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  1. If your correct about RW then perhaps it will be Kruse or Dario?
  2. So Brisbane have signed Maccarone. Says age is no barrier at 37. But what about when it's 37 degrees?
  3. Exhibition matches are purely for entertainment and marketing purposes. Any talk of using them as a convertion tool is nonsense. Growing the game begins at the grassroots level, and unfortunately at least in my local area clubs are run by "eurosnobs" that think their kids will play for juve.
  4. Anyone willing to predict a scoreline for tonight? Im at a loss, but I think we'll definitely score.
  5. Now that's how you kill a man crush. #fakenews
  6. Cardboard cutout?
  7. I'm not gonna get my hopes up, but what I've heard sounds good. Agrees to contract and rather than spending a month on holiday jumps on plane. Signs contract on Friday, plays on Tuesday and then could have a run the next Saturday against Arsenal.
  8. Any news on whether el bollito / biscuit will get a run against the gunners? Or still needs more conditioning?
  9. I hope you're right and I hope it's Martinez. A 10 + 9 that both speak Espanol is very handy.
  10. God that piano cat video is timeless.
  11. So no bulut then!
  12. Is it to late to change post thread name to fantasy football?
  13. Would Scotty McDonald still be in the mix? Hasn't he been know to also play a AM role? He'd be cheaper than Vidosic, and could provide additional support up front?
  14. @Taurus What's you thoughts on the speculation of Martinez returning? Good, bad or indifferent?