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  1. HAL 2017/18 Round 7

    Jets missing Vargas and O'Donovan... they would have won this game at the very least if they had those 2 playing
  2. R21 - Smurfs - Sun 25 Feb - SFS

    Look, Sunday night in the inner city and to pay $50 to watch this game? on a work and school night? I don't think so. Sydney derby I know, crazy atmosphere yes! But I feel that I won't have that motivation to watch this game on Sunday night as I would on a Saturday night and I can't justify to pay $50 to watch this game. Hate to say this but I am out
  3. **** shittyrail cant get anything right, you in the ground yet?
  4. The way how I see this game played out... This would be quite an open game... Honduras won't be doing a Syria where they defend deep and play long balls to the big man. Honduras are going try and rely on their quickness and get into open space on the flanks by putting balls behind our defence. Socceroos, it's predictable... try get Leckie or Kruse on the ball down the flanks early and hope for the best.
  5. R21 - Smurfs - Sun 25 Feb - SFS

    The ticket prices are ridiculous and so is the scheduling of this game!.
  6. Our lack of development in strikers is concerning, I cannot remember if we ever had a proper striker who can just put those chances that Juric had today away?
  7. Good to see Green not being a hometown ref tonight. Victory's grubby tactics is working against them.
  8. Well thats a big call by Green sending off Austin.. This is our game to win now
  9. Hometown ref... watch him give most of the calls to the vics.
  10. Excellent appointment. Definitely someone we need who cam bring the juniors through our system. Now i just have to wait for his "your son is a **** goalkeeper" comment to a journo
  11. How can Foxe be proud of that performance? We don't look well prepared, players don't look match fit, once we take the lead we are cruise control mode and foxes tactical decisions are just baffling. Its like watching Roy Hodgson coaching Liverpool again. Granted we are still unbeaten but we have dropped 6 easy points.
  12. poor substitution decisions by foxe When Herd was injured, instead of Aspro should have brought on Santa, you can see Santa was seething on the bench Shitirio for Cejudo, instead of bringing him on, should have brought on Santa. Foxe's substitutions are costing him. We are fast starters then we go into cruise control mode. This is not good enough.