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    • It does make sense, from a medical point of view. The best thing we have is vaccination. The whole point of the medical profession is to preserve life, make things safe for patients. If you're going to push things that haven't been tested and refuse to take something which right now is the thing that will make the most amount of people safe, then, yes, it makes a lot of sense that you will not have a job within that industry, particularly in a very litigious society.
    • Okay - I'm totally happy to entertain the idea that money talks and influences politicians and the decisions they make. This has always been the way. It's weird to me that NOW is the time when all these people are getting angry about it, and, not like 30 years ago when things really started to take off in that department, or that they are only interested in one aspect of it, and like, couldn't give a **** about Porter's million dollar donation or the huge lobbying industry that is now driving our government, not least the role that Murdoch has to play. It seems that people don't think that's important, but this one is. Okay. I don't see Ned or Andrew getting upset about that ****. But even then - it's not a dud product. It does work better than anything else we have, and has been tested more than anything else we have, and, in a climate like this, it is NOT a solid move even for an industry with monopolies to make something that doesn't work.  We could change the way that this works because we are worried about the role of Big Pharma, and say, you know what, decades and decades  worth of peer reviewing and checks and all that stuff, look. Big Pharma are running the show so let's just dispense with it, and rush through things without that level of testing. We could do that, and tear Big Pharma away from their control of it all. And then everyone could just take what they thought was best without that level of oversight, knowing that Big Pharma was not enjoying a monopoly. We could do that.  
    • I can't comment on the issue you keep steering us back to - I know of the situation, but that's all. Re the current issue, or one of them, doctors who have had Covid - say a year ago, are easily able to get tested for antibodies - proving that they have high levels of said antibodies, and therefore don't need a vaccine. Evidence seems to suggest that the antibodies last far longer than from the vaccines. Some are refusing to comply with mandatory jabs, saying that they are unnesessary, and there is no data on the effects of having a strong set of antibodies, and then getting jabbed.  This is the cae with Dr Dhand.... and they are losing their jobs, or having their jobs threatened. It doesn't make sense, from a medical point of view. And that is coming from medical people.
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