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  1. Yeah I was expecting closer to 12k to be announced
  2. Football Media Discussion 2

    It would get 5 times the coverage if it was scored in the EPL and ten times if it was scored by *insert highly paid overseas player in a league with no consequence to Australia here*. Sometimes I want to live elsewhere
  3. Agree, the handball interpretation has been consistently **** all season.
  4. The handball call against Topor was ridiculous. No idea how they figure that's deliberate
  5. Sydney FC: Season 2017/18

    Arnies approach is short sighted. Would rather build a strong culture of youngsters growing up in their region, playing for their childhood club.
  6. I was more worried about the Adelaide draw than that loss. They exposed our shakey defense, considering Risdon is horribly out of form and Clisby had to fill in at CB, it wasn't surprising. Riera continues to impress and Roly continues to concern.
  7. Lucky to crack 10k attendance. Most people are back at work now
  8. Strikers Fire In Brisbane

    True, it didn't come up. The commentators specifically said it had been checked though... Interesting
  9. Strikers Fire In Brisbane

    What needs to be clearer? At its most basic, a player was blocked from challenging for the ball by an opposition player who's eyes were not on the ball. That's a penalty. Maybe, mayyybe they couldn't pin him for the elbow etc with their replays but how that's not a penalty is ludicrous
  10. It's laughable. Would've been 7 penalties to ESFC
  11. I hope to see some youngsters getting a run to replace some outs. Guys like Majok bring plenty of enthusiasm and energy, something our veterans need at the moment
  12. Jumpei is not good enough for this level, simple. Its not his fault, he tried for the most part. Not sure what Popa was thinking with that signing.
  13. The Refereeing Thread

    Ninkovic trips Georgevski, Georgevski gets a yellow. Bobo blatantly kicks the ball away after the whistle is blown. Ref sees it plain as day... Nothing. "Sydney FC can't buy a yellow card this season!" - Brenton Speed You know there's an obvious issue when the likes of Speedy is calling it out.
  14. Well Gombau's 'treatment' must be alot more effective than Popa's
  15. The Refereeing Thread

    Yeah the Roly saga was my second question. No referees boss can be happy with how he dished out the cards