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  2. Boundary Park would give these a good run for their money !!
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  4. interesting form forecast site https://projects.fivethirtyeight.com/soccer-predictions/championship/
  5. Wolves blew it yesterday and now up to Leicester/Chelsea to hold on or your united will take 3/4th spot, going on form Leicester are dropping off but Chelsea may drop soft points. Does look like it will come down to the last round.
  6. A Canadian friend who lived here for a while said the same thing. Australian houses (traditionally) are not built/insulated for cold conditions. This mindset needs to change (for both heating and cooling) as it reduces energy bills and consumption dramatically.
  7. It's also the way houses are designed. I used to work with a Scottish bloke who said he felt cold in Australia more often than when he was in Scotland. Over there he lived in a house with central heating, walked from his front door to his heated car then from his car to his heated office. Here he said waking up and getting dressed in the morning he was freezing because houses here aren't heated the same way. His house in Scotland would never get that cold inside, even in winter. Also plenty of apartments in London are designed to keep the heat in and have little in the way of ventilation. Great in cold weather but once it gets to 30 it feels way worse than 30 in an Australian house.
  8. When we went with college we hired a row boat. The old fella told us not mess about and don't go any further than that little island....and what did we do...******* ignored that and went right out...could hear the faint shouting from shore of an old fella who rents row boats.. could see his arms waiving around more than hear him. To be fair he had a good point as it got real choppy real quick and the wind whipped up like a bastard. His language was a bastard when we got back also! Such a nice old man...who would have thought him capable of such language
  9. I am pretty used to the heat now, over 35c....meh... Went back to the UK for Chrissy a few years back and couldn't cope with 8c, felt ******* freezing. Got ripped apart for being a soft Aussie chunt! Hahha....he's gone soft!!!
  10. There is a reason that people in the UK freak out when the temp goes over 30, it's just not natural to them. Whereas in Australia its the opposite, drop below 10 and (in some places) people lose their minds. It'd be below 15-20 in places like QLD.
  11. Heard Greg O'Rourke on Radio National this morning. He got on the front foot. He went straight to the senior players in the 3 Victorian teams to explain what happened on Tuesday. can't blame him for the border closures.
  12. I went to the Lakes District in the middle of Summer. It was freezing there too! Just saying! 😆😆
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  14. Riveting,,,,lol........
  15. Yeah..I went to the Lake District on an Art College trip aged 17...we got ******* smashed every night! They took us to a freaking pencil museum...i kid you not! It is a real thing! You walk around looking and reading about the history of ******* pencils!!
  16. Yeah we got a couple with the camera angled upwards so there's a huge blue sky in the background and us doing the exaggerated shrug next to the sign. Beats getting wet.
  17. Would have made the photo even better!
  18. Ha. When i was about 10 the same thing happened to me, I went to school and told everyone the bombers who hung out in the park tunnel did it. I was a hero.
  19. I went to the Lake District and saw the sign marking the wettest inhabited place in the UK, averaging 3,300 mm of rain a year. Thought it would be a good photo but the day we went there wasn't a cloud in the sky and everyone was wearing t shirts. There was a queue out the door at the ice cream place in Lake Windemere.
  20. Don't know about floating my boat, but this made me chuckle. So the boy was at training and he had a collision with another boy, clashing heads. Training was almost over, they were playing a game of bull rush (or the modern version of it anyhow; no tackling allowed now days apparently). Didn't look too bad at all. The other boy jumped up pretty quick and kept on going, seemed undamaged. My boy though, quite upset. "It hurts". I had a quick look and he seemed ok. "Run it off, you'll be fine" i said. Just for context, he is known to be a bit of a sook when he wants to be. (Seriously, he can be a real sooky bitch about anything that takes his fancy). Anyhow, he keeps saying it hurts and doesn't really get involved after the head clash. I have another look before we get in the car to head home and it seems ok. He continues to complain on the way home. We get home and he starts telling mum the story. "Oh my goodness, look at his eye!" she says. Turns out he's developed quite a nice black eye. Not too swollen, but nice and purple. He goes to the mirror and has a look for himself, and in that instant, his sooky arse melts away and is replaced with a cheeky, almost evil looking grin. "Awesome. I can tell people I was in a fight". And suddenly, everything is alright again. "Just tell them the other kid is in hospital" I tell him as I get the death glares from my wife.
  21. I went to Hadrian's wall on a school trip..what a load of shyte...like standing looking at a farm wall in need of renovation. Kinda felt sorry for the guide and soft as **** history teacher though keeping a load if scruffy chunts from Boro in line ..........'get down from there.!!!..Thats been standing for thousands of years', 'If you need the toilet ask!!!!! Don't just go!!!!', ......' give me those cigarettes and beer cans now!!!', 'No you can't go kill some Scots, so STOP asking me!!!'..,'what do you mean (insert name) is not on the bus!!!! I counted you all!!!!' 'No you can't drive the bus because you are a kid!!!!, don't ask me again!!!!'....'This is the LAST time this group comes on a field trip..the headmaster will get to hear about all of today!!!!'
  22. Apparently not staying on site at Narrabeen https://aleague.sportsmatemobile.com/news/96267
  23. Another one on the peak A-league events of this week David Squires on ... the Melbourne A-League teams' not-that-great escape https://www.theguardian.com/football/ng-interactive/2020/jul/10/david-squires-melbourne-a-league-teams-not-that-great-escape-city-victory-western-united?CMP=Share_AndroidApp_Copy_to_clipboard
  24. Victorians told to wear masks as COVID-19 infections climb https://www.sbs.com.au/news/victorians-told-to-wear-masks-as-covid-19-infections-climb?cid=newsapp:socialshare:copylink Still don't understand why we don't get a simple, straightforward message....like they seem to have got all over the world (except the US and Brazil, maybe).
  25. I visited Hadrian's Wall in the middle of Summer...and it was freezing then!😨😨 Not as bad as the North of Scotland...in a fishing boat for a seal watching cruise tho!!!!! Just btw.
  26. Looks like a rejig of the fixtures is required "As part of the conditions of the exemption, all three (3) teams will undertake 14 days of quarantine, in an agreed facility, which will allow players to train and prepare before being able to take part in the competition." The next 3 games involving the Victorian teams have to rescheduled as they are with th 14 day window. We are affected. July 16 Melb Victory v Fraudsters July 20 Heartle$$ v Fraudsters July 22 Wanderers v Melbourne Vic
  27. Wasn't so bad...just needed lots of lard.....
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