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  2. You'd have to think so with the heavy schedule coming up....problem is that Corica will now continue his "we can beat the best in Asia" bullcrap
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  4. Thanks mate, came on just in time for bed. Good to see you weren't affected this time around!
  5. Where have I seen this goal keeping effort before?
  6. Neverbloom

    Sydney FC

    honestly not sure i know they were playing mooy, i dont know if he is a first team player for them
  7. mack

    Sydney FC

    Did Shanghai rest a bunch of players? Jeonbuk lost their game last night so the group qualifiers are locked in already.
  8. Neverbloom

    Sydney FC

    i am only half watching but holy **** that scoreline
  9. I saw them at the last ever Homebake back in 2012 I got caught one of Clint's drumstick as he thrown it in the crowd. I had one side of the stick and some other guy had the other. He looked at me and saw that I was "bigger" than him. So, he immediately let go of it and I said "thanks". He started to walk off and I felt like a prick for what I did so I decided to give it to him anyway. Hopefully, they'll tour as I would love to see them live again.
  10. hopefully you get it back on soon
  11. Great band Something for Kate..
  12. This reminds me of an FA cup night out with my football team (Chelsea beating Everton after Louis Saha scored in the first 30 seconds). We went to our sponsor at the time, the excellent Surjit's Indian Resteraunt in Annandale, then onto a pub in Glebe to watch the game. Anyhow there was a pub cover band on prior to the game, what should they play. The singer didn't think it as funny as we did... "I've been to Surjit's and I have a burning ring of fire... of fire...."
  13. We pay their wages, we elect them to run our country. They recently went to the ends of the earth to prevent passing SSM laws because of the "sanctity of marriage". If their behaviour runs counter to their public statements and votes regarding how seriously they take marriage, then that is in the public interest.
  14. This is my point. The Federal govt could bring 30K people home tomorrow....set up the quarantine and testing on Christmas or Manus or Naru for however long it takes and then release the folks to go to their respective homes. They won't do it. (PS.....It really is a stretch to suggest anyone with this point of view is the same as Trumpies MAGA'S. . )
  15. Let's look at this problem in a different way. Say I want to go on a overseas holiday. Do I write to Gladys or any state authority? Let's see what smartraveller.gov.au says (https://www.smartraveller.gov.au/COVID-19): " There's a ban on overseas travel from Australia. You can’t leave Australia unless you get an exemption from the Department of Home Affairs. " Oh, it's Federal.
  16. Same issue as above...and this is for @Edinburgh.... I actually agree with the Libs on this one (almost unheard of) I said it on the night it aired...but it was the worst, and most unjustifiable 4 Corners I've ever seen. Someone in the media thought what I thought (forget who), which was that some of it might have made a 7 minute 7.30 segment...but it was a ridiculous and pathetic program.
  17. Mine's out. They reckon 9 before it comes back on,,we will see.
  18. 4000 houses in my area has lost power, somehow my house didnt lose power, feeling so lucky so far
  19. The Australian Border Force (ABF) as an operationally independent body is responsible for implementing Australia's border enforcement policies, managing frontline border law enforcement and customs activities to protect the integrity of Australia's borders. Role and functions The Department is responsible for centrally coordinated strategy and policy leadership in relation to immigration, citizenship and multicultural affairs, domestic and national security arrangements, law enforcement, emergency management, counter-terrorism, social cohesion, the protection of our sovereignty, the integrity of our border and the resilience of our national infrastructure. https://www.transparency.gov.au/annual-reports/department-home-affairs/reporting-year/2018-2019-4#:~:text=The Australian Border Force (ABF,the integrity of Australia's borders. I can find nothing that says the NSW govt is responsible......must be in the really really small fine print.
  20. @Midfielder You're wasting your time squire. Those objecting to your views are so blinded by their political allegiances they are as bad as the Trump supporters they (rightly) criticise.
  21. Whilst I take your point about Birkenhead not being part of Liverpool due to being the other side of the Mersey, I've never heard it suggested that Middlesbrough is part of Newcastle!! Always thought it was a far flung suburb of Leeds
  22. thank you i remember looking up prison architect and thinking about buying it on console, sounds like its a much better deal on steam
  23. yay its windy again which most likely means we will lose power again, cant wait to lose the power for 3 weeks in a row
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