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  2. Paul01

    A-league 18/19 Round 8

    Possible Wanderers line-up, ...................Vedran Risdon......Hamil....Ziggy......Elrich ............Baccus......O'Doherty Kamau.........Treejack.........Roly .....................Riera Bench Nizic, Fitzgerald, Tokich, Llorente, Sotirio Possible Smurf line-up ..................Redmanye Grant.......Wilkinson....Van der......Zullo ............Brillante......O'Neill De Jong.........De Silva.........Ninkovic ......................le Fondre
  3. luisenrique

    Copa Libertadores 2017

    Mental game. Benedetto's eyes when he scored the first goal...hahahah. The turning point for me was just before River's equaliser, Boca had a counter and Pavon went for glory instead of passing to the wide open man on the edge of the box. All cracking goals (except the last one)...Boca's keeper going up with 5 minutes left to play and basically staying in midfield! Really wanted that chance at the end to go the other side of the post because I didn't want it to end. Also loves Boca completely ignoring Infantino at the end, apart from a couple of them who seemed to be abusing him.
  4. luisenrique

    Wanderers Bounce Back Over Mariners

    Yeah but now that he's managed to score I'm pretty sure Sotirio will start. Of course the last time he scored we had to wait a couple years for the next one...
  5. Surely Kamau can do that job with Roly on the left wing.
  6. luisenrique

    Wanderers Bounce Back Over Mariners

    The one obvious weakness they have is people running with pace at or behind Van der Linden. The Sotirio derby is upon us.
  7. He can but he could be on the money this time
  8. Davo

    Copa Libertadores 2017

    He went in two footed but didn't really get him that badly. Probably a straight red but the ref gave him his second yellow instead.
  9. Davo

    2018/19 EPL & F.A Cup thread

    J Lingz and The Rash does have a ring to it.
  10. Rallis is also known to talk a lot of ****.
  11. Did she like it? I’d never been to a stand up performance live before
  12. One of my sisters went to that.
  13. Unlimited

    Copa Libertadores 2017

    Anyone know what the red was for? Haven’t found good footage - apparently he stomped?
  14. Couldn’t go to the game, but was at the Kevin Hart event next door (my girlfriend bought tickets in pre-sale ages ago) Had a bad feeling about the game but glad we got the win She and I both wore our WSW jerseys to the Hart stand up comedy event to show we were there in spirit (and 600m away physically), which funnily drew a confused comment from a security guard when we were lining up
  15. Yep. But it's now official. I listened to Rallis on SST. He said the Gallop w a s basically backstabbing Chris Nikou. What was said was that the FFA will not go ahead with expansion next year and the two bidders asked to continue are Southwest Sydney and Western Melbourne Group to start in the season after next. Gallop got Delloite's to piss off the Chinese backers of Southern Expansion after Lowy and Gallop promised them a franchise last year. The (lowest) common denominator is Gallop. #Gallop_Out_Now
  16. Yeah but it'd be fun seeing the internal struggle of the greenies as they try to decide whether they're happy there are solar panels or furious that the panels make stadium is taller than the trees.
  17. Probably should have solar panels but then it might make the structure taller than some trees at Parra Park or some ****
  18. Burztur

    Why can't we score?

    We should go for quantity not quality. More shots on goal. Three times more in fact
  19. And just got notice that FFA are increasing their fee per player to $14 per junior and $33 for adults. Pretty steep increase probably to keep Gallop in the lifestyle he has become accustomed to at our expense.
  20. Edinburgh

    WSW Merchandise 2017/18

    I'm sure Craig would by a set. And you ......!
  21. wendybr

    Why can't we score?

    A lack of self belief?? Or not necessarily?
  22. Edinburgh

    Why can't we score?

    Because he couldn't "score" either - but now!?
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