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  1. Will a new board be voted in or will those board members whose time is up be replaced or re-elected?
  2. Football Media Discussion 2

    FFA own the IP assets of all the A-League franchises.
  3. I'd love it if we lead into the second half and the pitch gets unplayable due to torrential rain and the game has to be called off. 3 points for us. I'm loving the thought of Arnold spewing. One can dream.
  4. It appeared on the TV that he tried to hit Riera on the head but the pass didn't connect. It probably would have been better if he just took the shot.
  5. By a rough count there are 30 rows of seats in the top tier.
  6. As I said Abrams job was restricted to U16. Ange was looking after the technical side above that age group. Casserley's role is administrative and if you look at his CV he has negligible experience with coaching. Neither individually nor collectively should they ever be given the role of selecting the national coach which is what Slater was saying. In past appointments we have used Houllier and Berger to supplement local expertise and a similar process has been followed this time.
  7. Slater was the clueless one. Fancy thinking that a bloke hired to be Technical Director for our U16 and younger player development should join with Casserley, Head of national teams performance which is basically an administrative position covering all national teams, to select the national coach.
  8. A-League TV Ratings.

    Comparing ratings after 14 rounds with last season:- Victory 75k this season – 88k last season – down 14.8% Wanderers 70k this season – 84k last season – down 16.7% City 69k this season – 84k last season – down 17.9% Sydney 67k this season – 83k last season – down 19.3% Brisbane 65k this season – 82k last season – down 20.5% Adelaide 63k this season – 74k last season – down 14.9% Perth 54k this season – 64k last season – down 15.6% Newcastle 52k this season – 59k last season – down 11.9% Central Coast 51k this season – 61k last season – down 16.4% Wellington 44k this season – 54k last season – down 18.5% Total 61k this season – 73k last season – down 16.4%
  9. Melling has gone to Mariners.
  10. It adds up to a lot of contra over the years. Its been greater than $1.25m pa since 2008 and has crept up to $2.5m pa since then.
  11. What were they paying $2.5m pa for then?
  12. They have decided to concentrate on supporting women's football. This frees up one of the FFA's "products" to other sponsors and help grow their income.
  13. A-League TV Ratings.

    After 11 rounds the average STV rating this season is 66k. Last season it was 76k and the season before it was 60k.
  14. This isn't the Olympic qualifying tournament. That will be the 2020 version. This is the AFC U23 Championship.