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Wanderers Women vs Perth Glory Women 5/10/2014 3:00PM

  • Opponent: Perth Glory Women
    Home Team: Western Sydney Wanderers Women
    Away Team: Perth Glory Women
    Date: 05/10/14
    Competition: W-League Regular Season
    Location: Bossley Park, New South Wales
    Stadium: Marconi Stadium
    Result: West Sydney Loss
    West Sydney Women Score: 1
    Opponent Score: 10
    Post Game Report: The Wanderers were completely annihilated by a rampant Perth Glory.
Wanderers Women vs Perth Glory Women 5/10/2014 3:00PM

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It 1-6 now lol

petinos scored the wanderers goal.


Make that 1-7

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Yeah wow. What's the issue with the women? No depth, too much quality departed?

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Keelin Winters didn't play, I feel really bad about this match too - we need to start turning up en masse to get behind them.

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Will lose every game in the season........... :help:


Hey, it's what I expected about our A-League team in Season 1.



As long as they play with 100% effort and heart, then whatever they do is A-OK with me.

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The poor things! :(


And to think it was nil-all up to the 40th minute!! Perth then managed to score twice before half time (there was only 1 min extra time).

And yeah, then it started raining Glory goals.


Fuuuuuuck. :( Ah well.


Props to Petinos for her goal though! :)

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Yeah wow. What's the issue with the women? No depth, too much quality departed?

inexperience. yes and yes.







subs: gavin (for koulizakis), henry (for beard), pollicina (for bugden), burke


this season we lost 6 current matildas with no replacements. our best 11 has w-league or equivalent experience, but after that it's basically 17 year olds with no w-league experience.


we were missing the best 2 players this week, winters and o'neill. winters was unavailable and o'neill was suspended after getting sent off last week for a second yellow for a nasty challenge.

now when a young and inexperienced team play and are missing the 2 best players then this can happen sometimes. add in the heat today, it was hot, it was 33 degrees during the game, and the young players are just not physically fit enough at this stage of their development. they need a few more years of training to get up to the fitness level required to shine at this level. not a criticism, just a fact. and the step up from u16/u17 state/international level to w-league is quite big. they are on a huge learning curve.

from the 3 games i've seen koulizakis is doing very well, the other u17 players aren't at w-league level yet, ideally they would gain some w-league experience from the bench, but they are all going to be rotated and given experience this season i assume. this will definitely accelerate their learning.


another issue is that we are a slow team pretty much everywhere. especially at the back. only johnson, carney, petinos, beard, henry seem fast. add in the heat today and we probably become slower. so when we come up against quick teams, especially quick forwards, we are in trouble.


i think johnson is an excellent player. i thought she was our best player today, except when she got bundled off the ball too easily for one of the goals. she's got an awesome left foot. after henry came on johnson went to left wing and was causing the perth defence headaches with her runs, she made a few good runs into the box but there wasn't anyone in the right position in the box for her to cross to. but she's wasted out on the left when we keep getting carved up through the middle. she should play left CB, with cooper right CB. henry at LB. in fact johnson could play anywhere in the spine and we need her to because i'll say it again, she's wasted out on the left, far too good for w-league out on the left.


cooper is a bit slow but makes up for it with everything else - excellent positional play, nous, tackling, determination.


seaman is too slow to play anywhere in the spine. often she does good things and she has good skills but sometimes she's lazy and doesn't defend properly or makes lazy passes. she also constantly jumps out of her line towards opposition players with the ball (like la rocca and topor v adelaide city)(she either makes a bad decision to go for the ball, or she's too slow to get there, or she's then too slow to get back. or maybe all 3. basically her positional play in some situations is terrible) and gets beaten and the goal is scored right through where she should have been. she has been doing this constantly for 3 seasons, we concede many goals straight through where she should have been, this happens whether she's playing in midfield or defence. basically she's far too slow to play anywhere down the middle, especially at CB. to be brutally honest i think she is too slow for w-league, if she could really push herself and work on her fitness and pace that might change. even when you watch her during the warm ups she's lazy and cuts corners.


soutar gives 100% every time, she's tough, i've seen her get knocked out and continue playing. she's only 20 but is one of the more experienced players in the squad. but because of her lack of pace i'm not sure what her best position is for the team. but she should be playing CB ahead of seaman, but one issue is cooper is slow so really the other CB needs to be quicker which i why i suggest johnson. however if the long term plan is for soutar to be a CB then just play her there because i hope she'll be with wanderers for a long time.


considering the overall lack of possession we did actually create some good chances going forward. our attack is ok, defence is obviously a problem.


koulizakis, as i mentioned before, is playing very well and looks up to w-league level already. the rest of the kids don't yet.


bugden is very skillful, she set up the goal for petinos, i think she'll become a good player over time.


petinos is a good player, skillful with the ball, good football sense, scores goals, passing could improve to move to the next level. she's played every position down the left and right without issue and also at striker, she can basically play anywhere except CB, maybe we'd be a better team with her at LB or RB but it's probably better off she gets more experience up front as she can score goals.


carney and beard are good experienced players.


the perth gk arnold(played for wanderers last season, wish she stayed) is an excellent goalkeeper and made a couple of excellent saves denying what i thought were going to be wanderers goals.

khamis did make a few excellent saves actually, but also a couple of mistakes leading to goals.

so basically swap perth/wanderers goalkeepers today and the score might have been 6-3.


burke played gk the first 2 rounds, then khamis rounds 3+4, this may have been the plan to give both gks a chance.

from what i saw in round 1 burke is the better gk, i think we'll see burke back in goals for the next few weeks at least.


so we conceded 10 goals in the space of a half of football. you can probably blame some of that on the heat and a young team.

we conceded 5 (or was it 6? i lost count) goals from headers, including 4 of the first 5 (i think) if you can believe that.

for the first goal it was from a corner with a free header at the back post which shouldn't have happened. then 1 minute later the same player was left free in the box and scored another free header from a cross. i don't know how you can leave the same player free in the box for a free header twice in 1 minute. then i think the 3rd and 5th goals were headers too. so as well as being slow we lack ability in the air.


in summary: lost 6 matildas players from last season with no replacements; our best 11 is ok but the rest are just kids; team is slow especially at the back; poor organisation/marking in the box; poor in the air/heading; swap goalkeepers today and it would have been closer;


i thought from the start of the season we would be battling it out for 6-8th spot with newcastle and adelaide. unfortunately we only play them once each and the top 5 sides twice.


i love every player that plays for wanderers so this is not meant to be a critical post, just if people want to know why we lost 10-1 today then this is why imo.

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