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    • It has brought out the best, and the idealist in me hopes that some of it will stick on the other side, and we won't just go back to not giving a fck about others. That said its to soon really to be talking about the other side, either health wise or economically. In my current sector the big job losses are still to come, but they are coming. While the devestation of the small business that rely on it, is heart breaking. Coffee shops, cafes, caterers etc. 
    • The pay rise just keeps up with inflation, so in effect no payrise is a paycut. But given the state of the economy, inflation shold be relatively low. BTW I'm not seeking any rise, I feel incredibly fortunate to get through this.  More consious if you are a hospital worker on low wages, who has been going in to work despite the risk to yourself and family, this isn't much of a thank you. While I'm on a rant those Teds in tory voting areas of england clapping the NHS works can do one too, you just voted for a bunch of a pay cuts to NHS workers, I suprised the nurses don't tell them to do one
    • Re reward...virtue is its own reward, as they say...altho it doesn't pay the bills. I don't know what the grassroots reaction will be, but with so many out of work or underemployed, and suffering, it wouldn't sit well with me to be agitating about lack of a pay rise. But many others might disagree. IDK.  
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