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  1. His yellow card meant a goal
  2. The Refereeing Thread

    Just looked up a FIFA presentation for handball. Cautions are for 1. Blatant and deliberate handball stopping an opponent from scoring (have to be stopping a promising atacck). 2. Attempting to score with the hand (Maradona hand of God goal)
  3. The Refereeing Thread

    Prydz Law 12 "Handling the ball involves a deliberate act of a player making contact with the ball with the hand or arm. The following must be considered The movement of the hand to the ball (not the ball to the hand). The distance beteeen the opponent and the ball (unexpected ball) The position if the hand does not mean that there is an infringement The Newcastle penalty should not have been awarded. With regard to our game, the first season referee Alex King made the following decisions Santalab yellow - correctly awarded reckless Llorente yellow - correctly awarded reckless Brama yellow - incorrectly awarded, serious foul play red card as above the ankle with studs Risdon yellow - correctly awarded McGing yellow- see Brama above.
  4. According to Rallis these letters are a smoke screen as to the Clubs real targets. These would just be form letters and i would assume that we would have received the same letters.
  5. It’s about time. This caps off a winning weekend for the club 2-1 win for the W-League team 6-3 win for the NYL team 2-0 win for the A-League team. next week the A-League team will be without Josh Risdon against the Jets away who picked his 5th yellow
  6. The Refereeing Thread

    For our game, Shaun Evans was the VAR and must have been embarrassed for missing the Bobo rake. So Bobo finally gave us something albeit via the VAR red card upgrades
  7. Robbie Slater is the Alan Jones of the A-League so not worth listening to.
  8. The Refereeing Thread

    Under the spell of Gillett/Green/Beath not like his first season.
  9. Mariners without Roux (McGong) and Hiairej (Liam Rose). Asdrubal in with Hoole and Pain on the wings. Powell and Appiah on the bench
  10. Melbourne City: Season 2017/18

    Sad for him but ha ha for Heartless getting rid of Cahill
  11. Game finished as a 6-3 win using the Gombau formation (one goal for penalty). WSW scorers Majok (2), Scott, Tokich, Grosoz (2) First game against Canberra a month ago used the Popa formation with an 8-0 win.
  12. 4-0 up with goal scored by Grozos (assisted by Monge)
  13. 3-0 up Scott scored the second (assisted by Majok) followed Tokich (assisted by Grozos)
  14. Goal App puts the formation as 4-3-3 which is Gombau's with Fabian Monge as the holding midfielder and he is classy. from what i saw in Caletti in the u17 world cup in Chile, i think Fabian is better. Majok opens the scoring.
  15. The Refereeing Thread

    It should be the first encroachment. It would be good to get a still a bit earlier. Based on the position of the smurfs, it is most likely to be an attacker encroachment. I have called both in grassroots games and most players/coaches are unaware that players cant enter the penalty area until the ball in kicked by the penalty taker, no earlier!