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  2. Well, in a few hours it will all be gone. Some people have started gathering to watch. My old man had a walk down earlier to take a look but not well enough to stay up to the small hours to see it come down. A few 11th hour attempts from local celebrities to save it, but the Tories are not budging. Some of the art it has inspired over the years. I used to live near it and would see it every day. I also sketched it as a kid and could draw every detail now without needing a reference… At least Dorman Long’s name will forever be stamped all over our harbour bridge.
  3. 230 days in lock down. 7.6 months and counting. More than ‘a few months.’ Likely going to be 9-10 months by the end of it. You would think Melbourne was the epicenter of the world for the virus, going by these figures. Unemployment issues before the pandemic, come on man, if you wanted to get a job, you could find something, yes maybe some issues around under-employment but generally people made do. Now, the WFH peeps are probably thriving as they are saving, while the ones who can’t are losing their businesses. So if mental health was already not in a good state, try adding a l
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  5. Took my 15 year old to Panthers for his 1st jab yesterday after the better half found an appointment on Friday for the Saturday When we got there, we were asked what i thought to be an unusual question "Are you a walk-in or for an appointment?" And there was some activity at the desk for walk-in. Looks as though the Nepean hub has additional Pfizer doses to allow for walk-in BTW in the waiting room, i thought i saw 3 other u15s (accompanied by a parent) in the short time we were there.
  6. Yep, which is why no-one has suggested Wendy is racist, and why the points raised have been debated (if not now, before).
  7. Posted on the Mariners site today... interesting ..... ========== Speaking to a doctor this morning and the currently is happening at Gosford Hospital: - surgery lists are being cut in half to accommodate Covid patients - Sydney Covid patients are being transported to Gosford Hospital because Sydney hospitals are full - Public physicians, regardless of speciality, have to spend at least one week in a Covid ward. This doctor, practicing on Gosford, has to dump his patient load to go and work in a Sydney hospital.
  8. Sorry Cynth. We’ll have to agree to disagree. I don’t think the use of the term is appropriate in any context. You are imposing meaning on to her words. Wendy could have said all manner of other iterations of the phrase - original strain, alpha strain, even “the strain from Wuhan” would have been slightly better, although still not great. But she didn’t. She chose a divisive one. I’ve met Wendy plenty of times, and we’ve got along well. I have no issues with her and I think she’s a good person. But I don’t agree with her use of the phrase, especially when it has been directed
  9. I understand the issue, and the importance of language. And of course it’s important. What I don’t understand is the inference that Wendy’s use of language was somehow offensive in this context. Most of us know her and know that she is the epitome of respect and fairness and in no way racist. Hence her use of this language was clearly meant in describing the original virus rather than one of the strains. In the context it was used, there were no racial connotations. Context is everything. There are reasons that people have been put off leftist agendas; and policing la
  10. Never called you a racist. You used loaded language that has been used by certain far-right extremist groups around the world. I'm not going to apologise for my comment because it's true. Call me PC or whatever, but it has a negative connotation. Nah sorry Cynth, this isn't it. My sister-in-law - who is Chinese-Australian - was verbally abused last year in Maroubra by some dickheads during the height of the first wave. This has been happening to people of Asian descent across the globe since the beginning of the pandemic. By using inflammatory language instead of standard naming conve
  11. 200 days is a few months. 100% if you can't work from home you are in trouble. Unemployment has been **** for years, despite what the official figures cover up, and we have a housing crisis. Know who can fix that? 100% mental health assistance is not enough. It wasn't before, either. Know who can fix that? ACAB, we know that. My issue is that a sizeable proportion of people organising these kind of things were thin blue lining a matter a months ago. I hope they learn something from all this, but when this is over I doubt any of the people in these marches will be march
  12. And Morrison and his evil party give up on Australian wildlife. https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2021/sep/18/coalition-plans-to-scrap-recovery-plans-for-200-endangered-species-and-habitats?CMP=Share_AndroidApp_Other
  13. Still have hope I might get up there this side of Xmas.
  14. A few months? 200+ days and counting in Melbourne. Will be the Most locked down city in the world this week. Herald Sun leaking that they will be in lockdown till 80%. Late Nov / Dec. Your fine you can still WFH. Many others aren’t in that position. Their livelihoods are broken. They are broken. There is no end in sight man. If police just let them pass, nothing would of happened. The amount of calls to Lifeline, young kids harming themselves, committing suicide, shows that they clearly can’t cope.
  15. That was a brutal game between Parra and Penrith. If a Parra fan like me got to be proud of the shift put in. But the long wait goes on. Meh, next time Parra win a GF after so long it has to be in Sydney anyway, not up in QLD.
  16. There are limits in every other area to open up: visitors to homes, outdoor gatherings, hospitality venues, retail spaces etc. Of course they will set some sort of limit for a sporting event. Admittedly it could be a percentage rather than an arbitrary number.
  17. These days, you get arrested and thrown in jail if you go out to protest during a lockdown for a highly dangerous pandemic and start assulting police.
  18. Lockdown sucks. I genuinely hope we can find ways out of it and we don't have to go into it ever again. But imagine being the generation that is being asked to do something for the rest of society and not being able to cope for a few months. Also imagine being the types of people that would dump on those protesting genuine discrimination for years and then turning around and then equating yourself with those people and hitting some cops.
  19. What can people do than have their two jabs. If you haven't had both then you can't go. Two jabs and open it up to whoever wants to go. 5000 limit is just b.ullshit.
  20. Given how hard it will be to get foreign players over no harm in short term deal to somebody over here What ever happened to the Japanese player Apia had was against victory think he went to Avondale
  21. He's not like the Jonathan Pies they have these days
  22. I've had a toothache that's funnier than this.
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