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Wanderers Youth Vs Mariners Youth 23/11/2014 4:00PM

  • Home Team: Western Sydney Wanderers Youth
    Away Team: Central Coast Mariners Youth
    Date: 23/11/14
    Competition: Youth League League Regular Season
    Location: Blacktown, New South Wales
    Stadium: Blacktown International Sports Park
    Result: West Sydney Win
    West Sydney Youth Score: 2
    Opponent Score: 1
Wanderers Youth Vs Mariners Youth 23/11/2014 4:00PM

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One good thing for the fans interested in checking this one out, is that the stands are in the shade!



Feeling for the players, playing in 40 degree heat. #Straya

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any lineups/formations etc.?

Got to think we'd line up 4-2-3-1


Pick out some players from the photos



Baccus, fofannah, Lo, (was that alessi?), Golec, kuzi


I was told senior squad players included Bousanis (gk) Mullens & Perkatis both played cb's. golec (rb), Baccus holding mid and Lo (AM).



are you sure Golec at RB? i thought Adelson played there...would make more sense on the left,


something like....





--Kuzi--------------Lo (?c)-----Fofanah--

----------???? (Trajikovski??)-------------

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