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    • Couple of Scottish jokes , Hope no offence. " Jock wins 10 million in Lotto. Wife says , but Jock what do we do about the begging letters. Jock replies , keep sending them ! "   A guy walks into his Scottish neighbours house where he is peeling the wallpaper off the wall. He asks him are you renovating ?  The reply is no I'm moving.
    • The Angry One was outfoxed in the semifinal I have this from a post in the FTBL forum but is worth a read "Korea U-23 boss Kim Hak-bum on 2-0 win over Australia: "We were prepared to play 120 minutes, but I expected Australia to run out of gas in the second half and planned for that accordingly. Their games showed that they fatigue quickly in the second half. We had to exploit that." More from Kim Hak-bum on win over Australia: "It's not just a matter of running more than the opposition for us. We analyzed Australia based on data. We're superior in terms of techniques, speed and power. I expected Australia to fatigue fairly quickly and I was right." Kim Hak-bum on if he was surprised to see Australia leave out their regular starters: "We would've actually played even better if they deployed a lineup that we expected from them. Many of the Aussie players who didn't start today played 120 minutes in the quarter-final." Kim Hak-bum on Oh Se-hun's standout performance: "I instructed him to initiate direct duels against their No. 4 (Dylan Ryan). Se-hun is a competitive player. Their No. 4 and No. 6 (Tass Mourdoukoutas) couldn't beat him in the air. We were right to use that to our advantage."
    • Apparently Smurfs going to appeal Treejack's ref card.
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