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  1. Indeed, the busted rs team currently playing at ANZ can claim a variety of reasons for not getting big turnouts. My question is why possibly the greatest A League side ever assembled, touted to challenge for a Champions League trophy, can't draw a decent crowd at Allianz? If results affect attendances, they should be averaging 25k. There's clear evidence that a winning team is not the key to a strong club. Mariners were hot sh1t for years yet couldn't grow
  2. 2017/18 EPL & F.A Cup thread

    Trust me, if Lovren was in the same country as the play, it's a pen.
  3. So how do you explain attendances at Allianz?
  4. All I know is Jones and Hadley seem to have lost all interest in this utopian soccer league they inspired, this incident free success that Lederer and co have fostered in. Take a bow fellas
  5. A lot of salt being thrown around about our "high" attendance for that fisting, as if being tonked 5-0 wasn't enough
  6. R11 - Mariners - Sat 16 Dec - Gosford

    Negotiating hard for this one, looks like a deal will be struck