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  1. Football Media Discussion 2

    Thoughts on the HAL from Ross McCormack to a UK newspaper He may have scored 13 goals but from my memory most have been pens or free kicks haven't they, so the stats are a bit skewed imo. ie "You score for fun over there" comments etc... Ross McCormack talks about Aston Villa 'security' and A-League critics - Birmingham MailRoss McCormack has hit back at A-League critics and reiterated his desire to extend his loan spell at Melbourne City.McCormack, 31, has scored 13 times in just 15 appearances since joining Melbourne on an injury replacement loan deal from Aston Villa in September.And the striker reckons his current side - as well as some of their opponents - could compete with the likes of Villa in the Championship.He told reporters Down Under: “Back home people turn their nose up at it a little bit. They say, ‘You score for fun over there, it’s not a great standard’, but - all of the teams we’ve played against - we haven’t had an easy game.“There’s certainly teams in this league that could hold their own in the Championship, I believe.”McCormack’s loan spell has been highly successful but there were fears it might have to be cut short due to injury in December.The striker - who arrived at Villa Park from Fulham in a £12million deal in August 2016 - suffered a knee injury in City’s defeat to A-League leaders Sydney.He was told by club medics that his injury was serious but he played just eight days later.“I thought I was going to be out for a long period of time. It didn’t look good after the game.“All the tests that the physios and doctors were doing were saying that my cruciate ligament had gone.“I’m obviously not in a good position at Aston Villa as well. Luckily I’ve got two and a half years left on my contract there so the security is there but, in terms of the football side of it, if I was out for a year you don’t know what’s going to happen.”McCormack has been red hot throughout the entirety of his time in Australia but he’s been particularly prolific in the last few weeks. Six goals in his last four games has seen City officials step up negotiations with Villa in an attempt to extend his deal until the end of the campaign.And McCormack is happy to do just that with no reprieve on offer at Villa Park following his infamous falling out with Steve Bruce.“The chance is there for me to finish the season. If Melbourne can agree a deal with Aston Villa then yes, definitely. We can definitely vie for a trophy. I don’t see why we can’t go and win the Grand Final.”https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/ross-mccormack-talks-aston-villa-14168941
  2. I feel as a unit we are stumbling in the dark. We look drained of energy and now we have to try and play in and around Carusca, who very well maybe just what a need from a creative perspective but he has not worked with these players before and it's going to be another learning curve starting Friday. In a way Gomby has all the excuses in the world to simply write this season off. Add this upheaval to our slow paced approach and the number of times we dwell on the ball and then invariably lose it (hello Roly, I'm looking at you) and I can see Victory breaking at pace numerous times in this game after happily letting us knock it around just inside their half waiting for the turnover. I feel we keep turning up hoping this time it will be different but I've sadly almost forgotten when it last was !
  3. Dropped Points In Wellington

    I just hope we scrap the cap then we will see which owners really will splash the cash and which ones are hiding behind it as an excuse. We will see who the genuine big clubs are. Football is global. Let's join that club.
  4. Dropped Points In Wellington

    With our 'possession based' football isn't it the opposition that is supposed to tire because they are the ones chasing around?
  5. Football Media Discussion 2

    A Bossi positive WSW article https://www.brisbanetimes.com.au/sport/soccer/home-is-where-the-heart-is-for-western-sydney-wanderers-20180112-h0hh6p.html
  6. Adelaide Late Show Takes Point

    I'd take a fit Romeo now for the run-in. In a heart beat.
  7. Adelaide Late Show Takes Point

    Very ponderous and lost possession so many times. Same as against Citeh but we didn't get away with it tonight. If only we had a young winger with genuine pace who could come back into the team. Oh noooo.. wait a minute...
  8. Squad Development 2017/18 Part 2

    Gombau wants a wide player with HAL experience. How about Roy Krishna?
  9. Strikers Fire In Brisbane

    Exactly. All this who is the 'hardest firm' tosh is childish. .
  10. Strikers Fire In Brisbane

    Couple of things re. the VAR The VAR ref decides to check incidents independently The Santa clash was not checked by VAR. The VAR ref didn't deem it a significant error Macaronne can be reviewed by the panel and given a retrospective ban as dealing with it on the field means getting a yellow or red and the ref did neither
  11. So where is the VAR.. ? Santa poleaxed......
  12. Football Media Discussion 2

    True. They pay lip service to it. For some reason they are like a little kid seeking approval from their parents, in this analogy, the parents being free to air media. They need to stop trying to appeal to 'everyone ' and concentrate on the thousands who already love our game. We'll never be as big as AFL or cricket in Oz but let's win over the football fans already out there.
  13. Minutemen Blitz Melbourne City

    Castelen for me. Just unfortunately fragile connective tissue has blighted his career. He made the Dutch national team. His pedigree was such he could dominate a game at HAL level and put real fear into oppositions. Hersi, who gave 100% and Jumpei never managed to reach that level.