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    • Absolutely pumped to get this guy. 2014/15 season outscored Lewandowski, Ribery and Robben.  Played with Schwegler and despite a knee injury succeeded in Bundesliga 2 the last 2 years where J Mac failed. Shame we have to wait till the season starts but cannot wait
    • Football Manager 19 stats from start of 2018/19 season. Ratings out of 20
    • The reason I put it up was I actually saw this happen in a u14/15 ? match at a local park.  The ref awarded a pen...the defending team were livid and were on the brink of walking off....ref said sorry I only saw the hand in the air hit the ball...........so go off and you forfiet the match. I wonder what would of been the case in an FFA Cup match with no VAR.....?
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