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    • Starting XI for our behind closed doors friendly against the Mariners  
    • The biggest difference between say A-league and K-league domestic players is that when an A-league player has the ball and they are in the attacking third they will often go backwards or panic. K-league Domestic players  will instead try drive down the wings and expose space. The skill level is almost the same but Koreans have more confidence to do one-on-ones, have confidence protecting the ball and have vision to attack space. I have consumed my share of K-league games (big fan of Taggart) the level is almost the same, the difference is they are far more confident attacking defenders but the finishing is... well peak A-league and that's why they are in the domestic league if its not military requirements. J-league is far more complex the way Japanese play is like a chess game and A-league teams really struggle but again some of the finishing is reminiscent of peak A-league.  Chinese are rough thug players I agree A-league players are at the moment better but since we have been Asia they have improved the gap is not as much as it was say 10 or even 5 years ago.
    • I like how when he has the ball he looks like one of the greatest footballers of all time, but without the ball he look like he's at a music festival after a few too many disco biscuits.
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