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  1. Such behaviour is despicable and I for one will certainly not be stooping to such depths.
  2. https://theworldgame.sbs.com.au/article/2018/02/21/league-clubs-warn-games-collapse
  3. Football Media Discussion 2

    That's the line he's been told to trot out by the powers that be so they can justify Arnie's Socceroos appointment later.
  4. Squad Development 2017/18 Part 2

    I think Llorente has definitely done enough to earn another year. You're not going to get many left backs better than him in this league. I wouldn't mind Elrich returning but not sure he's an upgrade.
  5. Football Media Discussion 2

    The Nabbout goal is perfect example of how shite our coverage is. If the equivalent of that, whatever it might be, happened in nrl or afl or even ******* aflx, there would be a two page spread about that goal alone in the paper. Instead it's probably just mentioned in the middle of the one article about our game. That goal should be used for marketing the league for the rest of this season and beyond. One of the best long range strikes I've ever seen.
  6. The Refereeing Thread

    That can't be real. What?? How?? How are those the 'official' lines??
  7. A-League & 2nd Tier Expansion Thread V2

    Wow, didn't know that. Why would anyone outside those cities even bother bidding then?
  8. A-League & 2nd Tier Expansion Thread V2

    Could you explain this a bit further? Is there something written in their contract that says they want more teams in the big cities??
  9. AFC Champions League 2018

    I actually think the group stages in Asia are harder than the knockouts. Especially if you have a tough group. I mean all the three teams in esfc's group are far superior to them, so they need an extraordinary amount of luck to finish in the top 2 over 6 games. Whereas once it's the knockouts, you just need a bit of luck in each round, plus obviously good tactics, and you can take it game by game. So no, I don't want to risk them having a better chance of winning it, or even getting to the final, just so they're slightly worse off for our silly post season cup. The last time they were in it, if ol' mate hadn't sent that screamer past Vedran, they would have been two ties away from the final.
  10. A-League & 2nd Tier Expansion Thread V2

    I don't know anything about Brisbane, but giving them a second team when their first one barely draws a crowd and is in constant off-field strife seems ridiculous. I don't see any evidence of there being any demand for a 2nd team, and the Roar seem like they could go under at any moment. I guess maybe it's seen as a back-up? The Southern Expansion bid, while it has a lot of flaws, at least you can see some merit (not least the poaching of esfc's already low mount of fans and their subsequent tears).
  11. Refs & VAR Overshadow Exciting Draw

    Yeah I would rather have him there, think he would offer more going forward than Herd.
  12. Wanderers Games to the Finals?

    Why are our last two games at ANZ? I thought we were finished with that hell-hole.
  13. Refs & VAR Overshadow Exciting Draw

    That's a big loss, he hasn't been at his best but he's been getting better, and he's been getting into great positions. Who's gonna play there, baby Baccus? I wouldn't wanna move Hamill out of CB. Haven't seen that incident again but at the ground it looked like a horrible challenge. Anyway, this is the first time this season where we can genuinely say that we can beat any team on their day. A draw was probably a fair result but we created a ton of chances against a team way ahead of us on the table. Promising signs. #GombauIN
  14. 2017/18 UEFA Champions League

    Gotta laugh at PSG even though I can't stand Madrid...would be hilarious if they went out in the 2nd round. Overloading your team with attacking talent just doesn't work at that level. Even when Madrid tried it with the Galacticos it didn't work. PSG's team looked so imbalanced...Mbappe is a brilliant player but he looked lost out there. Neymar pretty much never passes the ball and you can tell the other two hate him. And they had Di Maria, Pastore and Draxler on the bench! Would have made much more sense to play Di Maria on the right.
  15. AFC Champions League 2018

    Wait wait wait...but Ange taught me that we should play sexy football all the time regardless of our technical ability?? I don't understand this 'conflicting emotions' bollocks. Do you think Barca/Atleti fans want Madrid to win the CL??? All over the world, you want your most hated rivals to lose all the time. I don't mind the other Aussie teams, even Victory doing well, but to suggest we should be rooting for esfc on any level is nonsense. Especially because we've won it so to see them humiliated in the group stage would be extra sweet.