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  1. Coach and Staff Thread 2017/18

    Hayden Foxe, undefeated in the A League
  2. Football Marketing/PR Thread

    same problem we are having, record memberships with poor turnouts. Fan/community/supporter engagement blah, blah, blah......
  3. Funny thing is, the OzTAM ratings are based in areas where people value occasion over fluff. Hence the piss poor turnouts for the Roosters/Waratahs and bumper crowds when the Swans hit town. The Roosters are so soulless and humdrum that their finals matches can't draw a glance. While the Swans have a huge bandwagon following among the same area's elite, that a when they face a storied club from Melbourne it's a sellout with insane OzTAM ratings. Now you look at the Big Blue away game which can happen twice or even three times a year, between two young clubs hellbent on shedding loyal supporters in exchange for a bandwagon following. Poor turnouts, poor ratings, poor returns. No one in this demographic is stepping over each other for tickets or leaving work early to watch it. But if we look at Bathurst, the Bledisloe, the Melbourne Cup......
  4. Football Media Discussion 2

    ...during a Kiwi bukkake session.
  5. Coach and Staff Thread 2017/18

    Hayden Foxe, Undefeated in the A League
  6. Football Marketing/PR Thread

    AFL is done so Melbourne would be frothing for some sport to keep them going between horse races. If they couldn't help but know a local side was playing Friday night, they'd front up out of sheer boredom. Massive opportunity missed there to do a Coles style bombardment into their subconscious
  7. They give 28% Ange is coach in December
  8. Coach and Staff Thread 2017/18

    Shinji Ono as player/coach
  9. So Mack's doing live attendances now for FFA, everyone has a price
  10. HAL 2017/18 Round 1

    Disgraceful, I demand public condemnation from the CEO of Masterfoods
  11. Germany Thread

    Never should have let him go
  12. Mack is selling us out
  13. If Hayden Foxe can't pack em in who can?