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  2. Was the same 30 years ago when I was at school nothing has changed except the curriculum and what is taught to students. Teachers aren’t what they used to be, with all due respect to your wife.
  3. Who’d thought that a bunch of Thugby league players can’t clean up after themselves and treat our team like sh1t
  4. So the masses as a collective have the same concerns as always. I wonder what has changed?
  5. As meetings go, this one was light on agenda/discussion items. Matters discussed in addition to my previous post were: First was match days feedback on anything and everything. Overall very happy with everything with specific positive mention of: - food affordable and good selection - membership pack, with specific mention of the clear bags which assist with entry via security checks - much better experience(s) with security and police (sub note - problems at away venues were mentioned as well and the Club continues to work on getting improvements) - game day activities. Club asked for additional suggestions, several were made and accepted with enthusiasm - e tickets for entry Negatives and responses were: - slow and inadequate service at tea/coffee outlets - the Club will report this to the venue operators for improvement - music too loud for some members - system has default settings based on crowd size, these can be altered, will be referred for possible adjustment Feedback on Membership and fan engagement: - good initiatives with events and competitions - would like more fan interaction with half time entertainment - good fan and player video content - great discount for holiday clinics Premium membership and add ons: - less value for money this year - prefer a cheaper package like last year's Gold Membership add on - Club pointed out they more than welcome requests for one off deals for experiences and upgrades such as Xmas parties, end of year, birthday parties. They are keen on this. Anyone interested just get in touch to work something out. (Maybe just a one off upgrade for a single match with access to players etc for a family or whatever.) - Members Bar liked (but seems very few at the meeting have used it) - pre match entertainment for juniors on the concourse raised. Agreed and will implement but there are safety concerns to deal with. A couple of location possibilities were mentioned and will be looked at. Other - open gates earlier for double headers so active can set up - tried/looked at just 15 minutes earlier but additional cost is prohibitive at Bankwest. But doable at Marconi for other W League matches - correlating with RBB for active support for W League derbies - Club will reach out but it is a fan initiative - Club will invite juniors to learn simple banner making during the holiday period - How can we committee members do more than just attend meetings? Club will invite us to do a bit at member events. (And since then we are invitec to do so at Xmas party - I have acepted) - Club helped with RBB fund raising for fire victims, can more be done? Club has raised funds for charities in the past and will in future. Something is planned for next home match. Also, as at the previous meetings, JT was triggered by one or more committee members into giving an impassioned rant about a variety of matters, in the same vein as many on this forum.
  6. Today
  7. Hoping to see Davilla, the cheating scum, sent off by Lucas.
  8. So Labour just have to find someone whose "mannerisms" aren't "something" and they'll win that retired woman back. And the last word goes to a 77 year old Polish immigrant who thinks that immigration is out of control and is the reason his town is poor. God help whoever next takes the leadership in trying to sort that herd those cats back into Labour.
  9. Hope Hope she sings " Everybody Knows"
  10. Mr Cohen has a way with words.
  11. Got have hope haven’t you shes touring next year too, get a ticket she’s phenomenal
  12. Smoggy was spot on, predicting the fall of labour in its traditional areas https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2019/dec/13/theyre-getting-their-just-desserts-how-traditional-voters-ditched-labour?CMP=fb_gu&utm_medium=Social&utm_source=Facebook#Echobox=1576258467 let’s check back in later and see if it’s any better for them? Who knows maybe it will be, maybe it really was the immigrants fault all along Corbyn you useless tit
  13. Loss of form = contract negotiations?
  14. Also avoid someone who eats sandwiches in an unphotogenic way.
  15. Meier, Kamau, Lopar, Trew, Cordier, Jurman, Duke, Suman, Sullivan, Muller, Schwegler, Majewski, Elrich, Tass, Russell
  16. Womens World Cup bid now down to 4. Korea Republic pulled out so the FIFA favorite is now gone. The FFA/NZF is up against bids from the Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF), Colombian Football Federation (FCF) and Japan Football Association (JFA). FIFA confirm final four bidders for 2023 Women's World Cup https://www.sbs.com.au/fifa-confirm-final-four-bidders-for-2023-women-s-world-cup?cid=twgapp:socialshare:copylink
  17. Lots of talk from other teams re-signing players or negotiating with others, who is off contract next year with WSW?
  18. Here it's 30 feels like 36 - that's bullcrap - it feels more like 36.1215
  19. Both Kopites and as bad as each other
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