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  2. I'm so unbothered that I won't even email Let the auto renew come Following WSW has been pretty tough the last few years and a lot of the fun going to games has been sucked out of it - the new stadium is fantastic but as our club is a shambles in many ways, not really looking forward to next season. That said, hopefully I'll get a seat and be able to attend some games. I've literally taken out credit cards to support the club (those fancy ones with a free domestic return flight per year). However, when I went down to Melbourne for that City match (the one where Simon Cox couldn't score from 2cm out), my favourite part of that trip was actually meeting up with one of my friends who I hadn't seen in a while. She and I walked to 7/11 and got some free ice cream because they had a promotion on the 7/11 app for one free ice cream that day. That was nice.
  3. Holy ****! Not what you'd expect to hear.
  4. The only auto I’ve ever owned was a ‘97 Ford Fairmont Ghia. Nice enough car , good to just put the foot down and go, but....would’ve been heaps more fun if it had’ve been manual . My Mrs ended up wrecking it ...just sayin’
  5. RIP Dean Jones. Heart attack while commentating in India for the IPL. 59. Way too young.
  6. My first car had a manual choke you had to pull out slowly when starting lol
  7. I've NEVER owned an auto, , and still don't. I'm 56.
  8. Tip..if you want a laugh..go to an intense go-kart session that last like an hour and many laps. Then jump straight in your manual car. I nearly set the ******* air bag off just breaking for the first set of traffic lights and sent the gear box through the bonnet...! Your mind and body stays in go-kart mode for around 20mins after! Autos are good for the ladies though..it lets them drive..bless them..
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  10. The last time I drove a manual was a few years ago when my younger brother had an op on his hand and couldn't drive, so I drove him everywhere in his 4x4. FMD...after driving that for three weeks I was glad to go back to auto....lol, ......though once you can drive a manual you never really forget.......and I still hate hill starts.....lol
  11. Agh cmon dude! We’re about the same age! I just turned 55! GET BACK TO A MANUAL! ....although I know what you mean about the knees. Mine are still pretty good but as soon as it becomes a PITA , auto it is
  12. Well, I'll put it this way...as a very young kid I saw the moon landings...apparently......( don't remember it though....lol)
  13. Yeah I know what you mean in regards to the power . I’ve watched plenty of Tesla vids etc racing petrol cars....still don’t care . No sound , smell ...kinda like driving a fast washing machine. The whole recharging thing , battery range ,puts me off. We saw ONE recharging dock in Canberra last week... Spot on re “driving “ autos!
  14. Learnt to drive in a HQ 3-on-the tree. These days with dodgy knees it's autos for me....
  15. I get it, but the performance you can get out of some E cars can far exceed the performance of petrol cars. Yes, it doesn't sound as good, but they can really haul arse. I've been considering converting my old Datto over for a while but am waiting for the battery technology to improve enough so I don't need a shitload of 12V batteries in the car. The power to weight ratio will be ridiculous, and instant power. And automatic isn't driving, it's simply steering.
  16. I don't think that they don't care I just think they will be running on a skeleton staff. Unfortunately they won't be putting money into admin so it makes dealing with the club frustrating which ultimately is a bit myopic and will probably cost them more than paying staff would have.
  17. Ahhh manual every time. Especially in dodgy weather. I love driving a manual actually. Every clutch seems a bit different. I remember my old Ford in the UK...could hold that ****er on the clutch biting point up a ******* vertical wall...real driving.
  18. The more replies to this thread there are, the more disillusioned with this club I become. It makes me rather sad to be honest.
  19. I think this will stir things up a bit....I don’t care about E cars , hybrids etc. I’ll bother with them when oil runs out and by then I’ll be too old to drive/dead. oh yeah , add autos to the list . I’ll stick with my manuals thx
  20. Yes I did add the new card, but unable to delete the old one and for some reason was unable to also make the new card link to auto renew. Ended up speaking to someone from the member team over the phone to sort it
  21. You can add credit card details and nominate your default. There is also a delete/edit feature. However, as I found out, I couldn't delete my old CC details as they were still linked to the auto renew. An email to the club had that all sorted without a problem.
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