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  • The Western Sydney Wanderers produced a typical Western Sydney Wanderers display tonight against the Newcastle Jets, a good first half hour including a Mitch Duke penalty was followed by a dire remainder of the game that let the Jets pickup a point when Matt Millar equalised in the 75th minute.

    The match was delayed when a gigantic rain & thunder storm flew over Sydney prior to kick-off, and once the lightning cleared away the match began under heavy rain. Jean-Paul de Marigny took charge of his first home game as Wanderers interim manager, 5 minutes in and his side had the lead. Bobby Burns was beaten all ends up by Bruce Kamau, the right wing-back blazing into the penalty area and being cut down from behind to give Mitch Duke a chance from the penalty spot.

    The Wanderers captain made no mistake, blasting his penalty straight down the middle as the Newcastle keeper dived away from the ball. Burns was lucky to avoid getting sent off shortly after, as the referee inexplicably decided to not show him a first yellow card after the penalty, and he was beaten again by Kamau shortly after to pick up what should have been his 2nd yellow card. Instead he remained on the pitch to help the Jets get back into the game.

    The Wanderers wasted a score of chances following the goal, Simon Cox should have been able to round the keeper following a defensive mistake from the Jets, but his touch was exceptionally heavy and gave Lewis Italiano just enough time to rescue the situation. Cox also made a poor decision with his run as Daniel Georgievski fired a ball across the face of goal. When a far post run would have given him a tap-in from a few yards out, he ran near post and let the defender get involved to shut down the attack. It was the last major chance for the Wanderers in the game.

    Newcastle built into the game before half-time, finding a number of open spaces on the flanks, the front line attack being unlucky that several crosses were hit coming back towards half-way and left the strikers having to leap backwards, generating no power on their headers.

    The 2nd half was abysmal for the Wanderers. Lopar saved a fierce strike from Dimi Petratos that went straight at him, Steven Ugarkovic followed up a minute later with a long range looping volley that Lopar turned onto the bar and out for a corner. 15 minutes before full-time the Jets got their reward. After mucking about with the ball in the back line, Patrick Ziegler passed it straight to a Jets player and they attacked, Matt Millar worked a 1-2 and he found a shooting opportunity. Lopar was wrong-footed as if he expected a cutback along the 6 yard box, but instead Millar shot at the near post and took advantage of the keeper being out of position.

    Newcastle pressed forward to find a late winner, while the Wanderers fell further back to defend and were lucky to get away with the 1-1 full time scoreline. It was yet another poor result, a failure of intensity and application, one that should never have occurred for a side coming off a 2 week break due to the postponement of the Sydney Derby, against the team in second last place.

    The Wanderers face Adelaide United at Parramatta on Friday February 21st, kick-off at 7:30PM. The Sydney Derby has been rescheduled for Friday February 28th.

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    • The Conservatives in the NSW govt cave in yet again to lobbying Questions raised over decision to let cotton farms harvest first rainfall in years https://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/2020/feb/17/questions-raised-decision-cotton-farms-harvest-rainfall?CMP=Share_AndroidApp_Copy_to_clipboard
    • Agree with much of this but not the Ange thing. Sure Slater probably wanted his mate Arnold as Socceroos coach, but others like Bozza for instance just wanted a winning team. Ange brought the comments - they weren’t whispers - on himself when he asked for more football discussion and then when people criticised his nonsensical approach of using 3 at the back with a Barca style passing game, even though he only had Championship players, he spat the dummy. People were critical of Babbel and Ange because their approach and results sucked. Just like they were critical of Arnie when his Sydney team came 7th, or when he was a woeful Socceroos coach first time round. And at the moment people are so-so with him. Yeah Aussie coaches get more leeway but I don’t see too many people rushing to sign Kossie or Aloisi.
    • Rubbish. He’s totally sprouting off because he was garbage and while some things he said are true most of it is just random stuff that pops into his head, which is to be expected because that looks like the way he coached. He first said there was a lack of quality. Well one of the easiest things in football is stopping teams with no quality from scoring, something he couldn’t do. Then he came out and said Aussie players are ok technically and tactically but not physically. Lol if anything it’s the opposite. I’m not saying we should shoot the messenger but in this case we should definitely shoot the messenger because he’s talking out his arse. Yeah there’s issues with Australian football but he’s hardly the best man to diagnose them. Take everything he says with a grain of salt because his ability to understand and explain things is terrible. Maybe that’s why the teacher amongst us spotted his shortcoming very early. Tony Popovic won the ******* Champions League with Haliti, Golec etc. Didn’t hear him whingeing about the state of Australian football. Outside all of that, there’s the very big difference between his PR video and what he actually thinks. For someone who “tells it like it is” his video, in hindsight, was a stinking pile of PR tripe. Finally, mate you just got the boot because you couldn’t win a game. Have some respect for yourself and the league and shut the **** up.
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