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  2. Taurus

    What Really Grinds My Gears 5

    Floods all the time Your location made it easier
  3. Um, why, unless as an injury replacement for O'Doherty? We have the following local products under contract, all 21 or younger & who are capable of playing the DM role - Best Baccus, Grozos & Monge
  4. Davies was at Everton last season. An EPL fitness coach in the HAL.
  5. ZachMercer

    What Really Grinds My Gears 5

    How did you guess!
  6. On Offsiders, Catherine Murphy gives it to David Gallop for putting the Matilda's under the proverbial bus. Can only hope Chris Nikou and his cronies have watched or heard about it.
  7. mack

    What Really Grinds My Gears 5

    Too much surface water?
  8. Today
  9. wendybr

    Women's World Cup - France 2019

    Sigh... Hope Sam and the other girls brush all this stuff off. Is this level of scrutiny (and any criticism of a throw away line, using a term people her age have grown up with) REALLY necessary? Opinion: Sam Kerr gives Australian football its 'Michelle Payne moment' after heroic Brazil win http://www.abc.net.au/news/2019-06-16/matildas-world-cup-win-and-sam-kerr-sexism-message/11210556
  10. I heard that Zach Duncan (ex-Roar NYL) has signed for Marconi. Anyone think we could sign him for the NYL?
  11. Taurus

    What Really Grinds My Gears 5

    Fraser Park?
  12. Where not dead yet https://www.bavarianfootballworks.com/2019/6/14/18679084/franck-ribery-transfer-bayern-munich-interview-lequipe-france-mls-united-arab-emirates-frankfurt
  13. Easy solution. Remove fees from University, waive existing educational debt and allow people to study what they want.
  14. mack

    What Floats Your Boat 4

    Is it glow in the dark?
  15. Allow individuals to serve a max of 2 x 3 year terms on the board & that will attract a better caliber & range of candidate
  16. Not really sure, what happened with Lachie. Nice lad, with a good range of skills, but he coped a few niggling injuries 18 - 24 months ago & just disappeared from view. He's young enough to still have a bright future
  17. The mechanics of how the Russians with Wikileaks as their co-conspirator influenced the US election in favour of Trump. So much evidence and so little to suggest that Trump didn’t know and didn’t cooperate. https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2018/jul/13/russians-hillary-clinton-email-server-trump-indictment
  18. papersun

    Squad Development 2019/20 Part 1

    Just wondering if anyone's seen much of Lachlan Campbell, seems like he was with the Wanderers for a while? I've seen him a couple of times this season playing for Blacktown City as a centre back , looks decent, I've noticed he really likes going on runs out of defence which some A League bosses may frown on. Any chance of him returning to the A League?
  19. billybob

    Squad Development 2019/20 Part 1

    Could it be Ross McCormack? He’s a free agent since being let go by Aston Villa. I hope not.
  20. https://www.sporttechie.com/sparta-science-signs-first-english-premier-league-deal-stoke-city-fc/
  21. https://au.linkedin.com/in/andy-davies-608b0738 Says he has been here for 2months already 😲
  22. https://uk.linkedin.com/in/andy-davies-608b0738
  23. Midfielder

    Julian Assange arrested by UK police

    worth watching..
  24. I am not going to go in to this in detail. But your stance is exactly why we will see a bigger scale war. We have lost the ability to address what is going wrong in my opinion. I generally keep clear of this thread, time to do so again me thinks
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