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  1. Football Media Discussion 2

    It¨s an area Americans murder Aussie media in everytime. A nothing game between two sides with no chance of making the finals is a media nightmare in Australia, like nails on a chalkboard. In the States it¨s an oppurtunity to gorge on statistics and tactical analysis. Players closing in on records, teams approaching milestones.... every game has importance. The big one in the States this year was Cleveland going winless for the season in the NFL, they even had a parade
  2. Dragons fans must be tearing shreds out of one another on social media, always some hardcore wannabes ruining it for everyone else. How will they cope when their sponsor pulls their funding? What will the atmosphere be like if "the hill" at Kogarah is closed for the next home game? Someone get a copy of the email Doust sends to the Dragon's members. What a week they have coming up
  3. Wanderers Ban Active Support

    Funny thing is I've never seen Banana near a flare
  4. Wanderers Ban Active Support

    Mentioned the areas the club can't control a lot, doesn't mention the burning issue of the day. The club doesn't back it's fans when the chips are down. We didn't have safe standing at Parra v1, yet we made it no.1 in the country. Incidents happened then, incidents are happening now, but the clubs response remains the same. Curse the perpetrators, admonish the RBB and demand better. Membership packs don't turn up, "we are doing the best we can but so and so blah, blah, blah". Security gets toey, "we are doing the best we can but so and so blah, blah, blah". Police mace minors, "we are doing the best we can but so and so...." Pre match activities collapse spectacularly "we are doing the best we can but..." Match gets postponed by venue "we are doing the best we can..." "we are doing the best we can..." "we are doing the best we can..." "we are doing ..." People turned on Popa when his press conferences became predictable upper management speak. A family club is supposed to be intimate, where valued members are not kept at arms length and fed updates heavy with jargon and constraint.
  5. Pathetic Draw Against Perth

    From the guys who declared B League a sure thing
  6. Wanderers Ban Active Support

    Why aim so high? In the lead up to each derby a member of the RBB should enter the police stations surrounding the stadium every 10min and report petty crimes. J-walking, illegal parking, dog poo, loitering, littering, illegal turns, smoking on trains or train platforms, public intoxication etc. Inundate the local plod with so much paper work and admin that the process of policing the match on the day becomes such a chore, that they let things slide. Keeping a tight lid on any ¨incidents¨ that occur to avoid any further unneccessary hysteria and hassle. Pretty much what they do with NRL games each week
  7. Wanderers Ban Active Support

    Generations ago, authorities realised that creating a fuss over criminal activity produces a detrimental response from the public. This was seen in the case of Malcolm Naden, a single fugitive given the notoriety of Ned Kelly. Relatives of his victims had to come on the news and remind everyone that he had killed in order to earn this attention from the media. The public needed to help bring this man into custody, not cheer him on. In the case of flares, the backlash they stir up has nothing but negative outcomes. Those who bring them get bang for their buck. Police and security get a needle in the arm from the media, club and FFA. Supporters with nothing to do with flares get their throats stepped on. A measured, discreet pursuit of the offenders would have nipped all of this in the butt
  8. Wanderers Ban Active Support

    Blame lies with the response to said undesired behaviour. The hyperbole, the ink, the talkback radio outrage, it all screams bad parenting. A peaceful, be it passionate display by the RBB suddenly features a flare or flares. A device designed to demand attention. The powers that be respond in a mixture of outrage and terror, sending in the troops to retrieve and extinguish the threatening article. Already you're creating an action=reward scenario. To compound the problem, the "incident" is publicised, discussed and notarized ad nauseam. Anyone setting off an attention seeking device must think "how good is this?"
  9. Wanderers Ban Active Support

    Surely the football alone is worth the travel, why do you need active support to justify an interstate journey to support your team?
  10. FFA lodged "We Sing For Wanderers" trademark

    Unbelievable cherry picking at work here, especially after tifogate. The RBB displays a tifo of a rival big mouthed manager getting his mouth filled with a phallus, so the FFA and club quickly distance themselves and claim piety. The RBB sings a song about themselves and their allegiances, so the FFA and club secretly appropriate the rights to it. To shore up a revenue stream from a product, while admonishing the producer is the height of hubris. It¨s like funding a road safety camaign with revenue from speed cameras
  11. Football Media Discussion 2

    There it is. All you cheesed1cks that squeak ¨ammunition¨ everytime a flare or a scuffle involves the RBB, try explain to me where Hadley has been for the last couple of months. Has he been trumpeting the glory of good, clean, wholesome soccer being produced weekly since September? Or has he given us barely a mention since RBB went incident free, the Squadron disbanded and the NT packed it in? Not a peep about his vision for strayan football materialised in full. Those of you so quick to point the finger and screech childish, pre pubescent, wannabe etc., everytime you disagree with active support, tell me why only now Hadley is ripping back into us like the game has always been his life. Why does his expert analysis, so vital to the formation of personal opinion for some of you, only seem to be offered when there¨s a chance to stick the boot in? If you still believe violence, lawlessness and image are preventing his ilk from giving football a fair go, than you¨re just as lost to the cause as he is
  12. Wanderers Ban Active Support

    Have to admit the Cove has been in top form for a couple of seasons now, pushing all the right buttons to get everyone¨s noses out of joint. NotVaughn is showing this right now. From the outside looking in, you can see Sydney FC are in strife. Two seasons of dominating the league, yet casual fans are still not interested. Their players are showing the composure, passion and comradery that doesn¨t come from salary cap manipulation alone. Contrasting starkly with the ballerinas we¨ve been sending out. Yet the club has shown no signs of growth. Rather than fret publicly, the Cove have got on with the job of antagonising rival clubs with great success. We were genuinly distressed when we were accused of being the FFA¨s darlings a few seasons back, defending ourselves furiouisly. The Cove are instead using this to further insult their rivals, increasing burns tenfold. The victim stuff they are hurling our way is stirring up major salt. It¨s like the more we stand up for ourselves the better the ammo we give the Cove. Especially the outrage we display when we cannot reply with tifo¨s of our own, we¨re getting schooled right now
  13. FFA lodged "We Sing For Wanderers" trademark

    I find this particularly interesting since it was around Sep 2016 that our fearless management began sending us provocative emails, either threatening the RBB or musing their disbanding. Are our management team in on this sleaze?
  14. Wanderers Ban Active Support

    It*s amazing the rubbish you can spout when you have a spine, Townsend has defended his club and supporters the way McGuire and Newman defend AFL. Since John T has been allowed near a computer, I cannot recall an email where he wasn*t backpeddaling, pointing the finger or telling us they are doing all that can be done. He constantly rams negative statements down our throats or attempts to split the supporter base, it is no coincidence the club has gone backwards since his promotion. Townsend 1-0 Tsatsimas
  15. Wanderers Ban Active Support

    Wasn"t at the game, chose to spend time with the newborn. My membership card says aisle 118. If I attend this weekend"s match (probably wasn"t going to) and I"m denied access to the seats I renewed this season, do I have grounds for legal action?