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  1. Sydney FC: Season 2017/18

    I reckon he will get the sack if he can't get the Socceroos out of the group stage.
  2. NSW NPL Discussion 2018

    Temporary dismissals being trialled for senior grassroots football across NSW. It is for dissent against a match official with a yellow card and 10 minutes on the side line. It will be trialled in NPL u16s as well with a 5 minute temporary dismissal. The trials has been officially approved by IFAB and is an attempt to reduce abuse.
  3. Sydney FC: Season 2017/18

    Perfect. A multi-cultural insult. Imagine if we all did that to him. oh wait. The club would have to play games without spectators like Europe.
  4. HAL 2017/18 Round 23 Conclusion

    So FFA still doing favours for the Smurfs as always.
  5. HAL 2017/18 Round 23 Conclusion

    O’Rourke quoted as saying that Brisbane were time wasting hence the length of the additional time
  6. The Refereeing Thread

    Brosque was fortunate that Kurt Ams was in the process of moving towards in the centre circle. Brosque was at the top of the D so Ams would have been unlikely to have seen the spit. Unfortunately. the fourth official was a relatively new one and young so unlikely to make a report on Brosque.
  7. The Refereeing Thread

    Indeed. Insufficient evidence http://www.dailymail.co.uk/wires/aap/article-5517139/Brosque-avoids-ban-spitting-incident.html
  8. HAL 2017/18 Round 23 Conclusion

    Rumours abound the Carney and Adrian also had a bust up at halftime. not all is well at ESFC.
  9. Wanderers Games to the Finals?

    The game against Heartless is a must win. We are without Risdon due to Roo duty. Time will tell if Heartless will have Atkinson at RB; if not Muscat in. Bridge would have a better game if Muscat starting. Will Arzani play on the right or left. Most likely on the left with Risdon out. Hamill and Thwaite have to keep Fakeroli in their pockets. Last 4 results for Heartless are 3 losses and a draw Hopefully Ikonomidis will skin Jamieson and work with Riera. Does anyone know if Carrusca is training?
  10. The Refereeing Thread

    Card watch full games up to Round 23 highest yellows first Card Watch based on HAL team stats Brisbane.... 57yc (2.48yc/game; 15.7 fouls conc/game), 0 x 2y, 2 red, 2 sus for 5 yc Wanderers. 55yc (2.39yc/game; 16.9 fouls conc/game) 2 x 2y, 1 red, 5 sus 5 yc, 2 sus for 8yc Adelaide..50yc (2.17yc/game, 14.7 fouls conc/game), 2 x 2yc, 3 red, 2 sus for 5 yc Perth........48yc (2.09yc/game; 13.7 fouls conc/game), 0 x2y, 0 red, 2 sus for 5 yc Phoenix......48yc (2.09yc/game; 14.0 fouls conc/game) 0 x 2y, 0 red, 2 sus for 5 yc Melb vic.....47yc (2.04yc/game; 18.4 fouls conc/game) 1 x 2y, 2 red, 3 sus for 5 yc Mariners.....45yc (1.96yc/game; 13.3 fouls conc/game), 3 x 2y, 3 red, 3 sus for 5yc Newcastle...43yc (1.87yc/game; 14.3 fouls conc/game), 0 x 2y, 0 red, 2 sus for 5 yc Heartless... 40yc (1.74yc/game; 15.6 fouls conc/game), 2 x 2y, 4 red, 1 sus for 5 yc Smurfs........35yc (1.52yc/game; 13.0fouls conc/game) 0 x 2y, 1 red, 2 sus for 5 y players in danger of suspension for 8 yellows isaias, Manny Muscat, Rhy Williams
  11. Football Marketing/PR Thread

    Only one more week of women fumbleballers
  12. Football Media Discussion 2

    Saw a bit BBC news and the they showed the repairs to the net last night with Barbarouses using electrical tape to fix the broken net. Light-hearted but shown nonetheless
  13. The Refereeing Thread

    Fox reporting on their website that the MRP has been asked to investigate. If Sydney lose Brosque, the smurfs will be pretty thin. And Zullo looking like having a long term injury their small squad will have to rely on the Pole. Lucky he wasn't selected for Poland this window.
  14. HAL 2017/18 Round 24

    Actually he’s on 8 and served his suspension already. The only other players on 7 yellows are Isaias and Manny Muscat
  15. The Refereeing Thread

    I just looked up the National Disciplinary Regulations issued by FFA. The punishment for spitting at a match official is 12 months plus 1 Match. it is up to the Match Review Committee appointed for the game now. He’s in strife if they picked it up with the additional camera angles they get.