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  1. What’s great about Joseph he usually goes on streaks when he’s found his angle so I don’t want popa back in Joseph I trust
  2. show him some love the man should get Oreos money
  3. Finally **** went our way I don’t feel at all sorry for any other a league club until we hold the toilet seat for the 1st time so I agree with the Var lol!!!!
  4. Know what was great it wasn’t us going ape **** at officials yada yada for once the gods cut us slack lol
  5. Var always benefits the big teams llorentes challenge was worse then that 2nd red oh well stuff it the Var was finally on our side #piss the Var off
  6. Almost cried today went past our stadium and seen the steep terrace emerging it was amazing truely amazing io boys **** the eels we should christen that stadium we should be sending emails to the Lord Mayor of parramatta saying in the spirit of multi culturalism let us play 1st then we get all the liberal nut bags on side that want to ban smoking yada for sure we’ll win but who cares who plays there 1st it should be wsw vs Manchester United ? or Barcelona
  7. Borrello for jumpei jamie Maclaren for riera oar for cejudo Raul llorente for nico Martinez bam we are contenders
  8. http://www.smh.com.au/sport/soccer/aleague-adelaide-uniteds-tarek-elrich-linked-with-return-to-western-sydney-wanderers-20171214-h04qt9.html wooow instead of bringing home such Wanderers greats such as nico Martinez, Terry Antonis, or Romeo Castelen, Polenz, we are in the race for Jordan Elsey and Tarek Elrich wtf!!!
  9. it just gets worse lederer sell the club to someone who knows how too football
  10. So there’s not a lot to look forward too ffs lol we’re not Adelaide utd can’t we base ourselves off a more successful a league club like mvc or Brisbane??? it would be ever so grand to just steal all the off contract talent cheat the salary cap and win the triple
  11. Nobody looks like hitting the back of the net mack this is the worst squad since season 3