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  1. You have to sign a 30 page disclaimer and attend a 5 day safe pyro training program. But don't worry, it's paid for using the registration fees of the St Mary's U10s.
  2. Sydney FC: Season 2017/18

    Not sure that it's a great idea for the CEO to be discussing a player's character. Just sort out why your Ferdinand movie night didn't bring in the crowds champ, the players and coach are doing their jobs. I think Kossie was on the money about their slide. Bozza is all over this "wrong time to announce the Socceroos coach" (which I think is right, but not because of Sydney), but Kossie said that Arnie builds them up so much and talks about how good they are all the time, and that when they got knocked around they didn't know how to respond. It's so true, for all that he may have improved, Arnie still has major issues when he faces adversity.
  3. There will be a wide variety of world cuisine to choose from as part of our exciting game-day activations. Or something.
  4. 1. Long-term membership rewarded 2. Blah blah corporate garbage 3. You can skip the queue if you are willing to upgrade to a ridiculously expensive level of membership in a **** ground in 18/19 3. If you wanna be with your friends, then blah blah stuff that people with reserved seats have to worry about 4. Signed, corporate FFA lackey Now, if that one was tldr for ya, this is the shortest version: Don't worry about it, you've been in the RBB and there will be plenty of spaces because everyone else is banned (or will be by then).
  5. Fair point, but an entire side of the stadium?? Australia's only got like 5 big banks, BHP, a couple of dodgy Asian investors and about 12 other businesses in the whole country, how are they going to sell an entire side of the stadium? Unless of course there is hardly any seats and the rest is luxury bars and other nonsense. They have copied Levi's Stadium in San Francisco, which is widely touted by the corporates as first class but the fans think sucks. But we'll sort it out.
  6. They need an entire grandstand for corporate and media? Lol The world’s a farce. This corporate capitalism we’ve been suckered into blows.
  7. Football Media Discussion 2

    I think it was Les Murray, or perhaps Johnny Warren, who, when we played Uruguay in 01, said all we talk about is the off field stuff. Our journos simply don’t know the game well enough to cover it, and their bosses don’t want them to anyway.
  8. Football Marketing/PR Thread

    That wasn’t quite what I had in mind Legia, but hey, you make the connections you want brah
  9. Football Marketing/PR Thread

    So tonight during Sunday Shootout there was an ad for AFL with a Muslim girl saying her dad didn’t want to let her play but then he goes on to say something like “it’s Australia,I had to let her play” or something. It sickened me. First, because even though the message is “inclusion”, they still managed to call AFL the Aussie game. So while they are pretending to be inclusive, they’re really only doing it if you buy into their culture, they’re not actually accepting other cultures. But mainly it pissed me off - and this is the reason I picked this thread - because this is the stuff that the FFA should be doing, but instead they are hiding from their ethnic and cultural roots, and even actively distancing themsleves from it.
  10. HAL 2017/18 Round 23 Conclusion

    Spot on. Even given the difficulty of picking a definitive mark, if I had to I’d say half a body to overturn (but I HATE var with a passion so I’d just wipe it). The whole idea of the offside rule is not to pick up on centimetres, it’s to stop attackers planting themselves on the keeper. So a centimetre here or there means nothing. As to the earlier question, if that was a goal against us in a Grand Final, yeah I’d accept it. It didn’t give him a great advantage, and anyway sometimes you have deal with errors to preserve the spirit and beauty of the game.
  11. HAL 2017/18 Round 23 Conclusion

    And when the Socceroos fan spat on Sam Newman when the Footy Show decided to go on a junket to the German World Cup. If any human deserves to be spat on it’s Sam Newman. Oh, and my racist, aggressive, bellicose neighbour.
  12. HAL 2017/18 Round 23 Conclusion

    Also, I’m glad Sydney had a goal chalked off but gee, do we really need VAR to get involved for centimetres? If it was any other team i’d have been happy if that stood.
  13. HAL 2017/18 Round 23 Conclusion

    Just saw a quick replay of Ninkovic challenge. Studs up, sliding in, looked like a red. Those that saw it on the telecast? Also, not a word about Brosque spitting on foxsports, what a surprise. Imagine it was Santa.
  14. HAL 2017/18 Round 23 Conclusion

    I was being silly. I saw an email from FFA about The Chase. Course, like most of their marketing they haven’t got the balls or ideas to carry it through, so you just get random mentions buried in emails or whatever.
  15. HAL 2017/18 Round 23 Conclusion

    So...what’s this “round 23 conclusion” stuff as the title? How come we don’t get one whole thread entitled “The Chase” for the last however many rounds?!? Someone would think the people on here don’t think much of A-League marketing or something...