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  2. I wonder if Victory reduce $10 from Paramount subscriptions and add it in to their membership costs?
  3. Not taken that way. Pissed off today, it's just so standard that we are the last to know and so little thought given to what is actually being asked. But it wlll be fine.
  4. He's copped some colourful replies on twitter.....none in support from what I can see !!
  5. Surely if Australia/USA is such a great free open society any "evil Chinese communist infiltrator" will just defect after they arrive here and see how wonderful our countries are?
  6. Don't take this in a dismissive way.. But good luck! I feel you and your fellow teachers are going to need some!
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  8. You'd think that this would be his 'Jump The Shark' moment, but considering how other pollies/Nationals conduct themselves there will probably be zero consequences.
  9. Eh, okay. I had mine booked in for up here, I can get it down the mountain I guess, looks like I'll be booking that in now...
  10. Yep, you'd think most Year 12s will be coming back for Trials, not "face to face teaching" that for whatever reason they have decided is more important now than, I don't know what. I can't get booked in for my vaccination before then. I presume they won't be able to vaccinate every single Year 12 kid in locked down LGAs in two weeks (and let's face it that is going to expand). So.... what a cluster **** that will be. I'll be patient zero for the upper mountains, pretty good chance, I reckon.
  11. What new (if any) developments are happening for us though,? What rumoured players to come to us?????? Anyone?
  12. Croatian goalkeeper Ivan Kelava is set to be announced by Victory very soon I believe. https://www.transfermarkt.com/ivan-kelava/profil/spieler/44227
  13. Could go OK in the track cycling.. The Brits trying to payback the the Italians for the Euros....?
  14. Just past UK temporarily. Next week won't see us with too many medals with the swimming over.
  15. Bit of an OK day for Aus so far....2 gold and bronze in the rowing and another gold in the pool.
  16. Yep...ours were rescheduled to Weeks 5-6. I would've thought if/when Yr 12s return in 2 weeks, it would be for Trials...where schools are able to accommodate them, with most students at school.
  17. I would not know where MAN U finished in the pommie league and if I was a glory hunter I certainly would not be supporting Wanderers and I have maintained my membership through the last 11 years , not like some on here and the glory hunters would be supporting Sydney FC and people who like cows would have moved on to MacArthur so 🖕
  18. If those now 9 LGAs cant work in construction, that's pretty most of the workforce anyway for that industry. This will create problems for sure. Agree on the $600 not being enough, but I doubt even the old $750 is enough either. Given most are on minimum $2,000 a week. (more likely 2,500-3,000) The big problem is the asymptomatic cases and there are so many of them with Delta, so it's becoming close to impossible to control now.
  19. The Feds need to establish JobKeeper again and pay those that are meant to stay home more than $600/week. Some people couldn't survive on that. I'm also sceptical about them potentially opening up construction again (in non hotspots) as that was a big transmission pathway before it was stopped. Does that mean you can only get supplies from your LGA/non affected areas? That isn't sustainable. This hodgepodge of some things allowed in some LGAs won't work and will lead to further confusion. Unfortunately the cat is out of the bag and they're already on the wrong side of the outbreak. It's n
  20. I agree that they left it too late, as soon as they had the Bondi Westfields including the carpark transmission with the fleeting contacts, we should of went into lockdown. But right now I can't see any other restrictions that would make any difference. And BTW calling it a national crisis was a pure political play to get more vaccines, nothing more or less.
  21. 1) There is minimal accountability in politics nowadays. Happens at both State and Federal levels (arguably even local unless there are corruption commissions established i.e. Wollongong Council or Salim Mehajer). 2) You have a mostly compliant media who will sing their praises providing they enact policies that the media agree with. Rest assured if the media turned against any of these leaders, the pressure on them would inevitably be insurmountable. See the difference in lockdown coverage over the last 16 months between NSW and Victoria.
  22. Sydney. If this is a national crisis, as Gladys says, then it needs to be treated as such. Dan Andrews is right, Delta needs to be contained as much as possible, it must not be allowed to spread beyond the current hotspot (= all of Sydney). What we have "now" we should have had June 18th, and the hole thing would have been over for us here in Sydney two weeks later, and would not have started for the others in the first place. Instead, we got the most avoidable lockdown of them all which promises to linger into October.
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