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  1. Wanderers Ban Active Support

    50 seconds of active support talk wtf
  2. Wanderers Ban Active Support

    No such thing as freedom of speech sadly
  3. Wanderers Ban Active Support

    Need to send videos to city owners and Nike and aididas and anything that’s capable of buying us
  4. Wanderers Ban Active Support

    Should red and black round buy a rbb ribbon support active support round raise funds to take the ffA to court,? For overzealous security mesures launch a mass law suit or get all the active groups doing it launch a mass law suit we should be hitting up Nike anything sports related with the hopes of buying us because for our owners to allow this **** to happen there really dogged
  5. Wanderers Ban Active Support

    I reckon we’re ****ed our best bets to do what we do without **** the ffa ect get the numbers back in the terrace not do what the media wants us to do and get on with it we’ll win by default if no **** is given message everyone u know to get there arses to the game for non violent resistance round
  6. Wanderers Ban Active Support

    None favouritism
  7. Stop, Hamill Time!

    So your saying Taurus if popa was around results would be different I doubt it man we would probably be in exactly the same position but drawn more
  8. Stop, Hamill Time!

    Just remember the smurfs and mvc have acl the nix weren’t an under 12s side they were pacey on the counter and caught us on the break a few times we were very structured if u can do this to one side u can do it to anyone
  9. Stop, Hamill Time!

    Acab all cops are bastards which was met with death stares and half smiles from the riot squad
  10. Stop, Hamill Time!

    Notice they can drink alcohol on public transport and get away with it I didn’t see any cops around sop till our game makes u think cops went to the wrong game there supporters look like mentally handicapped midgets at best they talk so much **** when there 50 metres away from u typical bogan bullshit dribbling from them while we’re herded like cattle outside like if there were a scrap and they got there arses handed to them **** em The poofters get away with murder
  11. Pathetic Draw Against Perth

    Reddy blow up was priceless
  12. Pathetic Draw Against Perth

    That was fooking shiet we deserve better massive changes needed as well as our w league team we should be contenders in everything that’s what the big teams do
  13. Wanderers Ban Active Support

    I think we need a change of ownership all for a fooking boycott worst season ever
  14. Derby is shite that team with no fans keeps winning