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    • Questions aloud the following. Is the USA a capitalist country.... ?????? My answer is no its not.... the USA has a form of corporate capitalism which the spin doctors say is what built the country... In a true capitalist state you have many buyers and MANY sellers..... eg Farmer Joe takes his produce to a market where many people bid for his produce. Today however after changes to take over codes and monopolies we have created mega companies .... I think and don't hold me to this but I think Six yes Six companies control over 75% of food distribution and production world over...  In the USA you have less than 10 media companies of any size ...  So the USA could stand for the United Corporations of America...  I don't know the answer but the top 10% of the top 1% in the USA have more wealth than the bottom 50 or 55% of the country I forget which, and the top 1% have more wealth than than the bottom 90%. IMO the USA today more  reflects Europe in the days when Kings & Queens, with Lords etc ruled the place...  The incredible skill of ultra wealthy is to convince half the poor people their issues are with the other poor people not them... in fact in you cut my taxes its actually good for you and you will be better off with better schools if you cut my taxes... better still if you cut my taxes and reduce social security to pay for the tax cuts poor people will be better off ... it has always amazed me how in the USA this argument of poor people will be better off by giving the wealthy tax cuts and reducing public spending ...  but both sides do it... To repeat my question is the USA a capitalist country ???   
    • Oh sweetie really? If I thought you might have an open mind, I would bother with this comment but you know....
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