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  2. Got a new pack of bog rolls this morning!! We were down to 2 rolls..... Hot Indian curry takeaway back on this weekend
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  4. If you haven't been keeping up with that twitter thread above, it just reached its apogee (skip the top rubbish)
  5. not really upset about this but the last of us 2 is delayed, the first was alright but i didnt complete it also final fantasy 7 is still awesome(the remake, the original sucks )
  6. A-League cash crisis could bring opportunity for whole of game shake-up The coronavirus pandemic has hit Australia's cash-strapped A-League clubs hard but the financial shortfalls that COVID-19 has brought also represent an opportunity to reimagine the sport in this country, says leading administrator Nick Galatas. The crisis could accelerate plans to introduce promotion and relegation and a fully integrated pyramid system at state and national levels, says the man who is chairman of the Australian Association of Football Clubs (AAFC), the body representing NPL clubs in Australia ''I see it as an opportunity for the game to be recalibrated in a manner which reflects the real support and the real position in the community which the game holds – rather than an arbitrary level that was set some time ago which doesn't reflect the reality,'' Galatas says. A lawyer and former chairman of one-time NSL powerhouse South Melbourne, Galatas is part of the FFA's steering committee charged with creating the platform for a national second division, which was earmarked to kick off in the 2021-22 season. He acknowledges that might be delayed for a period now but insists that the current crisis is also a chance to re-examine the professional game and the whole integrated structure of soccer in this country. This is particularly the case if the economic model underpinning the A-League contracts if broadcaster Fox Sports walks away from the game because of its own financial uncertainty. If the cost base for the top-tier clubs shrinks dramatically – as many suspect it will with talk of the salary cap being halved for the next season – then the differential between the A-League clubs and the largest second-tier NPL teams will be nowhere near as great as it is at the moment. That makes the prospect of relegation to the second level much less challenging as it might otherwise have been, he argues. In turn that should facilitate the way for the changes to be made sooner rather than later, lessening the argument of A-League club owners that their revenue streams will diminish if they drop to a second-tier competition. ''I think that the linking of the game now, the continuum of clubs from the richest and the biggest down to the lower ones is going to become much more connected and organic than the system that we have currently,'' he said. ''That was artificially maintained. You had the bigger clubs outside the A-League [in Victoria leading NPL teams like South Melbourne, Bentleigh Greens, Heidelberg, Melbourne Knights] forced into smaller state leagues which ensured they were unable to grow and aspire to become bigger by moving into the top division. ''And the top-tier clubs have been artificially preserved at the highest level. ''If the top tier is redeveloped in conjunction perhaps with a new broadcasting deal, if it's needed, and then restructured with a different financial model in place then I see as part of that an opportunity to introduce the second tier and work in promotion and relegation. I think a new broadcast partner might see value in it.''
  7. Kitto

    Music Thread 4

    "There is nothing that is wrong In wanting you to stay here with me I know you've got somewhere to go But won't you make yourself at home and stay with me? And don't you ever leave" #stayathome
  8. Hmmmmmmmmm.....they're basing decisions already taken on the modelling they already have.....why the wait.....?......the santitised version only to be released.?
  9. If you're interested in the stats for Australia and some basic modelling, follow these accounts on Twitter below. They are pretty accurate and a bunch of stats and science people have taken on doing their own modelling, projections and analysis. The account below retweets it all as well as updating numbers whenever they are released by the states. This guy below puts up some great graphs. He recalculates his graphs and modelling every day based on the official numbers. This is his modelling today. Estimated to reach the peak at 8059 in mid April. Back a week or two ago based on the numbers coming through, there was an estimate of up to 107,000. While it's not super accurate, his predictions based on the formula he's using have been within ~50 of actual daily totals for at least week or so. Whenever the daily amount is under, the future modelling changes, which is why the graph below has gone from that to the one above. Positive signs on some basic modelling.
  10. @Smoggy Latest from Morrison from his presser today re: modelling. Let's see whether or not they come through with it on Tuesday.
  11. TBH, wouldn't trust the Malaysia or Sweden numbers in your first sentence. Sweden is not really taking things as seriously as they probably should and still have nearly everything open. They have also stopped testing people with symptoms and are only testing high-risk people. So their numbers are from early on when they were testing more, not now. They will definitely have more cases, just not confirmed. Seems to me they are going down the herd immunity route. https://au.news.yahoo.com/sweden-taking-radical-approach-to-managing-coronavirus-threat-075055124.html https://www.thelocal.se/20200320/fact-check-has-sweden-stopped-testing-people-for-the-coronavirus Malaysia, well there's very little transparency in testing figures from what I can find online and also lots of propaganda on how many people have supposedly recovered. I also don't trust a Government that puts out something like this - https://www.sbs.com.au/news/malaysia-apologises-for-campaign-urging-women-to-stop-nagging-their-husbands-during-covid-19-lockdown They also had a huge religious festival that has been linked to hundreds of other cases through Asia, but they still apparently have low numbers? https://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-03-19/coronavirus-spread-from-malaysian-event-to-multiple-countries/12066092 Don't really buy it. Then in terms of other countries reaching figures after 22 days, I don't buy India or the Philiphines numbers either. In India with the population they have and the density, those numbers are just unrealistic. I've also found some figures on various sites that say India has only tested 47,000 "samples" not people. In a country of 1.3 billion people, many below the poverty line this is pitiful but not unexpected. I wouldn't be trusting these figures. And then the Philipines. Well there is mass panic and unrest over there and Duterte is threatening to shoot everyone, so again not really the most transparent Government going around. You take out those anomalies and you're left with Poland, Norway, Denmark, New Zealand and Ireland who are performing better than us in different ways. Norway and Denmark are some of the most progressive countries in Europe and were a few of the first to close borders and shut schools and send employees home. They are also performing random testing now and have quite transparent figures. I tend to think they are accurate. New Zealand is obviously pretty transparent and is doing a fair amount of testing for their population size. Poland is a funny one. They also locked down early and eastern Europe doesn't seem to have been hit as hard as Western Europe, however it looks they are playing funny buggers with some of their numbers. They are only declaring deaths by COVID if they are clinically diagnosed. They aren't doing any post-mortem testing. Their Ministry of Health also tried to ban medical professionals from speaking out on the virus around two weeks ago. So I guess take their figures with a grain salt. Overall, based on the testing rates and the transparent numbers we have I would make an argument we're outperforming a lot of the developed world in the right areas based on our large population. I've been saying this for a while. We definitely don't live on top of others like they do in Europe. It's been interesting that the hot spots in NSW are in the more dense population spots of the Eastern Suburbs where there are a lot of apartments and townhouses. Balks and I have a theory as well that the hardest hit countries in Europe all have very high population densities and have "cafe cultures". Spain, France, Italy etc. all love to go out with family and friends and sit around cafes smoking, chatting and drinking coffee. He's seen it first hand in Bosnia, Croatia etc. even after COVID-19 was getting around early on. Guaranteed this plays a part in the spread. Very easy to spread to four or five people in one sitting and then the waitress spreads it to other tables and off it goes. It tends to be the oldies that do it too, so hence the terrible death rates.
  12. I was thinking about the much higher case numbers in Europe than we have and I wonder whether our individual houses on "large" blocks of land that reduces the population density might have something to do with it.
  13. Hahaha! Suck it up Jack!
  14. Ahhhh...not in a public school then.
  15. So this would be a bad time to mention that our school just messaged to say they forsee a minimum further 90 days of home education. You'd better shift from beers to making your own moonshine.
  16. His holidays start this afternoon.....
  17. He’s got to drag me to the couch!
  18. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Don't worry - only another week to go before the holidays!
  19. Yesterday
  20. Keeping him there for the late closing?
  21. He’s not allowed ....I’ve given him detention!
  22. Jack Jr....If you can read this.....I'd get myself expelled......now.......
  23. A practical lesson for the kids?
  24. This note above the list explains the France situation. NOTE: France today reported 884 additional deaths that have occurred in nursing homes over the past days and weeks [source]. The French Government did not include these deaths in their official count, as their count only takes into consideration deaths of hospitalized patients. Following international standards of correct inclusion, our statistics will include these deaths, and will add them to the April 2, 2020 count following the attribution criteria of date of report. If and when the French government determines and communicates the correct distribution of these additional deaths over time, we will adjust the historical data accordingly. I remember reading a quote from one of the mayors in northern Italy where he said only the people that died in hospital that had a confirmed case were included in their death list but that only explained one third of the 300% rise in deaths when compared to last year.
  25. Home schooling blows 1st beer going down now
  26. I don't foresee any problems with the restoration of how things were before in the long run. The problem will be how to ease them off in the mid term but not fire up the infection rate again. Most of the restrictions have required state action to enforce and in some cases to change state Acts so it may take a while to sort it all out.
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