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  3. It was a good game, thought both teams defended pretty well, our girls haven't gelled well yet but they will come good eventually. Abby Smith with a Lopar like performance, she was immense with some brilliant saves. That Free Kick at injury time, that defending was park football stuff, I was so surprised that we scored from it and good on cross for scoring it. If next week's game was a family friendly day like Saturday or Sunday, I would have went, not many people can easily come to 5pm game on a Friday. W-League schedules need to be better
  4. I wish more people would come and watch our W League team. They deserve a bigger crowd.
  5. Yea sorry 23 absoolute star, fast, incredible first touch, that goal she scored she layed off the pass to the winger and forced her into that spot before getting her head to the cross, she was awesome.
  6. CCM ins and outs and outs Ins: 14.Abraham MAJOK (Promoted), 23.Mario SHABOW (Promoted), 25.John ROBERTS (Return from International Duty), 27.Lewis MILLER (Promoted), 30.Dylan RUIZ-DIAZ (Return from International Duty) Outs: 8.Michael MCGLINCHEY (International Duty), 15.Kye ROWLES (International Duty), 11.Daniel De Silva (International Duty) Adelaide ins and Out Ins: 14.George BLACKWOOD (returns from injury), 18.Lachlan BROOK (returns from international duty), 23.Jordan ELSEY (returns from injury), 27.Louis D’ARRIGO (returns from international duty), 37.Jai KING (promoted) Outs: 35.Al Hassan TOURE (international duty) Unavailable: 1.Daniel MARGUŠ (international duty), 31.Mirko BOLAND (knee) Tarneit o35s ins and outs Ins: 15.Jonathan ASPROPOTAMITIS (promoted), 17.Joshua CAVALLO (promoted), 18.Besart BERISHA (promoted) Outs: 19. Josh RISDON (International Duty) Unavailable: 7. Valentino YUEL (ankle – 2 weeks), 20. James DELIANOV (GK) (knee – season) Jets ins and outs Ins: 4.Nigel BOOGAARD (return from injury), 25.Jack SIMMONS (promoted) Outs: 2.Bobby BURNS (international duty), 9.Abdiel ARROYO (international duty), 23.Matt RIDENTON (international duty) Unavailable: 8.Wes HOOLAHAN (ankle – indefinite), 14.Kaine SHEPPARD (foot – indefinite) Brisbane ins and outs Ins: 14.George MELLS (promoted), 15.Aaron REARDON (promoted), 29.Jordan COURTNEY-PERKINS (returns from international duty) Outs: 24.Connor O’TOOLE (international duty) Unavailable: 19.Jack HINGERT (knee) Heartless ins and outs Ins: 9.Jamie Maclaren (returns from injury), 35.Raphael BORGES RODRIGUES (promoted), 36.Kerrin STOKES (promoted), 39.Idrus ABDULAHI (promoted), 46.Joe Gauci (promoted) Outs: 1.Tom GLOVER (international duty), 21.Ramy NAJJARINE (International duty), 34.Connor METCALFE (international duty) Unavailable: 10.Florin BERENGUER (hamstring), 40.Richard WINDBICHLER (hamstring)
  7. WooHoo! We won!! For the first time ever in Jordan! Arnie didn't fail!!
  8. Totally fell asleep, how did they play? And how was Mary Fowler, live up to the hype?
  9. Whatever is going on looks positive. The German & Swiss players appear to have settled well, which can only be good for their football.
  10. From what I can ascertain, the W-league team has won its first Round 1 game ever and that means they are 22% of the way to the equaling their maximum points in one season. Attendance was 787 at Marconi. Next round they play the Jets in the double-header when the Mens team play Heartle$$/Melchester on Friday 22 Nov 5pm kickoff.
  11. Do you mean 23? If yes that is one of the Americans Kirsten Hamilton from North Carolina Courage. She was in the NASL Championship winning team last season.
  12. Went along with the misso on a schoolnight adventure and not disappointed, had a good pizza, had a decent win on the maori laptops and then watched a cracker of a game, both teams going at it, with a last minute winner our way, doesnt get much better than that. That number 32 for us had an absolute cracker of a game.
  13. Not a bad game to watch...end to end at times. Both teams had a crack. The score could of been 3-3 or 4-4 with all the missed or blocked shots. First ever 1st round win for the club. Well done ladies.
  14. Woohoo! Left it late but good win.
  15. 2-1 Cooney-Cross straight through from a long free kick.
  16. Yes - I like seeing them throw off the straightjacket that their education system back home seems to have been, and encouraging them to be a little playful. I usually have one student per class I call our "Chinese larrikin" (after delivering them an explanation of what a "larrikin" is, of course).
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