a shot on target all night? They were never in the game. Just shows were the A-League is at right now. We all joke about the cynical fouling but you have to give credit for the referee using his cards correctly. We all get frustrated how they seem to get away with it week after it. Sydney FC players were getting frustrated but if you make a challenge, get none of the ball & some of the player, what do you expect? It’s a key tactic used the last two seasons by breaking up the play & allowing them to get players behind the ball. As soon as he carded the players, the tactic was completely null & void. You wonder how the A-League refs have let them get away for it for so long. The other issue with Sydney FC is that they have no squad depth. In order to win the A-League they’ve stacked there first XI & essentially put two players wages towards a foreign player under the cap. It means they can’t rotate there squad with fresh legs even if it was only 2-3 other players than they had last night. Feel sorry for the NPL kid who hasn’t had much or any exposure & looked way out of his depth. Carney & Simon can do a job at ALeague level (big difference between doing a job vs being a game changer) but they had nobody on the bench to change the game. Got a huge game against Shaghai Shenua next week. ————————— Victory game was insane, can’t believe the amount of goals. Victory played much like they have all season profiting from a team whose season hasn’t started & looked like a team in preseason. Reminds me of FIFA where it’s nearly impossible to stop the opposition from scoring on the counter Much like Sydney, the NPL kid looked way out of his depth. Even in previous seasons they have never had a deep squad and the youngsters seem not good enough to cut it. Good point for Victory but it’s going to be a hard slog for them going forward not just in the A-League but in Asia too.
  12. Sydney FC: Season 2017/18

    Disagree, I think it’s horrible. Wouldn’t want that mentality at WSW. Purposely avoid any national team players at any level? Completely ignore any youth team players & fail to develop anyone? Look at Lokingjoy last night, has he featured in the AL this season? Looks completely out of his depth just like Athiu did for MV. These young players need game time to develop, it’s the price that they are willing to pay. Arnold made the comment a few years ago that you can’t win with youth & just recently said that it isn’t his responsibility to develop young players.
  13. If it’s anything like the quotes he gave with this article