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Newcastle Jets vs Western Sydney Wanderers 29/10/2017 5:00PM

  • Opponent: Newcastle Jets
    Home Team: Newcastle Jets
    Away Team: Western Sydney Wanderers
    Sydney Kick-Off Time: 5:00PM EDT
    Round: 4
    Competition: A-League Regular Season
    Location: Broadmeadow, New South Wales
    Stadium: Newcastle Stadium
    Result: Match Drawn
    Western Sydney Score: 1
    Opponent Score: 1
    Time Of Result: 90 Minutes
    Western Sydney Starting Lineup: Vedran Janjetovic, Raul Llorente, Brendan Hamill, Robert Cornthwaite, Josh Risdon, Alvaro Cejudo, Jumpei Kusukami, Kearyn Baccus, Oriol Riera, Mark Bridge, Chris Herd
    Western Sydney Substitutions: Roly Bonevacia (Kearyn Baccus 57), Jonathan Aspro (Chris Herd 67), Jaushua Sotirio (Alvaro Cejudo 79)
    Western Sydney Unused Substitues: John Hall, Brendon Santalab
    Western Sydney Goals: Mark Bridge (16)
    Western Sydney Cards: Chris Herd (Yellow 45), Josh Risdon (Yellow 47), Jonathan Aspro (Yellow 79), Roly Bonevacia (Yellow 82)
    Western Sydney Manager: Hayden Foxe
    Opponent Starting Lineup: Jack Duncan, Ivan Vujica, Nigel Boogaard, Nikolai Topor-Stanley, Daniel Georgievski, Steven Ugarkovic, Wayne Brown, Ben Kantarovski, Dimitri Petratos, Roy O'Donovan, Andrew Nabbout
    Opponent Substitutions: Jason Hoffman (Daniel Georgievski 13), Joseph Champness (Wayne Brown 61), Mario Shabow (Steven Ugarkovic 83)
    Opponent Unused Substitues: Glen Moss, Nick Cowburn
    Opponent Goals: Dimitri Petratos (69)
    Opponent Cards: Ivan Vujica (Yellow 72), Nikolai Topor-Stanley (Yellow 85), Jason Hoffman (Yellow 90)
    Opponent Manager: Ernie Merrick
    Attendance: 11468
    Referee: Chris Beath
Newcastle Jets vs Western Sydney Wanderers 29/10/2017 5:00PM
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After that game and the Derby anyone saying we dont need a coach or we should appoint Foxe is kidding themselves, when the pressure is on he has no clue and we lose our discipline.  Some of those dumbass fouls when we are attacking would have seen popa tear someone a new one. popa may not have been tactically the best Coach but he was one, we are rudderless now.

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1 minute ago, tardotz said:

We were lucky to get a point. This needs sorting out very quickly , we cannot expect to win many games when you only paly 60 min.

60 you are being kind we turned off in the first half.


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poor substitution decisions by foxe

When Herd was injured, instead of Aspro should have brought on Santa, you can see Santa was seething on the bench

Shitirio for Cejudo, instead of bringing him on, should have brought on Santa.

Foxe's substitutions are costing him.

We are fast starters then we go into cruise control mode. This is not good enough.

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