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    • Terrible banter. Announced they’re showing marble racing. Ha ha h...
    • Classic Fox PR machine still making out like they’re in a position to be selecting who they keep and get rid of as if they’re so in demand and important LOL They’ll be lucky to survive this if they don’t get some live sport back within the next 3 months. The way America is going right now, they look like being one of the last to get their sport back up and running so that’s an enormous blow to Fox Sports content.  The A-League is going to be fine. It’s the AFL and NRL who should be shitting themselves right now because the bubbles burst and they aren’t worth near the $1-2b they were previously given. Fox and 9 are trying to exploit any loophole they can to wriggle out or renegotiate the deal. If Fox go under all together then god knows where they’ll go or who will give them anywhere near what they’re getting now. There’s a big reality check incoming for Australian sport.  
    • https://www.msn.com/en-au/news/australia/death-to-dog-eaters-disgusting-graffiti-is-sprayed-on-a-road-outside-an-asian-familys-home-in-reference-to-the-coronavirus-crisis/ar-BB11XkpW?ocid=spartandhp
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