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    • Doesn't make it right. In the case of handball, we've gone from: - a law which is applied subject to the referee's interpretation and opinion of what actually happened in the match to - the interpretation (opinion) of a law and its meaning/application with guidelines on what that interpretation/opinion is and/or isn't which is then interpreted by the referee in the match based on his opinion (which is then potentially subject to the opinion of the VAR on how to interpret the law, the interpretation of the law and the guidelines of the interpretation) together with an intimate knowledge of how the body works and reacts to any and all physical movement during the course of attempting to play in a football match  For christ's sake - give me a bloody break! Sorry, I don't mean to shoot the messenger. It's time for referees to rebel and reject the brainwashing and tell IFAB or whoever to wake up to themselves.
    • Dale’s version of events  It’s long been the case that IFAB write the LOTG but sometimes it doesn’t translate in practice. It’s not perfect but has been that way for a long time.
    • Two cannibals are sharing a meal. They agree one starts at the head and the at the feet. They're about halfway through and one asks the other "How are you going?" He gets the answer "I'm having a ball!" YOU'RE GOING TOO FAST!
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