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  2. Is that how everyone views Lederer? We seem to spend enormous amounts on players. We dont get return because of the captain at the helm
  3. Had my 1st AZ jab last Thursday Sore arm like some farrker punched it and at about 20hrs in i got the chills. Shivering and achy. Lasted a few hrs then back to normal
  4. As @sonar said before, three great players. But...Lederer wouldn't even look at even opening his wallet for them. Welbeck will probably get renewed at Brighton. If Swansea get promoted, they would be looking to resign Ayew since he has helped them alot this season. A friend of mine is a West Brom fan and highly rates Bartley. Great player but probably wanting too much if he wanted to join the Wanderers.
  5. Majority of them are either overseas players or playing with A-league teams not performing well, it's not surprising that the majority of them aren't well known.
  6. With regards to Jess's observations, experiences and comments on the vaccine rollout and reluctance by Boomers to get vaccinated. I'm a Boomer and as mentioned previously I have had my 1st AZ jab last weekend. All went well with no after affects with the exception of a mild chill and very slight nausea both passed after a few hours. I deliberately held off getting the jab as I thought others should get it before me and my medical centre and many GP's were only receiving limited supplies and still are.. I am a bit surprised that Boomers would be reluctant to get the Vaccine as th
  7. I haven't heard of half those players Are they meant to be relative unknowns or am I just out-of-touch?
  8. Hello everyone, I had my jab today My arm hurts A little bit sleepy Otherwise, feeling pretty much normal
  9. So Popovic era. The way he talked about Popa without actually saying his name, implies they might not have had the best relationship. Or pop was just giving him the treatment and Devlin has accepted it for what it was
  10. Devlin was at the Wanderers Academy from 2016-2017.
  11. Today
  12. If you’re an rbb member get there on Sunday. If you can’t make it then give your code to someone who can. Let’s get some good numbers there.
  13. That'd totally be my experience as well!
  14. A few points on this, and why I think we have no chance of getting him. 1) In our favour, Devlin was at the academy while popa was here. Devlin spoke about being completely ignored by the coach at the time. I cant quite work out if thats Popa or Gumby. Timelines may help here 2) We have Ugarkovic, Baccus and Dorrans all going into next season. Devlin would be signing on knowing he is probably behind at least 2 of these players 3) If Mutch stays, he knows he's not getting a game 4) If popa is offering him a starting gig in contrast to at least 2 points above.... yeah probably not.
  15. WRGMG...Subway Yesterday, my partner had a day off work and she decided to have lunch with me during my lunch break. We decided to have Subway since it was close to my work. So, she messaged me what I wanted for lunch since I was still in the office at work, I messaged her back: "White Bread, footlong, toasted, cheddar cheese, Turkey & Ham, lettuce, onion, carrot, and pepper" Eventually, I got to Subway where my partner was waiting at the front of it with a grumpy face. I asked her "what's wrong" and she said "Oh, the girls in Subway are a bunch of idiots" I said "why?" my p
  16. Did a simulation. Playing as WSW I got as far as 8 rounds before getting sacked. The game suggests tactics to use....ie formations and for WSW it was 4141 but I went with 532 every game....played the young guys. Scores were ....0-3,0-2,1-4,0-5,1-2,1-2,0-3,0-4
  17. Have to say Jess, the people in my world who are not planning to get the vaccine are mostly not boomers.
  18. I remember one Easter near Canberra when we went to a cafe place for Easter Sunday and had scones, Jam and cream, a place well known for them. The place was packed and we got the very last batch available. It was ******* glorious sat their scooping on the jam and cream whilst the waitress explained to the tables around us we got the last ones....best scones ever....the wife said it felt uncomfortable, nahhhhhh.
  19. Apparently Cameron Devlin wants to leave Wellington Phoenix. He has been approached by Popovic who is trying to influence him to sign to Melbourne Victory. Personally, Robinson should be approaching him to and try and sign him to the Wanderers. It seems Robinson's plan is to have Baccus play as an attacking midfielder for next season so we'll see a rotation between him and Troisi. If Robinson somehow signed Devlin, then you have great range of DM's since there's Ugarkovic, Dorrans, Mutch (if he stays), Devlin and Baccus has a backup. Plus, if all hell breaks loose. You could al
  20. I was going to go, but unsure... If ESFC can’t score at least 3 goals they may as well fold.
  21. Sydney FC vs Western Sydney Wanderers VS Date: 23/05/21 Sydney Kick-Off Time: 4:05PM EST Round: 22 Competition: A-League Regular Season Location: Moore Park, New South Wales Stadium: Sydney Cricket Ground View full record
  22. Sydney FC vs Western Sydney Wanderers VS Date: 23/05/21 Sydney Kick-Off Time: 4:05PM EST Round: 22 Competition: A-League Regular Season Location: Moore Park, New South Wales Stadium: Sydney Cricket Ground View full record
  23. They won the league and getting promoted to first division:
  24. I'm more of a Lincolnshire man.
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