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  2. So as someone who, no doubt, doesn't want the government reaching into your wallet, does it worry you that IF the govt had ordered those 5 firefighting aircraft at a cost of 20 million, before fire services got totally overwhelmed, the gov't now wouldnt be having to spend many times that amount mopping up the mess? Ad campaigns to lure international tourists back (30-40% cancellation rate I think I heard yesterday, and potential loss to the nation of 4.5 billion dollars for 2020)....as just one of the costs to the gov't as a result of negligence? PS Don't worry about me developing any unhealthy obsessions here. I need somewhere to vent my grief for a billion incinerated animals, and millions more still suffering. People all over the world are grieving over that.
  3. oh yes i am devastated you said something mean dont let dementia hit you too hard
  4. McCraig @Wandererstragic Replying to @wswanderersfc Goodbye Marcus, we shall miss your humble & open nature. From day 1 on the job, on which you attended an NPL2 game at Edensor Park, you encouraged myself & others to believe that you had the club's best interests at heart & you would give your all to achieve results. #Tops 11:53 AM · Jan 20, 2020·Twitter Web App
  5. do you really have to be a jerk too? its bad enough ******* turner is being a dick but i do kinda expect it from you while turner less so because turner has shown himself to be a decent human from time to time
  6. Sad day now the pressure and blowtorch turn firmly on the players. Mitch Duke was on Fox Sports news, says players take the blame and need to be better. If they can't be then JT should hand in his resignation season end. Babbel was a great character, but ultimately he knows the business, his faults were maybe be too loyal to some players who let him down and inability to cut out the same mundane football.
  7. You jest? He was on the ball, must have had intel
  8. McCraig @Wandererstragic Replying to @Wandererstragic and@TonyTannousTRBA Still all locked up here at VSP. Natta is a freak #WSWvSFC #SydneyYouffDerby 12:30 PM · Jan 19, 2020·Twitter for Android
  9. I don't like being a ****, but sometimes you just have to give a bloke enough rope... I'm not going to repeat posts on here that I've already made on twitter, although some may think I should, for their edification
  10. We are all here for you goat, but not just you. We are all here to support one another, all part of the western Sydney family. I can’t stress enough, that if anyone is having a bad day, having a hard time or is struggling is something, please reach out. Please come here & we will listen & help you
  11. Does Vince Rugari listen to Around the bloc?
  12. Today
  13. I think we are all in agreement as much as we like Babbel's pressers and the bright start to the season it really has fallen apart, but we have a number of players that are under performing and yesterday was no different. Jurman since our first bye has been suspect, Mcgowan has been patchy, Schwegler defensively still sound but in possession very suspect as the weeks have gone by but the biggest issue by far is our attackers. Duke seems to be trying to do it on his own and doesn't link up as well as when we had started the season. You have Muller who has gotten better as the season has gone but again doesn't link up well but the times he has often there is opportunity for us to score and then the biggest problem is Yeboah. Now I like Yeboah but geez he is having a shocking season his confidence is down he is frustrated and it shows. before the injury he was leading the line for us but ever since the injury he hasn't looked himself. The problems are far deeper than just the coach we have squad that is grossly under performing
  14. Not too happy with JP but what are the options? Good coaches won’t take in an interim role, and is it worth risking an unknown one? It will be fascinating to see his lineup against mariners. Will he put on the same 11, meaning he was the driving force all along (and has no clue), or does he have a different concept?
  15. I actually disagree that the players are lazy.... Certainly last night! I have a quite different perspective on last night's game than I've read on here and other places. I thought that for a team low on confidence with some regulars out, no striker and one (at least) returning from injury we actually did pretty well against a top three team, reigning premiers and one of the best attacks of the A League. Forneroli has been one of the success stories of the A League - he's been a little slower getting going this year but still banging in some good goals and doesn't need much space. Castro is still one of the top couple of A League players and could get a start in any team. These two run rings around teams but were kept pretty quiet last night. Forneroli was reduced to diving, falling and living up to his moniker, Fakeroli. He was pathetic and sucked the ref in a few times. Castro ran backwards more often than not. McGowan/Elrich worked hard on Forneroli (except for one slip up and a soft goal). Zeigler and Schwegler kept Castro relatively quiet. Jurman kept Chianese under control. This was an adjustment in style and set up and it largely worked (except for a soft goal). Lopar hardly raised a sweat on a muggy night. We didn't have the class up front but moving to a front 2 with Duke and Yeboah looked much better. Duke and Muller had freedom to move around and Kamau (he frustrates the hell out of me normally) I thought was pretty good. He and Elrich kept Meredith relatively under control - he tore up Jets and has been pretty good. We also weren't overrun in the midfield. For me, the players do put in but are sometimes clueless about what to do - the much-vaunted lack of a plan (thought I saw one last night). I still reckon our problems come from not having the front man who can make the right runs and finish, so there is nowhere for the ball to go up front. Perth sat back and went into the old Popa style kick long and run - very different from how they've been playing and I suggest that at least part of this was we actually played alright. There have been a few games where we've played alright but without the right person up front to make the right run, get that last ball and finish, we have not had anywhere to go and have to retreat. I think we often assume introverted players who are not outwardly demonstrable are lazy, disinterested and don't want to be part of the team. Perhaps they are just internalizing their responses and trying make it work. Not everyone has the outward demonstrable stuff of Georgevski or Zeigler.
  16. i agree about JT but curious do you expect JP to get fired or move onto somewhere else? i actually dont know how long he has on his contract as assistant coach or if him being caretaker coach changes anything in his contract
  17. thank you i should be going in a few days want to thank all those who have supported me, and there has been a lot of you, hell even last night a wanderers fan i dont talk to often came up to me and offered to introduce me to a group of her friends(and a couple of people i already know well) just nice to see so many good people in the wanderers family
  18. Piss weak press conference and JT is a corporate scrooge and I can't see JP staying on
  19. Heard on FNR podcast as well they aren't sold on Baccus. With the Olyroos his performance has been safe and when trying his passes to open up defence tends to lose it. He has been average in the green and gold
  20. Credit to the guy knew he just didn't have it in him anymore
  21. @mathyouwsw u reckon he's a clown too
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