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  2. How was Irvine scoring that 4th goal. Great we saw it live......
  3. Tim Dierben (can't get the German symbol) is a Hannover man between reserves and first team. Schwegler would know him I would imagine.
  4. Stadium 'injecting $1 million into Parramatta economy' on match days The taxpayer-funded Bankwest Stadium is bringing a financial benefit of nearly $1 million to Parramatta each time an event is held at the venue. New economic analysis shows about 530,000 patrons have attended ticketed events at the 30,000 seat stadium - which the state government built for less than its budgeted $360 million - since the venue opened in Sydney's west in April. Visitors to three of those events injected a combined $2.9 million to the local area's economy in June and July, analysis commissioned by the City of Parramatta Council and Venues NSW found. The Micromex Research, published on Wednesday, found visitors to the three sporting events spent an estimated $1.27 million inside Bankwest Stadium and about $1.65 million in the Parramatta area. The analysis was based on a survey of 609 people who attended one of three match days at the stadium – a NSW Waratahs v Brumbies Super Rugby match, a Parramatta Eels v Wests Tigers NRL game, and the A-League pre-season friendly between Leeds United and Western Sydney Wanderers. "Approximately 57 percent of the total estimated value was generated pre and post-match outside the stadium, in the Parramatta area," the report said. "[This] suggests the economic benefit of Bankwest Stadium for Parramatta reaches beyond the stadium boundary." The report said 57 per cent of respondents who spent money in Parramatta before or after a game bought food or drinks from a cafe bar, club, restaurant or convenience store. About 89 per cent of patrons lived outside the greater Parramatta area and 11 per cent were first-time visitors to the area. Lord mayor of the City of Parramatta, Bob Dwyer, said the research indicated the stadium had been "a real game-changer" for the city. "Not only is it a world-class venue, it’s injecting millions of dollars into the local economy and attracting a new wave of visitors. "This report shows people heading to Bankwest Stadium are really making the most of their visit to Parramatta, whether it’s enjoying a meal at one of the city’s many fantastic restaurants and cafes or booking accommodation at local hotels." The Berejiklian government is pushing to finalise a developer to complete its $730 million Moore Park stadium rebuild, while work is forging ahead on plans to refurbish ANZ Stadium at Homebush. https://www.smh.com.au/national/nsw/stadium-injecting-1-million-into-parramatta-economy-on-match-days-20191015-p530zf.html
  5. W-League announcement https://www.google.com.au/amp/s/amp.theguardian.com/football/2019/oct/15/wide-reaching-plans-for-independent-w-league-revealed
  6. Trinks & Mollering look the best of the players. I'd probably go for Trinks if I had to choose.
  7. Here's German free agents Ams https://www.transfermarkt.com/spieler/vertragslosespieler/statistik/1/plus//galerie/0?ausrichtung=alle&spielerposition_id=10&land_id=40&altersklasse=&wettbewerb_id=alle&seit=2019&yt0=Show
  8. i am still here, just made it in before the 3000 mark
  9. Hey Taurus, I'm hearing that we're talking to a free agent German lower league player as an injury replacement for Rado. Any substance to the story?
  10. Not many players waiting in the wings to replace Grant either. Risdon was terrible for us and has played one competitive game this season.
  11. Could he play Josh Risdon back into the national team. Team looks better than the last game. Taggart>>> Maclaren Mabil>>> Goodwin
  12. Of course Rhyan Grant makes a mistake and Taiwan score.
  13. Any number of items Independent A-league New FFA CEO Marketing campaign Marquee announcement Women's World Cup bid
  14. Hello.....Hello.......Hello.......Hello......
  15. Rugari teasing an article in the SMH tomorrow. Considering the transfer windows closed with nothing but Roberts to the Mariners I wonder what it'll be about.
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