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  2. Doesn't make it right. In the case of handball, we've gone from: - a law which is applied subject to the referee's interpretation and opinion of what actually happened in the match to - the interpretation (opinion) of a law and its meaning/application with guidelines on what that interpretation/opinion is and/or isn't which is then interpreted by the referee in the match based on his opinion (which is then potentially subject to the opinion of the VAR on how to interpret the law, the interpretation of the law and the guidelines of the interpretation) together with an intimate knowledge of how the body works and reacts to any and all physical movement during the course of attempting to play in a football match For christ's sake - give me a bloody break! Sorry, I don't mean to shoot the messenger. It's time for referees to rebel and reject the brainwashing and tell IFAB or whoever to wake up to themselves.
  3. Dale’s version of events It’s long been the case that IFAB write the LOTG but sometimes it doesn’t translate in practice. It’s not perfect but has been that way for a long time.
  4. Two cannibals are sharing a meal. They agree one starts at the head and the at the feet. They're about halfway through and one asks the other "How are you going?" He gets the answer "I'm having a ball!" YOU'RE GOING TOO FAST!
  5. I thought I’d made the decision to go for a supporter membership to maintain my foundation member status, but would pay later (ie once there’s solid information on the new season). I then realised my donation to the owners would cost me $80. $80! It was $88 for a GA membership with Canberra United last season (W-League, yes, but it still came with a ‘seat’). I definitely don’t think this club is worth $80 at this stage.
  6. I received that email too. I have sent two emails outlining the reasons why and that’s what I receive? Lol.
  7. Hi Gillian, Thank you for your email. I am sorry to hear you may not be renewing your foundation Wanderers memberships. This email is to confirm that you have now been opted out of the automatic renewal for 2020/21 membership for Accounts **** (Gillian ) and **** (Warren ). If you could please send us feedback in regards to why you are opting out by reply email that would be great. Should you change your mind, you will be able to manually renew your membership online from 12pm Thursday 1 October 2020 up until 5pm Thursday 15 October 2020 through your MyWanderers Account or by contacting the Membership Services Team. If you would like to downgrade to a Supporter or Flexi membership and still retain the member benefits including your foundation status, you can do so through your MyWanderers Account by filling out a seating request form here: am.ticketmaster.com/wanderersfc/seat-request We hope to see you back at Wanderland in 2021! Kind regards, Nicole - Received this e-mail this afternoon from the club. After telling Scott from Member Services all the reason.It amazes me that this is the e-mail we get and not a revised edition for renewing membership. Whoevers responsible, they just don't get it.
  8. so i played the demo for crash bandicoot 4..............i am crap i doubt my poor fine motor skills help tbh but the demo was fun
  9. There's also "When you look at how the law is written, referees have been very consistent". That's meaningless non-sequitur. A criminal might consistently break the law, doesn't mean that being consistent is some kind of positive factor.
  10. mack

    Perth Glory

    A-League has been a loss making enterprise for a decade and a half. At some point the owners need to start regularly breaking even & making profits because otherwise there's no financial incentive to actually have a league in the first place. Sure, there would probably be an attempt at a 3rd Australian national league if the A-League died, it will be a shadow of how the A-League has operated and it certainly wouldn't keep paying mediocre journeymen $150k a year. We've blown through how many millionaires & billionaires so far? We're about to lose Charlesworth, the guy who owns Newcastle would be out if he could, and while they're both clinging on to hopefully make some cash back on a license they're not spending anything but the bare minimum.
  11. As player you would be an idiot to go to Perth at the moment
  12. It's the owners business, not up to the players to do it. Ledderer is ok to put money into infrastructure (which is a good thing), but not the players (not a good thing). If any owner sells his francise for a profit he isn't likely to pay the players back for wages he has withheld
  13. I received a very public service response to my email asking the club to confirm that we won’t be guaranteed a seat if we do renew - they simply said I’d be guaranteed a seat ahead of the general public. Very deliberate what was not said, which is that unfortunately there is no seat guarantee for renewing members, despite us being asked to pay for a full membership. I won’t be renewing, at least not now and not for a black category seat.
  14. Looks like Nathaniel Atkinson and Andrew Nabbout aren't going to be transferred to Glory now. Atkinson will stay with Melbourne City Nabbout future is unclear. Yikes.
  15. Getting a bit off topic but yes the club owners have been forking a lot of money keeping clubs afloat. FFA regulations were a big part of that, if Qantas was a sponsor for FFA clubs couldn't get Virgin or Qatar airways as a sponsor because it violated the agreement. Bruce Djite came out of foxsports podcast and he use to think like any player and any other fan but then became Football director at Adelaide and looked at the numbers and say what you will about the owners but they foot in a lot of the bill its not sustainable and its been like this for 15 years without any relaxation. Its a poor business model that has no chance to succeed hence the independence push from club owners
  16. WRGMG is receiving spam calls from Australian landline and mobile numbers. I've learnt to identify and block the numbers but the numbers change often. When I do answer one the conversation, if any, is very minimal. What are they verifying? What are they capturing?
  17. From those decisions I posted above, here is the Ref Watch article on Sky Sports. On the Spurs one: Uses a few weasel words like "uncomfortable" and "unlucky" but it sounds like he's saying that the decision is wrong. On the Burnley one: Describes the blatant push as "used a lot of strength" and says "it certainly doesn't come off his arm". Not sure how to argue with this as it's so far from the reality of what the replays show that it seems pointless, which is probably what he was going for. Maybe there's some interpretation of the law I'm not aware of where his arms count as legs when it's the first half, you're in the opposition box and your name is Wood.
  18. Yesterday
  19. From this article in the terror: So they massively overpaid in July 2018 and some time between July 2018 and June 2019 received $58k in donations from the seller.
  20. There's the whole problem in a nutshell! I read that as being brainwashed into not applying the laws as they are written.
  21. Corruption on a global stage in pursuit of the almighty dollar FinCEN files reveal suspicious transactions were waved through despite red flags http://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-09-21/fincen-files-reveal-suspicious-transactions-approved-red-flags/12685678
  22. Jordan Shanks is getting quite a profile. https://au.rollingstone.com/culture/culture-features/jordan-shanks-friendly-game-17138/
  23. trump is an upbeat person anyone watching Q&A............just wow
  24. No I was thinking more along the lines of the Henry goal vs Ireland (although that was hardly just an issue of deliberate vs non-deliberate), where someone might accidentally non-deliberately handle the ball and then score. But either apply since under the laws it doesn't matter (similar to how you could score off the ref under previous laws).
  25. This is correct in part but it was more because goals were never intended to be scored by the hand however it was possible under the old law that a goal could be scored from a non - deliberate handball. It was never the intention of the initial law to be able to score using your hand. Perhaps I’ve just worded what you’ve said differently. It’s not about doing courses, it’s that extra bit of knowledge in how to interpret the laws. It’s one thing to read & understand the LOTG but another being taught how to interpret it. I’ll check it out when I watch the games. Pretty sure BT have a version of Ref watch with the head of the PGMOL, should be an interesting read. On the world feed (Optus sport) the Monday review show they have a referee as part of the show & talk through the contentious decisions. You’ve got to watch the whole show though. Two seasons ago they just had a 10 minute ref watch segment.
  26. That's what the Parakeelia rort was. LNP sets up a company they own called Parakeelia, that provides software to LNP offices about their constituents data, they get charged $2500, which is then claimed back from the taxpayer as a office expense. It was as blatant as a drug dealer washing their cash through a pub poker machine.
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