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  2. Porter was the subject of a Four Corners investigation a few months ago. He had ambitions of becoming Prime Minister. Now that ambition has gone down the toilet, he is claiming mental health due to the accusation of ****. Imo, his dream has gone down the toilet and that is reason for his woes. It was his own doing. And he is not worthy of being the Attorney-General
  3. well of course fcb, thats my point. as for Turnbull though- pfft. He had the knowledge porter was ******* around and made him AG immediate to finding out in the first place. I accept the allegations were of a different nature but he knew his character when he did so and decided it was fine.
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  5. I am not putting too much weight on what both Porter and ScoMo are saying. One is seeing his reputation going down the toilet (and with it his ambitions to becoming PM as some point), the other one is trying to protect his job. One is desperate, the other one is in marketing. Their words and actions flow from there. Turnbull knows both ScoMo and Porter, and importantly, he has spoken to the women in question not long ago. Regardless of the grudges him might hold, in this matter, he can claim the moral high ground over the other two.
  6. Yep. I used to cross it in the train all the time. When I was a teenager. Either going to dental appointments at Burwood (don't ask - for braces) or Parramatta Eels games across Sydney. Would either walk to Telopea or Dundas stations to access the Carlo line. It was a 50/50 walk time wise.
  7. It's a sad topic but this youtube clip sums up your question well ...
  8. I'm a bit confused. Scomo said he talked to porter and porter denied the allegations. Scomo said he hasn't read the allegations. porter says he hasn't read the allegations. how the **** did that conversation. go exactly?
  9. I went to WA and fell off my hire bike on Rottnest trying to show my son a move I did as a kid. Spent the rest of the holiday limping around with NO sympathy from the wife. Fremantle, Margaret River area and Bussleton for a swim if hot are all worth a look.
  10. yeah, that's the old carlo line level crossing right? Used to cross that 5 days a week for a good few years.
  11. No contingency for a post popa world is what has lead us down this path. But then the club didn't bank on popa being a dirty splitter i don't suppose... We threw away all the work and momentum from the first 3 years.
  12. Used it regularly when I worked in Auburn
  13. That would account for 90% of clubs anywhere in the world in the modern era !!
  14. Tracking Trumps actions and behaviour https://www.mcsweeneys.net/articles/the-complete-listing-atrocities-1-1-056
  15. Only Wendy has the ability to answer your final question...
  16. Nah. He played forward to Baccus twice who went back to him each time, then the third time Baccus has a man on him but instead of going backward again, he played a telegraphed, extremely risky sideways pass, did it so slowly that it let the City defender who might have tried to close down Ziggy stop and put out a leg to stop the pass. About the most you can blame him for is not going long the 2nd time Baccus played it back to him, I imagine that Robinson has given them all instructions to try and play out. I'd also give some blame to McGowan for being badly positioned defensively, he was
  17. Open question... Person overseas... could be anyone not necessarily Australian... Person gets approved Cov 19 tests, 14 days and 3 days out from flight and has had the vaccine shot... On arrival at the airport the person has a quick turn over Cov 19 test i.e. 8 hour ... Do we in this case say 14 day hotel quarantine ????? if you come to Australia ...
  18. Robbo is definitely a creature of habit which I think is evidenced by the fact he has this affiliation with the player agency and takes the same blokes everywhere with him. It’s also evident in his tactical approach to a game which appears to lack any sort of responsiveness or adaptability during a game. Even listening to him speak, he’s very geared towards the same sentiments all the time and it gets a bit robotic after a while. The fact he’s chopping and changing the starting line up so aggressively almost feels like he’s trying some sort of internal self improvement experiment to push
  19. Just rewatched the first goal. Ziggy has to take some of the blame on that one. There are no less than 3 city defenders on top of Baccus before he even has the ball. Baccus doesn't even look at where his passing just reacts and City block all his options before he even had the ball. Ziggy should have gone long and get us to reset the play.
  20. Couldn't get to the game last night (sounds like I was lucky??!!). A mate I go to games with was there. He's an older bloke from UK and only been here a few years, so is used to EPL, Championship... He enjoys coming to live football but is often frustrated by the A League quality and what seems to be school boy errors. His report to me this morning was that he saw the best 45 minutes of football in the A League since he's been here - unfortunately it was from the opposition. He couldn't believe the quality of City last night in the first half - and we didn't have any answers. I don't
  21. That's it then..... now every decision will go against us by intent ...How dare he openly criticise our Referees !!
  22. jokes aside apart from matt simon i have no issues with CCM
  23. Hard to put blame on JT and Owners they have backed CR this year with signings Things I don’t understand - we continue to Piss about with the ball out the back - we play 3 5 2 yet sign no wingbacks for play it, relying on 3 kids who are going to be great but still learning. We played it last year and it didn’t work but we keep doing it - we don’t press effectively as a team - we have signed a bunch of good players but a lot in the same positions - not starting Mueller - the popularity of Coldplay
  24. Carl Robinson says he is not enjoying soccer at the moment and feels for all Managers based on the poor quality of Australian Referee’s
  25. Yep....Sums up pretty much for me as well. I would add play for 90 min not 30 or 40 in patches.
  26. 7 goals conceded in 3, most straight down the middle, send McGowan packing
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