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  1. The problem is that unfair or not there is no other system to use. The current members need to come to a resolution of the matter as time has run out, hence the EGM. Even if the members had come to an agreed position that would need to be ratified at an EGM this month to meet FIFA's deadline. Blaming the FFA for bullying without blaming the clubs/PFA for holding the code to ransom using the threat of FIFA intervention to get their way is simply biased. When it comes down to it the difference between the two models is that with the 9-5-1-1 model the clubs are 1 vote closer to vetoing the election of a director and 1 vote closer to carrying a vote by simple majority. In both models they can veto changes to the constitution. Are they all really arguing about this? Well yes they are because the clubs/PFA see the possibility that with the extra vote they can entice NSW and Vic to form an alliance with them to effectively control football with elite football being paramount to the detriment of the rest of the code as it was between the 1957 split and the establishment of the new order in 2003. This isn't reflective of what FIFA is on about with its "representative democracy" and in my view the membership should be way wider to ensure that football cannot be captured by any party and all decisions can be made for the good of the code instead of self interest.
  2. They have called an EGM to vote on a proposed model. Whether that model is accepted by the 75% of members required by the Corporations Act is yet to be seen. One of the benefits of the EGM is that all members and all directors have the right to speak before the members vote. Without the EGM no change can happen leaving FIFA to act. Both sides of the dispute should realise that a normalisation committee will almost certainly result in neither the 9-4-1-1 nor the 9-5-1-1 getting up and a much wider membership structure being put to a future EGM for the 10 current members to vote on.
  3. They are calling an EGM to vote on a proposal to expand by 50% the number of members of the FFA. Only the current members have a vote on the change to the constitution.
  4. You've lost me on that one. The only people that can vote to change the constitution of the company are the current members of the company.
  5. All I will say is that you have been warned. I haven't talked to him since he was studying archeology and writing a book about Perth Glory who in his opinion invented modern football in Australia and David Hill was his champion. Enough said.
  6. I wouldn't take too much notice of Chris. He has strange opinions and interpretations.
  7. Its good to see that they have identified the ideal location for their stadium proposal. (Its the same site I identified ) Just a relatively short walk from Sutherland Station and on the main railway line. Doesn't interfere with the parks just to the east which are scarce as hen's teeth in the shire.
  8. The role of the NC is to take the place of the Board. They are responsible for the whole show. They will utilise the administration led by Gallop to do their bidding. FIFA normally want them in and out within 12 months. In that time they will have to negotiate the membership structure with all the stakeholders, get a new constitution written and approved, issue instructions to the State Federations if their constitutions have to be altered to comply with the new FFA constitution, arrange and hold elections for the new Board. They won't be doing a lot of the restructuring of football that some people want, that will in the main be left to the new Board. Their power to do their task will be limited by the current constitution and the Corporations Act.
  9. Thats so they can get them out of the way of the imminent flood.
  10. Football Marketing/PR Thread

    They made an operating loss last season ($2m), they have committed to extra this season for the W-League players and a 10% rise for the Matildas ($1m), they have committed to an extra $950k to each club ($9.5m) and they got a cash revenue rise from the broadcast rights for this season of $7.5m. By my reckoning that puts them down by $3m, possibly $5m, which is what they have clawed back from internal savings. Where are the funds for A-League marketing? All things being equal they should have the same amount as last season and the distribution to the clubs included $200k per club if the clubs spent it on marketing.
  11. Just imagine the furore if they picked one D(ickhead) Hill.
  12. I just read in it that pyro is allowed between 10:00am and 10:30pm.
  13. Tomi has a knock and Mooy has an illness.
  14. I don't care what our marquee does if he continues to score a goal a game.
  15. Football under the normalisation committee in Argentina has had its problems. Its not an instant fix. http://www.insideworldfootball.com/2017/03/02/argentinian-chaos-tale-corruption-fifa-presidential-intrigue/