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Sydney FC vs Western Sydney Wanderers 21/10/2017 7:50PM

  • Opponent: Sydney FC
    Home Team: Sydney FC
    Away Team: Western Sydney Wanderers
    Sydney Kick-Off Time: 7:50PM EDT
    Round: 3
    Competition: A-League Regular Season
    Location: Sydney, New South Wales
    Stadium: Sydney Football Stadium
    Result: Match Drawn
    Western Sydney Score: 2
    Opponent Score: 2
    Time Of Result: 90 Minutes
    Western Sydney Starting Lineup: Vedran Janjetovic, Raul Llorente, Brendan Hamill, Robert Cornthwaite, Josh Risdon, Alvaro Cejudo, Roly Bonevacia, Kearyn Baccus, Oriol Riera, Mark Bridge, Chris Herd
    Western Sydney Substitutions: Brendon Santalab (Oriol Riera 86), Jacob Melling (Kearyn Baccus 90+1)
    Western Sydney Unused Substitues: John Hall, Jonathan Aspro, Jumpei Kusukami
    Western Sydney Goals: Oriol Riera (3), Brendan Hamill (30)
    Western Sydney Cards: Oriol Riera (Yellow 37), Chris Herd (Yellow 62)
    Western Sydney Manager: Hayden Foxe
    Opponent Starting Lineup: Andrew Redmayne, Michael Zullo, David Carney, Alex Wilkinson, Jordy Buijs, Luke Wilkshire, Joshua Brillante, Milos Ninkovic, Brandon O'Neil, Bobo, Alex Brosque
    Opponent Substitutions: Anthony Kalik (David Carney 81), Matt Simon (Alex Brosque 86)
    Opponent Unused Substitues: Thomas Heward-Belle, Seb Ryall, Paulo Retre
    Opponent Goals: Bobo (38), Joshua Brillante (61)
    Opponent Cards: Alex Brosque (Yellow 58)
    Opponent Manager: Graham Arnold
    Attendance: 34810
    Referee: Jarred Gillett
Sydney FC vs Western Sydney Wanderers 21/10/2017 7:50PM
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13 minutes ago, Chaopescado said:
Saw this on facebook and had to share...:rofl:
Football **** Talk
2 hrs · g_kf1vXYV_O.png

Sydney FC captain Alex Brosque has revealed the inner conflict that comes with being the captain of the Smurfs, having grown up in South West Sydney. The Uruguayan-Australian said he was devastated when most of his own family stopped supporting the Sky Blues and began backing the Western Sydney Wanderers FC. “It is difficult. Sometimes I feel like a Serbian in Zagreb to be honest with you. Even when I try to fly under the radar and grab a chorizo from Greenway Plaza I get abused. When I hear the latinos in the Red and Black Bloc playing the drums while the Cove sings ‘Knick, knack, paddy whack, give a dog a bone…’ I start to question what the **** I’m doing with myself."

Hahaha. At least you've figured out that you ARE seen like a Serbian in Zagreb. Good for you.

Remember what you said prior to the derby? "We go out there, and I’ve told the boys previously in games, we hate every single one of them.”  That's how you approach the derby: like a good sport. Flying under the radar looks different. And then, when you are subbed on at ANZ, you have 40k greeting you with boos.

Yes, what are you doing with yourself?



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24 minutes ago, wswnick said:

You think the fact that it's on FTA for the first time has affected ticket sales? Quite a bit under compared to last year.

I think it's more the cost for the away fans. ESFC want as much from us as possible.

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The loss Saturday night won't matter since we're gunner beat them in the FFA and Season grand finals. You would think with FC and Adelaide on the horizon the club would have done something smart like get us a coach. 

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3 hours ago, sonar said:

I think it's more the cost for the away fans. ESFC want as much from us as possible.

Four "Wanderers Bronze" seats for the derby cost me $131.50

Five seats for Socceroos vs Honduras (Level 3, above the Socceroos Active area) cost $77.90

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From the 'A-League in Simpsons Form' fb page:


Alex Brosque: I went to El Jannah over in Western Sydney the other day.
Graham Arnold: El-what?
Brosque: El Jannah Restaurant. Yeah, I never heard of it either, but they say they have over 2,000 locations in NSW alone.
Alex Wilkinson: Hmm... Must've sprung up overnight.
Brosque: You know the funniest thing though? It's the little differences.
Arnold: Example.
Brosque: Well, at Chargrill Charlie’s you can get roast chicken with chips & salad, right? But they don't call it roast chicken with chips & salad.
Arnold: Get out. What do they call it?
Brosque: Chicken halal snack-pack with tabbouleh.
Arnold: Chicken halal snack-pack with tabbouleh? Well, I can picture the chicken but, uhhh… Do they have Chargrill Charlie’s ‘Artificially-sweetened honey-nut dessert pastries’?
Brosque: Mmhmm. They call it baklava.
Wilkinson: Huh. Baklava. You don't know what you're gettin'.



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With reportedly only 5000 tickets still available for the Derby as of yesterday afternoon, let's hope it is a 7th straight sellout. That would be great given that it is live on Fox Sports and Ten's One.

Will also be interesting to see how the ratings on Ch Ten are, given that they also screen the Bledisloe Cup live on their main channel at the same time.

Irrespective, ours is clearly the biggest and best derby in the country - way ahead of the Melb one.

It would be hard to remember a more important week (trio) of games in our history, with the Derby, the mid-week FFA Cup semi and then classic away trip to Newcastle in an eight day sequence. May well define our season, though each game needs to be focussed on in isolation. If you cannot motivate yourself to perform on these occasions, you should find another sport to play!



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From RBB FB page:

This is our time, our season!

- Pre drinks from The Commercial Hotel, Parramatta from 1pm.

- Limited merchandise will be on sale from 3pm till 4.30pm

- A Dedicated train will be departing Parramatta Station at 5.45pm, headed for Central Station (limited stops).

- The March will leave Belmore Park, adjacent to Central Station at 6.45pm.

ALL WSW fans! Its our role to be the 12th man. Active seats or not, we all play our part to get our boys over the line.

Nothing but 90 minutes.

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