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Sydney FC vs Western Sydney Wanderers 16/01/2021 5:05PM

  • Opponent: Sydney FC
    Home Team: Sydney FC
    Away Team: Western Sydney Wanderers
    Sydney Kick-Off Time: 5:05PM EDT
    Round: 4
    Competition: A-League Regular Season
    Location: Sydney Olympic Park, Sydney
    Stadium: Sydney Olympic Stadium
    Result: To Be Determined
    Time Of Result: To Be Determined
Sydney FC vs Western Sydney Wanderers 16/01/2021 5:05PM

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3 minutes ago, WHACKO said:

When  are we going to get the rub of the green though. That penalty was rubbish, where was Troisi to go. Nikovic played for the penalty and got. If it was another team against Sydney FC I bet it wouldn't be a penalty. 

When we play ESFC I doubt we ever will and I think you have to play as if the refs will give you nothing so keep fighting. The best thing was the no heads down and we score on the counter. Past three seasons we would conceded a second.

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6 minutes ago, marron said:

Tate 8)


lol at harper banging on about redmayne's safe pair of hands and how he normally never makes any mistakes.

Don't forget that he will take the gloves to the hospital tomorrow ☺️ poor kid

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Ibini looked like a drunk giraffe for the first 5 mins and then after that... hello, have we got ourselves a bit of a bargain here? Ran right over the top of a few of their defenders. And Baccus was really really good. Great noise (considering it is now forbidden to speak at a game).

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