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  1. That was a great podcast to listen to. Listening to Greg O'Rourke, I am not sure if half the things he says are complete BS for example, him talking about the reasons for heavy police presence. Good to hear Simon Hill talking about his experience of Football culture of the 1980s in the UK
  2. Why does Tony Rallis on SST call Gombau the Catalan bus driver?
  3. Was that before Popa left?
  4. Glad I didn't watch this game live, I was too vested in the F1 race watching Dan Ricciardo do something that we can't and that's stealing a win. Caught the 2nd half after the race and the first thing I see is Baby Bacchus lashing on that Adelaide player and getting a red card from the VAR. Seriously WTF is wring with him? You can obviously do that playing for Sydney FC but not for us or any other team. A lot was at stake today and that was just unnecessary to do. I also saw that Riera missed the pelanty in the first half which we would have taken a 3-2 lead going in at half time. And KGJ, seriously, how the **** is he reffing at the top level? He is by far the worst ref in the A-League.
  5. SBW

    The Refereeing Thread

    Think FIFA were trialling an 'Orange card' or something like that as a form of Sin Bin in Italy.
  6. **** THE NRL! They have had over $100m in grant from both State and federal to redevelop their shitholes to appease their fans. NRL threatening to ditch ANZ is an empty threat, it wont happen even if ANZ does not get knock down. NRL would lose too much money if they move the game to Brisbane.
  7. SBW

    WSW Merchandise 2017/18

    This maybe non-WSW related however, Classic Sportswear has a huge investment behind them and they have secured the ICC (International Cricket Council) as apparel partners (similar to FIFA's partnership with Adidas), they've got Penrith Panthers, they have recently signed with the Bulldogs and what is described by former WSW board member, Anter Isaac as the biggest sporting apparel deal in Australia, they already have a partnership with the FFA to make A-League merchandise like our non Nike merch, and now they are targeting A-League clubs as part of their campaign. The 2 clubs they are targetting are Newcastle Jets and Brisbane Roar but apparently Brisbane Roar looks like its a done deal for next season so expect the Roar to be wearing Classic Sportswear next season
  8. SBW

    Wanderers Ban Active Support

    I am not sure how Twitter algorithm works, I don't follow this person but their post showed up in my feed with a few retweets of this. If I see it again, I'll post the link up. But in saying that, its not really a coincidence that this is happening against the RBB? If that's what the club wants and as banana is suggesting that they are getting 0 support from the club then I can hazard a guess that the club wants the RBB to go the way of the NT?
  9. SBW

    Wanderers Ban Active Support

    Someone posted this on Twitter
  10. SBW

    Kwabena Appiah

    His stepovers are quite hokey
  11. SBW

    Stop, Hamill Time!

    A game of 2 halves, first was very dull, game sort of woken up with 2 goals towards the end of the 1st half but there was only 1 shot at goal for 38 minutes. 2nd half we looked more lively, taking our chances a lot more, it's not often you see one of our players score 2 goals a game let alone Hamil! Seriously, NRL fans need their heads bashed in for going to watch the wrong sport! A few of the guys from RBB and WST were pretty close to beating a few them up at Lidcombe station.
  12. I'm kind of wary about about the nux this time after their coach has now left
  13. SBW

    Australian National Discussion V3

    He has a horrible record on international level for both national and club. The ACL should have been the defining moment of Arnie's coaching credibility and in 2 of 3 games he's been exposed. It's a shame no one in the media is asking questions about his record against Asian oppositions
  14. SBW

    Sydney FC: Season 2017/18

    So much irony from Alex Brosque "There were a lot of contentious calls, there will be a different referee in the grand final so what happened tonight won’t happen again," Brosque said. "I don’t think we can take too much from it even if we do meet again because it was a game played in very strange situations." "The thing is I’m not blaming the VAR because it’s not an obvious error because there was a minor hand on him but clearly, everyone has seen he slipped. The referee didn’t, he was the only one in the stadium," Brosque said.
  15. Nah he would have... That's what infuriates me most about yesterday... If a world class player was in the same situation as Shitirio was... They would have kept going and score the goal.... Shitirio tried to find the easy way out by sending Reddy off....