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  1. R3 - Smurfs - Sat 21 Oct - SFS

    Man it's only 3:45pm Monday. HURRY UP WEEK!!
  2. You've got one job Ticketek, one job! Bloody hell, you get put in a queue and then told you've timed out or there aren't enough tickets, reason being is that everyone else is in a queue getting timed out.
  3. R4 - Jets - Sun 29 Oct - Newcastle Stadium

    Can anyone remember what game this was?
  4. Mate you must be overlooking the traditional rivalry of Sydney FC and Liverpool F.C.
  5. R3 - Smurfs - Sat 21 Oct - SFS

    Sha-la la-la-la-la laaa
  6. While there were definitely games under Popa that were like yesterday, I was thinking about this too. Even last year, once we got our defence together, we were damn hard to beat come the back end of the year. We went up to Brisbane and if not for a crazy Sotirio challenge we were probably the most likely to come home strong in that game, at a notoriously difficult place to win. Will we get someone that forces the team to success (or near success) through strength of will alone? I think we'll see this is harder to find than we think. Hopefully it's embedded in the DNA of the club a bit, though it hasn't really had much time to stick.
  7. The Refereeing Thread

    I've been thinking more about Mack's post, and this issue that the VAR can only overturn when play is allowed to go on and a goal is scored, but can't fix a problem when an incorrect offside is made. Apart from the obvious inconsistency and the decrease in goals that will come from it, it's also going to change the way that referees adjudicate the game. The natural outcome is that play will not be called up in situations where it looks like someone is likely to score. e.g. the Wellington situation tonight, or offsides in the 6 yard box etc. It's also likely that handballs by the attacking team (or just handballs in general I guess) will be let go by the on-field ref and only called if the VAR can see clearly that it is a handball. The problem with this is that if the refs are letting play go on more, then the VAR will overturn more. So then you have a game where you're disupting the flow and taking away the spontaneity of scoring goals because you're sitting around waiting for the VAR. I honestly think this could ruin the game. The other night we had a near two minute wait for a corner and it was ****. What's going to happen when they call back a goal after we've already danced around singing "Let's Go Mental" and called out the guy''s name 3 times (or is it 4)? The next time we score we stand around waiting to see if it's a goal? No thanks.
  8. If they add $30 it won't sell out. They should be trying to pack the stadium and get a feeling like 05. Get some positive vibes around the team.
  9. HAL 2017/18 Round 2

    Shall we start a tally of points Sydney get from dodgy calls? Two tonight. Wellington with two players on the keeper, horrible offside call.
  10. The Refereeing Thread

    Well if football people like Robbie Slater answer the question about whether they like it with "I guess so" without thinking about it, then it'll stay. But if people complain enough, it'll go. The biggest problem is that it's only going to take away goals, not allow or enable them. e.g Wellington v sydney just now. Incorrectly!?! He was at least two metres onside. Shocking.
  11. The Refereeing Thread

    There was also one where Riera (I think) looked onside. So if they incorrectly let play go on, then they can call it back if it's a goal. But if they incorrectly pull it up, they can't do anything. These kind of inconsistencies pop up in ALL SPORTS that use a version of video technology, and I've yet to see any sport deal with it well. And football flows more than all these other sports. VAR does not and will not eradicate controversies. It will just create different ones, while hindering the game. This is what has happened with every sport to use it. The problem from an administrator point of view, is the opposite of the problem we have with the FFA - where the FFA have administrators from other sports that don't understand football, world football is so big it takes little notice of other sports and has administrators that wouldn't know anything about other sports, such as NFL, cricket, NRL. If they did, they'd have seen all these issues with video technology. Get rid of it, it's crap. And it's only going to get crapper.
  12. Is it too early in the season to say that we need new teams?? I struggle to watch games other than ours and the "big" ones. Also, as you say, it's just musical chairs. Without some serious thought put into the salary cap etc, as well as development of juniors, then we just end up with the same pool of players rotating around.
  13. The Refereeing Thread

    I wouldn't give the first one a penalty. Touch was inconsequential and had no bearing on the play.
  14. The Refereeing Thread

    Hate VAR. Problem is, there is no difference between this and a pen in the first minute - goals are precious in football. And that slippery slope of what you should be checking for, and when you stop the game, is as big a problem as the time taken to get decisions.