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  2. sonar

    Music Thread 4

    Brings back memories.......
  3. Yes I have been carefully creating A internet persona of a Middle Aged left leaning guardian reading inner west wanker. coincidentally it matches my real life persona too
  4. these guys have been pretty good ever since they stopped with that fake american accent bullshit
  5. I remember once you broke the 255 character limit, it was a mess. You quickly retreated. although I have enjoyed the puns comrade
  6. Everything hurts and we sucked but good to play footy again
  7. Some scary **** in that article though, the deliberate provoking of division, the our culture is under threat language not to mention it being Covid fest 2020 over there
  8. Lol, Legia is back to his non verbal communication. There is a message in there somewhere.
  9. Yesterday
  10. https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2020/jul/04/us-under-siege-from-far-left-fascism-says-trump-in-mount-rushmore-speech?CMP=soc_567
  11. https://www.salon.com/2020/07/02/warrior-nun-hanna-cursed-white-women-netflix-amazon/
  12. really brings me back, i sucked at this game
  13. No you’ve converted him he’s probably out selling green left weekly out front of newtown station
  14. Paul01

    NRL Thread 2

    Thubvy league returns to its roots https://coupler.foxsports.com.au/api/v1/article/amp/nrl/nrl-premiership/more-joey-leilua-crap-sparks-fire-as-tigers-and-panthers-players-go-nuts-at-each-other/news-story/4d848ed153a925efa7af07ea65db07d9
  15. Oh ok...but titles...= tit les(s) was worth a shot!
  16. https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/africa/ghana-to-black-americans-come-home-well-help-you-build-a-life-here/2020/07/03/1b11a914-b4e3-11ea-9a1d-d3db1cbe07ce_story.html
  17. Thought you would've comment on the BBC reporting the story, considering the UK responses. The graph on Victorian (really Melbourne) cases over time is Well presented. Someone I work with is from the Asian subcontinent. He said to me that the cases and death rates for Covid-19 there are massively under reported. Look like we are some cases from there.
  18. I always thought that they ( govts ) eased/loosened restrictions a month too soon.....media,business and/or political pressure...?
  19. 4 games tomorrow U16 girls with the flag, then centres for o35 men (top division), intermediate (18-21) men and finishing with AA men (mid division) I am going to dead on Monday
  20. It looks to me that WHO guideline of a 14 day quarantine is too short. Needs to 21 or 28 days. Let's go back to all returnees going to Christmas Island with a 28 day quarantine. Mandatory testing at 7, 14, 21 and 28 days. No return to the mainland until 2 clear tests.
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