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Wellington Phoenix vs Western Sydney Wanderers 17/12/2016 7:35PM

  • Opponent: Wellington Phoenix
    Home Team: Wellington Phoenix
    Away Team: Western Sydney Wanderers
    Sydney Kick-Off Time: 5:35PM EDT
    Round: 11
    Competition: A-League Regular Season
    Location: Auckland, New Zealand
    Stadium: Mt Smart Stadium
    Result: Match Drawn
    Western Sydney Score: 2
    Opponent Score: 2
    Time Of Result: 90 Minutes
    Western Sydney Starting Lineup: Jerrad Tyson, Jack Clisby, Aritz Borda, Jonathan Aspro, Scott Neville, Dimas Delgado, Mitch Nichols, Nico Martinez, Kearyn Baccus, Jaushua Sotirio, Brendon Santalab
    Western Sydney Substitutions: Bruno Pinatares (Kearyn Baccus 69), Jumpei Kusukami (Jaushua Sotirio 72), Lachlan Scott (Brendon Santalab 85)
    Western Sydney Unused Substitues: Andrew Redmayne, Brendan Hamill
    Western Sydney Goals: Brendon Santalab (19), Mitch Nichols (56)
    Western Sydney Cards: Kearyn Baccus (Yellow 10), Brendon Santalab (Yellow 69), Scott Neville (Yellow 70)
    Western Sydney Manager: Tony Popovic
    Opponent Starting Lineup: Glen Moss, Jacob Tratt, Marco Rossi, Andrew Durante, Vince Lia, Roly Bonevacia, Gui Finkler, Adam Parkhouse, Roy Krishna, Kosta Barbarouses, Hamish Watson
    Opponent Substitutions: Tom Doyle (Hamish Watson 57), Logan Rogerson (Adam Parkhouse 90)
    Opponent Unused Substitues: Lewis Italiano, Ryan Lowry, Matthew Ridenton
    Opponent Goals: Gui Finkler (61), Roy Krishna (68)
    Opponent Cards: Roly Bonevacia (Yellow 79)
    Opponent Manager: Des Buckingham
    Attendance: 5702
    Referee: Peter Green
Wellington Phoenix vs Western Sydney Wanderers 17/12/2016 7:35PM
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At least Bozza acknowledged the handball before the second goal. Cause for a while I thought I had imagined it. Not a freakin peep from those kiwi commentator muppets.


I am filthy over this game. We shot ourselves in the foot with stupid defending, passes in the box which are totally unnecessary, and some unbelievably questionable referring. :angry:

I agree with everything apart from the bit on the referee. We did it to ourselves no help needed from anybody else



Fair enough, but we're 2-1 up and they don't get called for handball, next thing, they score. We didn't give up at that point and pushed.


Absolutley agree that our errors cost us. Particularly Sotirio. I haven't been too critical of him, hoping he would grow as a player. But IMO, he cost us the game.

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Season could be gone. SOP doesn't help either. We may scrape into 5th or 6th but that's the best we can hope for. Maybe Popa is focusing on the ACL (let's hope so anyway).

We'll win a few, draw a lot and lose more than we win from here on in. In my opinion this is all down to a terrible recruitment pre-season. We had a strong team last year and we have gone for a no-frills approach this time. Even our marquee is only here because the Bubbles are paying half his wages. Let's hope we learn for next year. 

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We leak goals and don't finish. Our starting striker doesn't make the squad, we've nothing on the bench (unless we start with squaddies). Our best ball player doesn't play centrally enough. Our captain won't share set pieces even though he can't possibly be our best kick taker. Our coach is a stubborn donkey.


But I still love our team.

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We are just dumb and play dumb football.

And seriously, does the gaffa have a say in who takes the spot kicks, because Dimas should NEVER take one again. No corners. No free kicks. Nothing.

Anyone think that Nico wouldn't have nailed that?

Didn't think so.

That was the poorest penalty ever. We go 3-1 up and we do not drop 2 points.

******* embarrassing.

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