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  2. Thanks Ed. On the NPL and NYL coverage, there are stories. However, the matches are not in the fixture list with line-up, cards and goals like A-league and W-League. I was unaware of the politics of Women's Football in NSW. The Women's NPL competition consists of 2 tiers with 12 teams each with CC Mariners and Newcastle Jets. The age groups are u14, u15s, u17s, reserves and women's. It wouldn't be possible to replicate the boys academy in full but surely with 2 A-league teams with girls in their academies, the Club should make another approach to Football NSW and apply to be in NSW NPL2 women's with the possibility of a bye or an additional team added by invitation/application. This would also assist in getting more facilities for women across NSW.
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  4. The Smurfs play the Mariners this week. Corica will make Baumjohann play some extra minutes in my opinion. I'll lock in 77th minute for this week.
  5. Good question. My interpretation is not a penalty as the player is still a defender in that situation. When/Where a player changes from defender to attacker is .... ? I'm no expert on this. Again my understanding, the attacker handball will always be called (eventually) if a goal ensues. In the Muller situation it was called before there was even a shot, so ....? I believe we should have been awarded a free kick for an earlier foul on Muller instead of being penalised for handball, but that's another story .....
  6. Different rules for attackers and defenders is crazy. What if the defence wins the ball back, tries to play out from the back, one of their players falls and the ball hits his arm? They have possession so technically they're the attackers, even in their own box. Is that a penalty?
  7. Differennt rules for defenders and attackers. Defender touches ball when arm in that position, no penalty. Attacker touches ball same way, or any way leading to a goal, handball.
  8. Brilliant we give Meirer 6 minutes in Auckland temperature, he’ll problem start in 40C
  9. I’d like to win just to stop hearing all the doomsday talk...
  10. Perth 3-1 Our German imports to melt under 40C temps....... http://www.bom.gov.au/wa/forecasts/perth.shtml #surprisedifwewin
  11. Perth Glory vs Western Sydney Wanderers VS Date: 14/12/19 Sydney Kick-Off Time: 9:45PM EDT Round: 10 Competition: A-League Regular Season Location: Perth, Western Australia Stadium: HBF Park View full record
  12. Perth Glory vs Western Sydney Wanderers VS Date: 14/12/19 Sydney Kick-Off Time: 9:45PM EDT Round: 10 Competition: A-League Regular Season Location: Perth, Western Australia Stadium: HBF Park View full record
  13. RIP Jim ' the bald eagle' Smith. Ex manger of Portsmouth, QPR, Oxford and Derby. A real character of the game was Jim and a good manager. Was always a good after game interview with Jim.
  14. RIP Marie Fredriksson - lead singer of Roxette. Now i dont suppose there are too many Roxette fans here. But if like me you are in your late 30's / early 40's and grew up with 2 older sisters who would play their tunes endlessly and loudly then these tunes are ingrained in your memory. Also ingrained in my memory as was sat on a very hot and humid bus in Mombasa, people with chickens and got knows what the **** else and on the radio were their songs played all the way to the ferry, so i stuck my head out of the window
  15. Yes although we can also have Meirer bingo what minute will he get on the field 88? 89?
  16. Even though I hate the guy. Can we just have a thread called Baumjohann Bingo? It's fun...and addictive.
  17. Wilmering, defensively he's ok but attacking wise, he needs to improve, he needs to show more confidence to attack when he has the ball, at the moment he seems lost. A stint on the bench wont hurt his development but he needs to be dropped
  18. Sky Sports put out their Ref Watch article reviewing the contentious decisions of the round. He said: Interesting that Muller had a handball called against him for exactly this situation. The referees in Europe are making decisions completely differently to the referees here. I know which one I'm betting is wrong...
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  20. 100%. There's a very predictable outcome when he's on the ball. 3-4 steps forward. Over step the ball. Adjust. Drag back. Pass to Jurman. I don't doubt he has a future, but his impact on the game is net negative at the moment.
  21. Wilmering kills go forward. He needs time on the pitch to improve at this level, but we can't afford him at the moment - he needs to have a rest and get a run when we're a couple of goals up.
  22. You had me until Schwegler at CB. Yeboah or Muller need to see bench time in favour of Adam. Honestly, ditching Wilmering will fix a bunch of issues. Sullivan played himself into form and has been a part of 3 wins out of 4 starts. Muller to RW, Kamau to RB, DG to LB, Wilmering to the bench. That puts Muller into his actual potion, its gives us attacking potency from both WBs instead of just one and get gets Sullivan back on the pitch. Sullivan has a lot to work on in his game but he showed more progress in 4 matches than Wilmering did in 8
  23. and people say hip hop isnt meaningful
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