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  1. Are we sure there aren't any electronic music festivals in Adelaide next weekend?
  2. Popovic Abroad (Popa Watch)

    I know it's not gonna happen but I would love this just for the incredible amount of seethe it would generate.
  3. Australian National Discussion V3

    No, he's too stubborn.
  4. HAL 2017/18 Round 7

    Pretty good that we remained 4th despite not playing. Shame our next game is a tough away trip (again) though. Victory, City and Adelaide away, that's a pretty harsh run.
  5. Australian National Discussion V3

    Btw there was a Mexican wave wendy...but it fizzled out.
  6. World Cup 2018

    2010 was the best, it was them, Algeria, Slovenia and USA, and The Sun ran a headline saying EASY (England, Algeria, Slovenia, Yanks) Nek minnit, England draw with the USA and Algeria, narrowly beat Slovenia 1-0, finish 2nd behind the Yanks (lol) and then get smashed by Germany in the next round.
  7. HAL 2017/18 Round 7

    Still the only Invincibles.
  8. A-League Memberships & Attendances 2017/18

    I would love it if Warren Joyce froze Cahill out of the squad.
  9. Australian National Discussion V3

    I love how today he said 'he's never been the one making a big deal out of it!' You could have ended it at any time you twat! The problem now is that if he leaves, which I still sorta want him to do, the players are gonna see it as a slight on them if a new coach comes in and says 'yeah, we're not playing like this anymore'. Whoever it is will have to just tweak it slightly, so that we don't leave cavernous holes at the back every time we lose the ball, which is often.
  10. Football Media Discussion 2

    I think the shitness of esfc is the only reason it could actually work. There would be plenty of football fans in the regions that this Southern Expansion bid is targeting that would like to have a team to follow during the summer, but for obvious reasons don't find sydney fc and their empty ground very appealing. I think the bid has many flaws, but there probably are enough people to embrace it if they do it right, which is why sydney fc are up in arms about.
  11. Australian National Discussion V3

    It was alright the other night, as good as a national team game is gonna get here unless we're playing someone really massive in a competitive game. But then the next day you watch Peru at home and literally every single one of them is standing up and chanting, and all you can do is dream. Agree about how laughable it is that people are using the fact that we beat an absolutely woeful side (thanks to a deflected goal and two penalties) to be a vindication of Ange's footballing philosophy.
  12. David Squires Cartoons

    The best part was how the U.S. got knocked out the day after he tweeted that.
  13. World Cup 2018

    Yeah in 2006 I would have loved to get England...now, not so much. That said, I wouldn't put a draw against them past us at all, it's exactly the kind of game they usually choke in and we usually lift for.
  14. Australian National Discussion V3

    I think if we get England it will be the biggest game in Australian sporting history regardless of what time it's on.