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  3. Terrifying! You'd wonder how that was filmed!
  4. Dude, get family ticket for $40. Simples. One home derby back at the old parra, an Easts mate of mine begged me for my misses ticket. Never. Again.
  5. I dunno, watching on the myFootball App in front of the aircon is looking really attractive atm
  6. It was always going to be a risk bringing over a 36 (now 37 year old). We had tried our first through tenth choice & this guy came up on the radar. He had the pedigree, experience & type of player we are looking for but he was too old. There is literally zero chance of asking players to come out here for a trial, you’ve got to put your money on the table & hope that things work out. He had been training in the U.S so you’d think he’d aclimatised (somewhat) to the hard pitches & hot climate.) Then throw in there were some personal issues going on behind the scenes (and his family weren’t able to get visas to be with him in Australia). It’s obvious in the end his body just wasn’t able to do what was needed (I still maintain that he wasn’t used in the right way, playing midfield, chasing lost causes, running channels etc). I’d say that he was a high risk signing but there were forces at play that were bigger than any scouting report could highlight but all that doesn’t matter if you don’t use a player in the right way. At least he had the honor to call it a day, could have easily just sat back & took the money, he didn’t.
  7. I barred myself from eating maltesers in a similar scenario ever since
  8. I care in the framework of a human being, several actually, died a painful death. Thats sad. I hate to think if they were scared. And how awful for his wife, loved ones etc.... im notmoved beyond that though
  9. Years ago I was out with friends to watch the phantom menance at the cinema. Bought some maltesers, and managed to drop a few during the film. Got outside in the light to discover i had dropped them between my legs and those faarkkers melted real good. Looked like I'd crapped myself like a champion crapper. my friends were crying with tears
  10. So would I. I did it once, sitting with my sisters family and their friends at Allianz for a derby. Never again. What the **** was I thinking?
  11. We really did our due dil wow we really did our due diligence on that one didn’t we
  12. We will follow you forever??? long as it’s under $30 and the weather is ok dude bring the mrs, palm trees, sauce bottles, a night in woy woy
  13. But it is sat amongst ESFC supporters..i would rather a seat roasting in hell than being surrounded by smurfs. At all derby games i need to be surrounded by fellow wanderers, especially so in these desperate times. I will be suffering in the open but will be bliss compared to sitting around those smug bastards.
  14. This is truly frightening. The perfect firestorm. Best to read the description of what happened before watching the video. These fires have been ruthless and at the mercy of the gods. No human intervention can stop this sort of ****.
  15. $30 for adult tickets to watch the 9th v 10th match in like 40 degree heat? Umm
  16. Or someone who doesn't do a Trump and override the Laws of the Land.
  17. Lynn Williams started in USWNT. Assist and goal. Problem will come if the W-League team makes the finals with She Believes Tournament starting at the same time.
  18. Yeah, a new minister who hopefully is less **** and less corrupt will be able to make decisions If your boss is terrible at work, I’m sure you would want them replaced with someone better...
  19. Apparently a few are from Wuhan and returned home for Lunar New Year. Looks like qualifiers after the W-League season.
  20. Yeah, to hell with the eastern grandstands. I suffer it if I must out at Parramatta, but nowhere else. That’s why I used my old man’s ESFC membership to get premium seats for next week’s game 🙂 (I’m posting this a week early, I know, but it’s relevant to the above!). With his membership discount they probably cost less than the seats the Wanderers were allocated out in the sun, too.
  21. Go young people, GO! GO!! PS I still prefer to hate ScumMo!
  22. Geez . i don't why I waste electricity replying to this shyte. Ok , say she is sacked , another Lib /National Minister will be appointed. What then ? Millions of red faced angry Aussies will descend on Parliament , the Governor General will declare a national emergency ? 99.9% of Aussies couldn't give a tuppeny stuff about this. They have other things to worry about. Come the next election will be a non-existent memory.
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