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WestSydneyFootball.Com Contribution

This is a general site donation for those who wish to donate less than the Site Support Package, or those that have a Site Support Package already but wish to donate further.

Click Add To Cart and then choose your donation amount.

Thank you for you contribution.

$25.00 Every 12 months

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12 Month Website Support Package (S3)

This is a 12 Month Site Supporter Pack. You will be shown as someone who has made a donation to the rest of the users with the associated benefits.

The Support Package will last 12 months.

This will also upgrade your account to "Donator" which entitles you to several features that are listed here.

At the request of website users there is also the option to contribute an additional amount over the regular support package cost. This has no additional benefits, but the site and our users thank you if you choose to do so.

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