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  1. Ahh, that's not the right WSW logo mack
  2. I don't think there's been a notable decline in quality, certainly nothing to keep people away. If anything I think the leagues quality is as good as ever.
  3. Football Media Discussion 2

    Good point, still, it won't work, not now.
  4. Let's hope not. We need these fools gone asap
  5. Football Media Discussion 2

    Yeah two is enough. We already know that participants don't equal supporters - there's little correlation. Looking at the numbers that matter (attendance), Sydney has the right amount of teams.
  6. I hope for torrential rain on the day of the festival
  7. Australian National Discussion V3

    I think we go alright, certainly not abject.
  8. Can anyone shed light on why the lead up free kick was given against Jumpei?
  9. Between 60 and 70 mins we'll fall apart
  10. Snake on fire. Had to do far too much though, he can't keep em out all night on his own. Half time interview, since moving to City, Jamo seems a little arrogant suddenly.
  11. That's more like it from Sotirio, more of that son
  12. He's been doing that one for a few years
  13. "Sotirio, isolated against Jamieson... ran into him!" - B. Speed This is fun
  14. I love the guy but how is Bridge starting... (waits for Bridge to score)