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  1. It seems like you did understand them correctly. Email from the club today confirmed it: How will my membership seats be allocated at Western Sydney Stadium? Will I be allocated my same seat? Parramatta Stadium has been demolished to make way for the new Western Sydney Stadium (WSS). WSS is a completely new venue with a different layout and different seating configuration that has been designed to a capacity of 30,000. All member and general admission seating will be located in the Northern, Southern and Eastern stands while the Western stand will house all corporate, stadium, team and media facilities. It is therefore not possible to replicate your previous seating in an equivalent or similar seating position at the new stadium. https://www.wanderland.com.au/westernsydneystadium-faqs/?camefrom=EMCL_2166217_91902581 Well that's me pretty much ****ed.
  2. The Refereeing Thread

    Herald Sun (if they're to be believed) are reporting it now too. I threw up in my mouth when I got to the words 'The well-respectcted Sky Blues skipper'. . Unfreaking believable if its true. http://www.theherald.com.au/story/5293252/brosque-avoids-ban-over-spitting-incident/?cs=4783 Alex Brosque will not be cited for spitting during Sydney FC's A-League loss to Brisbane Roar. The well-respected Sky Blues skipper was booked for dissent during Saturday night's 2-1 upset and then appeared to spit in the direction of referee Kurt Ams. But a review of the incident has provided insufficient evidence to justify a referral to the full A-League match review panel. That lack of evidence is likely to centre around an inability to prove Brosque's intent, especially given the 34-year-old was a substantial distance away from Ams at the time, though he did appear to have him in his line of sight. Sydney declined to comment on the incident, but it's understood the matter is being dealt with internally. It comes amid badly-timed cracks in the club's previously impregnable stronghold on the competition. A first A-League loss at Allianz Stadium in 715 days also coincided with a dummy spit from utility David Carney, who reportedly showered, changed and stormed out of the venue after his halftime substitution and had to be chased to his car and convinced to return and watch the second half from the sheds. The strain of juggling A-League and Asian Champions League campaigns has taken its toll via a run of three losses and a draw from the last four games - a slump the defending champions have not experienced since their trying 2015-16 season. That slip in form is also synchronised with news that coach Graham Arnold will leave at season's end to take charge of the Socceroos. All of a sudden, Sydney's claim to a second consecutive Premiers' Plate is no longer a mere formality, with Newcastle just five points adrift and bristling with the confidence of an extraordinary campaign. It renders this weekend's trip to Central Coast and the following to Perth all the more important. "Now we have just under three weeks to focus only on the A-League. We have to pick ourselves up now," Arnold said. "We've had two fantastic years of winning, but everyone goes through a period like this. "This is a time where everyone needs to step up and I am the first to look in the mirror and say it myself. "I have to drive these boys forward." Australian Associated Press
  3. The Refereeing Thread

    Seriously? Nothing at all? Was that a radio new or do you have a link?
  4. AFC Champions League 2018

    not near enough
  5. Squad Development 2017/18 Part 2

    C'mon, don't be such a WAW-ser about it (not my best effort, but it's Friday arvo and I'm desperate to kill the time before I can GTFO)
  6. Which we'll rebuild 3 times before then, based on our current approach The 'threat' of the NRL moving interstate is tosh as well. They might do it once or even twice, but the heartland of NRL is NSW. To move it any longer would damage it's supporter base and value
  7. Stop, Hamill Time!

    Why haven't I seen anyone use The Ham-ster yet? Happy with a win. This forum is about the extent of my social media usage, so I only learn about the off field crap through here. If what I've read here is only half true, that's messed up. There's not even an 'on the bright side'. My own run-in's with the secos are trivial by comparison. Something needs to change.
  8. What ******* reality am I in? Hamil again???
  9. Well whada know, Hamil CAN hit the target!
  10. 20 mins til kick off. This place is dead as. You folks in the RBB should be safe though. I count 10 yellow vests looking after you tonight.
  11. A reminder that the Easter show is back. Anyone parking at P1 will be able to get a lift around the fence Changed Venue Entry Due to the construction of the fence line for the 2018 Sydney Royal Easter Show, the stadium entry point has changed. All Members and ticket purchasers will need to access the venue via Showground Road, off Murray Rose Avenue (next to Olympic Park train station). Gate A ticket booth and gate will be closed for this match, all Members and ticket purchasers with Gate A access will need to scan in through Gate D. Trackless Train A Trackless Train will also be operating on match day to assist Members and fans to get to the venue from P1. The train’s pick up point will be near the Pay Station’s at the P1 Car Park and drop off at new entry point. The train will operate from 6:00pm to 10:30pm and runs approximately every 15-20 minutes.
  12. AFC Champions League 2018

  13. Having missed all the trail games in S1 (mostly due to work at the time), I rocked up to our very first game against CCM with excitement and hope. Excitement that we had a club, and hope that we could be competitive and that I hadn’t wasted my money on my membership. Take away the excitement and that’s pretty much how I feel about this one. I have Very little in the way of expectation, and im hopeful that we can put in a competitive performance. If it’s going to be a loss (which wouldn’t surprise me TBH), at least make them work for their 3 points. I’m in.
  14. AFC Champions League 2018

    Sing it with me folks theyre ****in ****, they’re ****in ****, they’re ****in **** That will do me for the night. I think I’ll switch over to the MVFC game and dose off.
  15. AFC Champions League 2018

    ******* Slater. “He was gothe bag for the ball”. Like that absolves him from committing a foul. Just **** off How Brillante isn’t on a yellow is beyond me