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Kashima Antlers vs Western Sydney Wanderers 25/02/2015 7:00PM

  • Opponent: Kashima Antlers
    Home Team: Kashima Antlers
    Away Team: Western Sydney Wanderers
    Sydney Kick-Off Time: 9:00PM EDT
    Round: Group Stage
    Competition: Asian Champions League
    Location: Kashima, Japan
    Stadium: Kashima Football Stadium
    Result: West Sydney Win
    Western Sydney Score: 3
    Opponent Score: 1
    Time Of Result: 90 Minutes
    Western Sydney Starting Lineup: Shannon Cole, Yusuke Tanaka, Nikolai Topor-Stanley, Antony Golec, Tomi Juric, Yojiro Takahagi, Matthew Spiranovic, Mark Bridge, Dean Bouzanis, Nick Kalmar, Kearyn Baccus
    Western Sydney Substitutions: Labinot Haliti (Shannon Cole 23), Jason Trifiro (80)
    Western Sydney Unused Substitues: Kerem Bulut, Jaushua Sotirio, Sam Gallaway, Thomas Heward-Belle, Liam Youlley
    Western Sydney Goals: Shoji Gen (Own Goal 54), Yojiro Takahagi (86), Mark Bridge (90+3)
    Western Sydney Cards: Kearyn Baccus (Yellow 3), Antony Golec (Yellow 90+2), Yusuke Tanaka (Yellow 90+3)
    Western Sydney Manager: Ian Crook
    Opponent Starting Lineup: Shoji Gen, Lucas Caio, Doi Shoma, Takasaki Hiroyuki, Yamamoto Shuto, Shibasaki Gaku, Sogahata Hitoshi, Nishi Daigo, Ueda Naomichi, Endo Yasushi, Ogasawara Mitsuo
    Opponent Substitutions: Motoyama Masashi (Endo Yasushi 65), Akasaki Shuhei (Takasak Hiroyuki 76), Nakamura Atsutaka (Doi Shoma 81)
    Opponent Unused Substitues: Sato Akihiro, Yamamura Kazuya, Hwang Seokho, Umebachi Takahide
    Opponent Goals: Doi Shoma (68)
    Opponent Cards: Ueda Naomichi (Yellow 22), Lucas Caio (Yellow 90)
    Opponent Manager: Antonio Cerezo
    Attendance: 7736
    Referee: Fahad Almirda Si
    Post Match Thread:

    Crook's Crew Kill Kashima

    Note 1: This is the first match in the Asian Champions League 2015. The Western Sydney Wanderers are the defending champions.
Kashima Antlers vs Western Sydney Wanderers 25/02/2015 7:00PM

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ive been the biggest whinger on here regarding our games, but i am happy to see the team finally kill off a game. It was scrappy in parts but we absorbed their pressure and snatched a vital result. Well done lads! I thought we did well to scramble at the end.

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Anything other than a 5nil away win and 1 red card for the opposition is failure....after all theve been saving all their energy for the acl again as proven in this aleague campaign


Pumped for the first glimpse of the Bulut


It would be nice to see him score against esfc...net the winner!


Is he officially in the a-league squad now Santa's out? It would be ******* amazing if he scored the winner against them.


Anyway I had a dream about this match, we won 2-0 in a display of free flowing total football.


Go back to bed.

I sincerely apologise kind Sir.


That was as free flowing as it could get from us. Bring it on smurfettes!

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GET IN THERE YOU FECKING BEAUTY, biggest smile I have had on my face for a while, *** it is good to be back.


Who needs the shitty A League anyway, god I love the ACL.


Very well played, and congrats to Crook also who has been given a hard time by a few on here, I think unfairly. Great game by Bridge. Happiest I have been in a long while :clapping:  :clapping:  :clapping:  :woah:


Now bring on the scum! The flight home won't seem nearly as long for the lads now.

Edited by WSWBoro
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Guest redwhiteblack


I still think that was another of the stuttering, mis-timed performances we have been seeing in the A-League...


But, a win is a faarken win, and its even better in the ACL.


See you lads at the derby.





I take it back, he was onside.
Makes the goal even sweeter!!!


I take what I said back too.

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This win will be a massive load of pressure off their backs. First win in such a long time. It will do wonders for their psyche and self esteem.

The boys will be fired up against that silly blue team from the east.



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