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  2. I've been looking at the same site as well. A stat not mentioned in the news coverage is the cases per 1m of population. Seeing high numbers for some countries not usually mentioned has me wondering how their medical services will cope. Switzerland is an example. They have been consistently above Italy and Spain until Spain's situation escalated even more in the past couple of days. There is also a few small countries with much smaller case numbers but even higher ratios per 1m of double or triple Switzerland's that must be under stress. Another stat that is getting progressively worse is the death rate compared to resolved cases (dead or recovered). It is now 20%, up from 12% less than(?) 2 weeks ago. France has had a really bad day with 1355 deaths, the biggest single day toll anywhere since it all started. 884 of them in nursing homes. My wife visits her Dad in a nursing home twice a week (I've stopped going to minimise the risks both ways). Last visit was yesterday. The staff have told her that she can still visit under the allowed exceptions. But she is questioning whether she should. That stat from France gives more food for thought.
  3. considering scott morrison is a wannabe dictator i very much doubt they will but who knows if he will still be our pm by the time this is over
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  5. It’s not about civil liberties being taken away for me because now is the time we need to do whatever is necessary. My concern is that once a government has taken these liberties away do they ever give them ALL back?
  6. interesting video but not sure if it belongs in here of the off topic topic but needless to say isolation can **** with your mind i remember studying the effects of solitary confinement on prisons and it can create mental disorders where none exists even in the most hardened criminals or make existing disorders worse
  7. I am starting to be annoyed at the growing concern about civil liberties. In my view this is a time when civic duty overrides civil liberties. Maybe I need to acknowledge my bias due to my age being in the 70-79 range and having 2 of the major underlying health issues that between the 3 take me into one of the highest risk categories. The only time I go out at the moment is for Drs visits (and I had to have a few urgent extractions this week) and it is a bit sobering to think that just by being away from home I am putting myself at risk ( even if it is slight).
  8. I have taken the data on the worldometer website and put it into my own spreadsheet and I update it every day so I can compare how we are going relative to the other countries and from the chart I get an idea of where we might be going. The comparison is a bit misleading because testing regimes are not uniform. https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/
  9. Did you work this out or is their a specific link or page its on..
  10. On that basic we have performed quite well.... but is it the hot weather will winter and the cold have any effect.
  11. Yes - I just read... Germany... has been doing widespread testing of suspects with symptoms and contact tracing in the WHO-recommended fashion from the beginning.
  12. Germany has more ICU beds and a better hospital system in general. They also took the threat more seriously and acted quicker. I'm sure there are other factors too. Both countries have aging populations.
  13. Any ideas on that? Lax initial attitudes? An older population?
  14. It's amazing the amount of medical research/information that is being done at present ..... https://fortune.com/2020/04/02/coronavirus-vaccine-tb-deaths/
  15. This may explain a few things....... https://www.macrobusiness.com.au/2020/04/did-scummo-order-ruby-princess-docking/
  16. Decided to move these here, not for any other reason that it is so easy for this to get lost in the pandemic thread with all the new cases, deaths soaring worldwide wide & just the general craziness of things changing every day.
  17. Most companies use tax minimisation.of some sort but there are companies with an effective zero tax rate who whinge when infrastructure/services are not in place. You can't have it both ways. How many corporations who pay no tax have their hands out for govt assistant at the moment.? Privatise the profits and socialise the losses. I do agree about govts and lax laws.
  18. The no growth in weeks is what we are all aiming for. They and South Korea are following the same pattern and that is what is expected when you follow the go soon go hard strategy. You don't eradicate the virus but you bring it under control.
  19. That's not really fair If the government writes crappy tax legislation that allows companies to deduct all sorts of things, is it really a company's fault for using it? Like this recent thing on the ABC where you can get ~$2,500 tax free. All you have to do is salary sacrifice $10k into super, then tell the ATO your job has been coronavirus affected, and then you can withdraw the $10k out again. You would only pay the 15% super tax rate. Do that once next month and because no one really gave much thought to it when writing the legislation, guess what? You can do the same thing again on July 1!
  20. go woke get woke honestly not a fan of famous people trying to get woke points, sometimes they are done well but usually not, looking at you taylor swift with your head so far up your own arse you have to make an anti homophobic song mostly about you
  21. I've been looking at the sats to see how different countries are going with this pandemic. I've listed the ones with detailed data on worldometers website starting from the country that reach the 100 cases first. I've left China out because their states are considered to be dubious.. 20 February - South Korea passed 100 cases and 22 days later they had 7,979 cases. 23 February - Italy passed 100 cases and 22 days later they had 27,980 cases. 26 February - Iran passed 100 cases and 22 days later they had 18,407 cases. 29 February - France passed 100 cases and 22 days later they had 16,018 cases. 1 March - Germany passed 100 cases and 22 days later they had 29,056 cases. 2 March - USA passed 100 cases and 22 days later they had 54,856 cases. 2 March - Spain passed 100 cases and 22 days later they had 42,058 cases. 5 March - UK passed 100 cases and 22 days later they had 14,543 cases. 5 March - Switzerland passed 100 cases and 22 days later they had 12,928 cases. 5 March - Norway passed 100 cases and 22 days later they had 3,771 cases. 5 March - Sweden passed 100 cases and 22 days later they had 3,069 cases. 6 March - Belgium passed 100 cases and 22 days later they had 9,134 cases. 6 March Netherlands passed 100 cases and 22 days later they had 9,762 cases. 8 March - Austria passed 100 cases and 22 days later they had 9,618 cases. 8 March - Malaysia passed 100 cases and 22 days later they had 2,626 cases. 9 March - Denmark passed 100 cases and 22 days later they had 2,860 cases. 10 March - Australia passed 100 cases and 22 days later we have 5,048 cases. 11 March - Canada passed 100 cases and 21 days later they have reached 9,731 cases. 11 March - Israel passed 100 cases and 21 days later they have reached 6,092 cases. 13 March - Portugal passed 100 cases and 19 days later they have reached 8,251 cases. 13 March - Brazil passed 100 cases and 19 days later they have reached 6,880 cases. 13 March - Ireland passed 100 cases and 19 days later they have 3,477 cases. 14 March - Poland passed 100 cases and 18 days later they have 2,554 cases. 14 March - Phillipines passed 100 cases 18 days later they have 2,311 cases. 14 March - India passed 100 cases and 18 days later they have reached 1,988 cases. 17 March - Turkey passed 100 cases and 15 days later they have reached 15,769 cases. 23 March - NewZealand passed 100 cases and 10 days later they have reached 797 cases. Of the 27 countries 16 reached 100 cases before Australia and only 4 had less cases than Australia at the +22 day mark, Malaysia Denmark, Sweden and Norway. Of the 10 countries that reached 100 cases after us 5 already have more cases than us. The other 4 look like they will have less cases than us when they get to the 22 day mark we are on now and India may also be in that category if the 601 cases in the last day is an anomaly. Right at the moment the "best" performing country out of the 27 for low cases are India, Phillipines, and New Zealand although New Zealand isn't performing too well on the cases per 1m population stat. Interestingly Germany has more cases at the +22 day mark than Italy but only one tenth of the deaths.
  22. It’s really important that we try to maintain our normal & regular patterns in these times. This includes maintaining our sleeping patterns, eating regularly & looking after ourselves. It’s really easy to let these go out the window when you’ve got no job to wake up for or no real purpose day to day being forced in our homes. This is all easier said than done, when we are depressed we get stuck. Motivation to get moving is hard, which just makes things real difficult & before you know it you get stuck in a vicious circle where the less you do leads you to unravel and the harder it becomes to break it. It’s really important that you include exercise in this too if it isn’t already in your regular routine. It’s also vital for your friend who is struggling too, exercise is really important for your mental health. Remember exercise doesn’t have to be a complicated workout, HIIT or a marathon, sometimes it can just be simple. Like a walk around the block or a walk to coffee or bread shop to pick up something. Start small, work your way up. I saw this on the ABC, hope it may be of some help. https://mobile.abc.net.au/news/2020-04-02/resilience-strategies-to-deal-with-coronavirus/12111594?pfmredir=sm - Wellbeing and resilience experts share strategies to cope during coronavirus pandemic Just know Burger, you are not alone. Always feel free to reach out if you ever feel you need it
  23. What I don’t trust is the China death figures, they’ve already refused to include people who are asymptomatic but are positive for Covid19. You’ve really got to wonder with what we are seeing with infection & deaths world wide that they have under reported. Whether the numbers were true or not, we do know that they have effectively stopped community transmission including entire city lockdowns (welding front doors shut) & hacking private data to track covid patients. Although there numbers are low, why aren’t they growing now? Essentially they eliminated community transmission but once Europe & the rest of the world started shutting, they are now seeing an increase in imported cases from overseas, still trickling in. Lots of information & articles stating they are all freaking out about worrying a second wave. Can we trust numbers? No, but we can trust they were able to almost eradicate it within the country. The problem they are facing now, is something that we all will face once we have hit our peaks.
  24. Prob would say he needs to drink lots and lots of water to do that...
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