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  1. They're basically right... you can't just put a 2nd division just for the sake of it. They have to look at how are they going to structure the comp how to model the league... how's promo and relegation going to work for both A-League and the 2nd division... If 2nd division is not a viable option... Should the A-League continue with the expansion with a franchise system and have a 2nd tier comp like they have with US soccer with MLS and the NASL?
  2. Needs to be a proper professional 2nd division. Funds was going to be the big issue of course... so is travel... its not cheap flying to Townsville or even Perth
  3. So my post wasnt exactly far off... a little bit similar just a few different things
  4. Mariners looking strong for next season.... Okon has assembled a decet squad so far
  5. The AFL don't really care about this... they can constantly get around 60-80k at the MCG and tend to sell out the Etihad Stadium.
  6. I thought the game for a pre-season was ok. Pros: - Cornthwaite, Melling giving not **** to Granit, Clisby, Roly, Risdon, Vedran. - Majok looked alright when he got into space, just needs better control of the ball - Riera has some good tekkers on him, knows how to place a shot, shame that he didn't do better when he had the chance but he's looking promising. - Vedran GKing was pretty good. Did well to command the box. - I thought we played well in patches. we got the ball moving forward a lot more quicker than last season - RBB in fine voice tonight! Cons: - Hamil - ANZ Stadium - Sydney Olympic Park - Eurosnobs - Paper planes - the **** mexican wave!!! - Where was Aspro?
  7. I sometimes question the executive decisions by our Club management as their decision making is at times completely unprofessional. This letter to the members regarding RBB was poorly timed a few days out to the game, they surely could have sent the letter before the membership renewals or after the game against Arsenal but I reckon they fear that some flog will go into the RBB and rip a flare in there on Saturday night. RBB leaders have stated before that anyone that sneaks a flare into the RBB can do so at their own risk, the leaders nor other members RBB should be held accountable or responsible that some kid managed to sneak one in past the seccos and the cops and rips one into the active bay. We go through enough **** already just to get to get into the ground with stadium staff and seccos. Just reading that letter, it seems that the club wants to have more control of the RBB by instilling leaders of their choice. Why? Is it because the current RBB leaders could not come to terms of what the club is requesting from them? Or is it coming from the FFA to the club and do what MV did with the NT? I can see that current members of the RBB would be doing either a sit down silent protest or boycott the games. The only Wanderers fans who would be delighted about this decision by the club will be the WST.
  8. I suspect that our home jersey would look something like this
  9. BTW, I can't find the Mariners thread but I see they signed some good players for next season, this Dutch player and Danny de Silva. Okon is putting in a good team.
  10. Well at least his penalty attempt is a lot better and simpler than Pio's.
  11. Channel 10 officially gone into administration
  12. The club spelt Borda wrong
  13. Signs aren't looking too good for 10, they got til December to pay back the debt
  14. So we are going to New Balance for next season? That would be a massive downgrade from Nike.
  15. He's a very good signing... he would do well for them