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Edgeworth Eagles vs Western Sydney Wanderers 30/8/2016 8:00PM

  • Opponent: Edgeworth Eagles
    Home Team: Edgeworth Eagles
    Away Team: Western Sydney Wanderers
    Sydney Kick-Off Time: 8:00PM EST
    Round: Round of 16
    Competition: FFA Cup
    Location: Broadmeadow, Newcastle
    Stadium: Magic Park
    Result: West Sydney Win
    Western Sydney Score: 5
    Opponent Score: 1
    Time Of Result: 90 Minutes
    Western Sydney Starting Lineup: Andrew Redmayne, Brendan Hamill, Nikolai Topor-Stanley, Jonathan Aspropotamitis, Scott Neville, Dimas Delgado, Mitch Nichols, Kearyn Baccus, Steven Lustica, Jumpei Kusukami, Lachlan Scott
    Western Sydney Substitutions: Bruno Pinatares (Dimas Delgado 49), Brendon Santalab (Lachlan Scott 67), Shannon Cole (Jumpei Kusukami)
    Western Sydney Unused Substitues: Jerrad Tyson, Artiz Borda
    Western Sydney Goals: Scott Neville (35, 48), Brendan Hamill (45), Brendon Santalab (83, 90)
    Western Sydney Cards: Lachlan Scott (Yellow 40), Kearyn Baccus (Yellow 61),
    Western Sydney Manager: Tony Popovic
    Opponent Starting Lineup: Jim Fogarty, Bren Abbott-Hammel, Arron McLoughlan, Ayden Brice, Josh Evans, Brody Taylor, Dylan Holz, Domenico Bizzarri, Lachlan Pasquale, Keanu Moore, Daniel McBreen
    Opponent Substitutions: Aden Gardner (Lachlan Pasquale 55), Keigo Moriaysu (Brody Talor 68), Patrick Wheeler (Dylan Holz 77)
    Opponent Unused Substitues: Joshua Low, Daniel Minors
    Opponent Goals: Daniel McBreen (59)
    Opponent Cards: Lachlan Pasquale (Yellow 5), Bren Abbott-Hammel (Yellow 56)
    Opponent Manager: Damien Zane
    Attendance: 2616
    Referee: Alan Milliner
Edgeworth Eagles vs Western Sydney Wanderers 30/8/2016 8:00PM
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Not a hope in hell Bulut starts.

Popa hasn't rushed signings into pre season in 4 years.

It isn't going to change now.


I don't disagree with you, but can only relay what could potentially occur. 


Bulut played the 2nd half against SU58 last week & scored the winner. He may be good for 20/30 mins tonight.

He's had as much game time recently as Borda & to a lesser extent Santa, who I'm informed are in the mix for game time tonight. 



Yeah - he may come off the bench. 

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McBreen is a $h1tkun7. Always was, always will be. He'll be lucky to touch the ball tonight.

needs a good Popa elbow

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Good bit of banter. If it gets more people to the game/watching it on tv, more power to him.


That final tweet from McWanderer :topshelf:


Here's another discussion I spotted today. McBreen hasn't bitten as yet


  1. The @EdgeworthFC change room looking all smick in readiness for tonight's @FFACup fixture v @wswanderersfc


    @Fishy216 @FFACup @EdgeworthFC @wswanderersfc Who is #2 the right back, never heard of him

    View Tweet activity

@Wandererstragic @FFACup @EdgeworthFC @wswanderersfc haha fair chance he'll try and get forward tonight @djmcbreen

3:14 PM - 30 Aug 2016

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Mcbreen was and is a wanker yet still gets a bit of respect from me one of those players probably got the maximum out of his limited skill

It terms of talent there isn't much but he's smarts and will power are pretty impressive traits


Can't only say that now before I wouldn't not have admitted

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It's an FFA Cup match, midweek, a two hour drive and I've already met several separate WSW fans who have driven up to the game on their own. That's a great effort.


If you didn't already know, we've got the best fans. Makes me proud.

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