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    • I remember hearing a story, not sure if it’s true, a doctor giving a vaccine and this anti-vax person came in and was spouting all that nonsense about 5G and how it’s all a conspiracy etc. Anyway, doctor realised this person was one of those super pro-US is the best America #1 people. Doctor said to them: “What if all that 5G stuff is actually a conspiracy from the Communist Russians and Chinese to destabilise our American health system and release a disease that will kill us all?” Guy got the vaccine. Dunno if the story is true or not but hilarious if true 
    • I think on 7 News they were saying one of the Hockeyroo women was writing a large sign to attract the attention of some US guy in the next apartment block over When interviewed, I believe she said something like, “What’s wrong with some Olympics love? As long as it’s COVID safe”
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