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  1. 2017/18 EPL & F.A Cup thread

    Swansea were robbed
  2. La Liga

    Apparently after he got done for tax and sentenced he remarked "I want to go back to England". There was also an alleged attempt from La Liga to block the Neymar PSG move. Perhaps Spain is feeling the player drain and is worried about going the way of Italian football
  3. WSW Merchandise 2016/17

    Good, we're westies. Our women should look cheap and second rate
  4. In Slowy's missive he explained that socceroos matches and other FFA extravaganzas fund the A League, and A League club bosses aren't acknowledging this generosity. I was under the impression Socceroos LTD PTY was struggling to cover their own ass let alone prop up the local league. Am I too being unappreciative or was that fantastical fabricated filler?
  5. English Championship & Football League Thread

    When you consider what's been happening in Birmingham in recent years I'd say both clubs will get fines and threats of heavier penalties in the future
  6. Can you blame him, when do you suppose he has ever been this powerless? So much control has been in the hands of so few for so long that the feeling of being a bit part must have been horrifying. This illusion of supremecy shouldn't have been allowed to fester in the minds of these flawed personalities. The lack of vetting and oversight has allowed these otherwise fully functioning adults to become entitled children
  7. 2017/18 EPL & F.A Cup thread

    Somewhere in Liverpool there's a cup of warm piss that would be feeling really nervous right now
  8. So the head of our federation is on the board at Bulldogs. Nice
  9. WSW Merchandise 2016/17

    TF is happening in the background?
  10. FFA Cup R16 - Bentleigh Greens - 29 Aug

    Now do one for Spotless
  11. Are these two monkeys due a payout?
  12. WSW Merchandise 2016/17

    Be among the first to see it!!!!
  13. I think it's more a case of him knowing a lot of dirty secrets, so he gets tucked away in one cushy job after another
  14. Animals without shame or fathers