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  1. Agree a hundred percent on our shooting. I was watching it during practice and was shaking my head. I don't think we're missing Nico though. Roly is good and should improve with more time with the team. Nico rarely played at AM anyway and provided very few more assists than any other starting attacker.
  2. Our better squad might help us climb into the top 4 this season but no further if we continue with the same tactics as last season. Too slow to move the ball, largely because of a dearth of movement in attack.
  3. If FFA wanted an easy route for Sydney, they'd be playing us.
  4. Sydney FC: Season 2017/18

    I mostly agree btron, I never said they'll equal their record of last year, just that they look very good again, unfortunately. Having a thinner squad means a few injuries could make a big difference, here's hoping. Btw, they have Cisak in goals who will probably be an improvement on Redmayne
  5. Sydney FC: Season 2017/18

    Laughable? What makes them so terrible?
  6. The Refereeing Thread

    I want the referee to look at the vision himself.
  7. The Refereeing Thread

    I thought the first one was a yellow live and after watching the replay. He's trying to pinch the ball, the attacker is just too fast. On slow motion it looks like "he's no where near the ball" but it's clear he begins attempting the tackle when the ball is available, like I said, the attacker is too quick. Yellow for me at most. Second one, I tend to agree mack. The way his arms swing back and out while lunging is completely normal. Therefore it's not deliberate. Having said that, I can see why those are given. For me, the first is the worse one, way too harsh in my opinion.
  8. Sydney FC: Season 2017/18

    I'd forgotten about Redmayne coming in for Vuka... All good, they'll struggle to make the finals, carry on everyone
  9. Sydney FC: Season 2017/18

    Of course, although they're bench was good too - their biggest strength is the culture Arnie is instilling. Anything short of injuries to Ninkovic AND probably Mierzejewski means another Grand Final appearance for mine. Big call but they're looking better than I'd like.
  10. Sydney FC: Season 2017/18

    So Sydney look pretty damn good already. Their Polish international looks as good as Ninkovic, worrying signs.
  11. Football Media Discussion 2

    Great news. Does ANZ stadium do pass-outs?
  12. The Refereeing Thread

    Free kick and yellow. I thought contact was initially outside the box
  13. Yeah, that's where my reservations lay, with the playing surface cut into sections and the chance that it will move a few mil over time