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  1. One other thing about VAR - what’s with the little tv the ref runs over to, that is split into 4 pictures, underneath a plastic cover?! The ref is meant to make a decision based off that, while people at home are watching replays on big screen HD tvs!! The whole thing is an embarrassment. and oh yeah, Bridgey involved in both goals too!
  2. Everyone is complaining about the VAR getting it wrong, but there are inherent problems even if it gets every call right! e.g stopping flow of the game, how far back the decisions can go if a goal is scored, changing the default setting of refs to "not making calls" etc. It simply doesn't work for football. Every single person following the game is saying the same thing - goal-line tech only - and yet the officials (and a couple of Foxsports cheerleaders) either can't or refuse to see it. FFS all the fans of the team that just benefited from it are calling it out, as were some of the players! Surely that says enough.
  3. Me too. What a farce. The A-league has honestly become a joke. Tonight I was laughing my head off but if I was a Mariners fan I'd be steaming. Ridiculous.
  4. The Refereeing Thread

    VAR on fire
  5. I look forward the referee's boss explaining the calls made by VAR this weekend. As for the passing in the last 6 - I was disgusted at first, but then part of me thought that maybe our team also thought that the VAR was a farce and went easy? 99.99% of the time I would say "kill them off" but that refereeing was so farcical that in this situation I can forgive our team not putting the boot into 9 men.
  6. Coach and Staff Thread 2017/18

    It's also ******* stupid. You think if Messi has a stomach bug on Monday that the coach won't play him the following Sunday?
  7. Squad Development 2017/18 Part 2

    Your left or his left?
  8. Oh I thought you meant some other type of recruiting. Tapping people on the shoulder etc. Yesh they changed their tune quick when they realised no-one was gonna do it. I think that’s the one thing we’ve still got over the other clubs. Regardless of how annoyed people say they are at the RBB, when push comes to shove very few westies are gonna support the suits over the fans.
  9. Say what? Any more details?
  10. Terry Antonis

    We all said it last year. How many of these players just don’t learn. The PFA have spoken for years about supporting players and helping them make good decisions etc, and it just keeps happening. 24 years old, should be a mainstay of Socceroos midfield for this WC and next two campaigns.
  11. Australian National Discussion V3

    How do you know there is even a land down under? Maybe you’re imagining everything? Maybe, in an alternate realty, WE won 5-0 last week.
  12. Football Marketing/PR Thread

    Ok yeah. Let me rephrase. The FFA should have a good enough relationship with Fox that Fox are only doing things in line with FFA policy.
  13. Football Marketing/PR Thread

    They’re the main broadcasters, they’re not going to do it without FFA blessing.