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  1. The Refereeing Thread

    Wind the footage back 1 second. Pepper clearly came in with both feet off the ground. Rodriguez is lucky Pepper mistimed it (or timed it well, depending on your perspective I suppose) and landed his left foot without making contact. Instead, he lands the studs of his right boot on Rodriguez's ankle. Rodriguez does jump into the tackle, but makes no contact (until Pepper got him anyhow), and to his credit, he gets right back up and keeps going. The ref was right there and had the best view of it. Not even a foul. Personally, Pepper was lucky not to get a red and give it to the VAR for review (which would have been interesting to see what they said). Besides, it's not like Merrick is going to complain about his own player is he?
  2. In. Hoping to make most of the W-League game as well, depending on how late I leave work. Forecast seems to be mid 30's during the day .
  3. Postponed Game Rescheduled

    The FFA were bound to make someone happy eventually I suppose.
  4. HAL 2017/18 Round 16

    How did Brisbane not score? 2 or 3 open goals a close range and miss the target.
  5. Adelaide Late Show Takes Point

    So did Herd have 5 yellows before last night or not? If he did, are we likely to get done for playing an ineligible player?
  6. HAL 2017/18 Round 15

    wow, the original derby is pretty cut throat these days.
  7. At least the weather forecast isn't too bad. Not sure what to expect to be honest, but I'll be there all the same.
  8. Strikers Fire In Brisbane

    And so the post Jumpei era begins with a win. Score 2 against the run of play in the first half. Control the second half and only denied by insane keeping by Young. How Santa wasn't awarded a penalty is equally insane. Evans seemed to have a pretty good view of it, but nothing. Not even a VAR review. Yet when the ball hits Thwaite (I think it was) in the back, it's reviewed immediately for hand ball. Go figure. next week Winners are grinners. On to week.
  9. HAL 2017/18 Round 14

    Matt Simon is still a **** wit.
  10. Minutemen Blitz Melbourne City

    An improvement from the last couple of weeks. Vedran with some good saves at critical moments. The organisation at the back needs to be better, but there was desperation when we were caught; something we haven't really seen much of this season. We seemed to clock off around the 60 min mark (you can almost set your watch to it these days), but fortunately City didn't really offer much. Arzani could have been trouble against slow, tired backs, but he offered little and was contained well (especially by the Corn). I think the real difference was the confetti though. I had both my boys with me last night (something I don't do often), who don't need much encouragement to make a **** load of mess and were only too happy to shred whatever they could for the cause (well done RBB for giving them the idea ). A win is a win. Onward and onward I suppose.
  11. Squad Development 2017/18 Part 2

    Drunken ramblings thread somewhere there too
  12. Football Media Discussion 2

    You could piece that article together with various posts from here. One thing I disagreed with though: I think it's worked very effectively.
  13. Haven't we moved on from the Star Wars round?
  14. Coming soon to a New Year's Eve party or a WSW game near you War on terror: why NSW Police will now be armed with high-powered assault rifles Military-style assault rifles have become the latest weapon against terror and organised crime, with specialist police now trained to use the semi-automatic weapons "in the most difficult situations" across the state. NSW Police Commissioner Mick Fuller announced on Monday that 47 officers from the Public Order and Riot Squad had been issued with the Colt M4 carbines and the squad's other 50 members would be trained by the middle of next year. The firearms, which are described by its manufacturer as the "United States Armed Forces' weapon of choice and the weapon of the 21st century warfighter", would be carried by officers in the small, mobile teams as they made their patrols across Sydney. That would include New Year's Eve celebrations. But Mr Fuller said the guns would not be seen by the public in general street patrols "at this stage" unless there was a change in the current terror threat, which has remained at a "probable" level since September, 2014. "One of the keys is if there was a change in the threat level from probable to higher then there is no point saying to you 'I want to have a long-arm capability'," he said. "So I suppose the first [step] is if there was a change in the national terrorist threat level then I can put long arms on the street today." He later added: "We are ready to go. If there was a specific threat somewhere they would be deployed either in a preventative way or a destructive way or we can respond. "So we certainly won't hesitate in using them and perhaps next year, depending on the environment, you may see officers deployed in a standard patrolling type method with these types of firearms. "But we need to talk to the community about that and we need to let people know that this is just a changing environment. Mr Fuller first announced the introduction of the assault rifles in July following lengthy research to identify the right type of weapon and training. Deputy Commissioner (Investigations and Special Tactics) Dave Hudson said the 10-day training program had been "acknowledged as world's best practice" and was on top of the four-day "active armed offender" training recently undertaken by all frontline police across the state. Mr Hudson said the general duties-issued Glock pistol was shown to be less effective in incidents "over 25 metres" and research had shown "most incidents overseas have occurred at a distance over 25 metres and up to a distance of 100 metres". "Obviously the carrying of these firearms creates a deterrent effect as well, as well as resolving an incident," Mr Hudson said. "So based on the nature of the incident that we are responding to, or the public issue that we are attending, there may be a need to sling these firearms and for the Public Order and Riot Squad to forward deploy with them. "That will be an assessment made on a case-by-case basis based on a number of situations and circumstances which will feed into risk assessments." Police Minister Troy Grant acknowledged there could be some criticism levelled at the introduction of the weapons. "There may be some in our community who may be confronted by the fact that police now have a greater capacity in relation to their firearms and their arsenal," Mr Grant said. "But I think more so, the community will be comforted by the fact that police have that capability to keep them safe. "It is a reality that the world we live in is changing. We wish we didn't have to move down this path and we hope that these firearms will never need to be used. "That is our sincere hope." Mr Fuller said there was no immediate plan to have the guns available to the rest of the state's police officers, including having them carried in general duties vehicles. "It is certainly possible, but certainly not in the coming months. We need to have that conversation," he said. http://www.smh.com.au/nsw/war-on-terror-why-nsw-police-will-now-be-armed-with-highpowered-assault-rifles-20171218-h06lkg.html
  15. Gombau Picks Up First Wanderers Win

    Loved the Spanish commentary. My wife a daughter both had a laugh when I switched over, but after 5 mins they were both saying it's better than listening to Speed and Slater. Bring them back I say. I'll get some lessons.