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    • As @sonar said before, three great players. But...Lederer wouldn't even look at even opening his wallet for them.  Welbeck will probably get renewed at Brighton. If Swansea get promoted, they would be looking to resign Ayew since he has helped them alot this season. A friend of mine is a West Brom fan and highly rates Bartley. Great player but probably wanting too much if he wanted to join the Wanderers.  
    • Majority of them are either overseas players or playing with A-league teams not performing well, it's not surprising that the majority of them aren't well known.
    • With regards to Jess's observations, experiences and comments on the vaccine rollout and reluctance by Boomers to get vaccinated. I'm a Boomer and as mentioned previously I have had my 1st AZ jab last weekend. All went well with no after affects with the exception of a mild chill and very slight nausea both passed after a few hours. I deliberately held off getting the jab as I thought others should get it before me and my medical centre and many GP's were only receiving limited supplies and still are.. I am a bit surprised that Boomers would be reluctant to get the Vaccine as their experiences as children would surely have had an lasting affect on them and their parents. In the 1940's and 50's diseases such as Polio, diphteria, tetanus, whooping cough etc etc were of major concern then as Vaccines were just being developed ie Polio (which was a crippling disease literally) vaccine 1953. Also, I don't think Boomers are large consumers of Social media although I agree with Jess on the Murdoch and shock jocks sensationalising (if there's such a word) aspects of news and reporting anything especially if they can scare the crap out of gullible people. 
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