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The all purpose Videogame Thread

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4 minutes ago, HollowedHeart said:

i was going to say i would think it would be completely different than it used to be, still wouldnt be funny to watch people play if the voice recognition actually works :P


my favourite parts is when she randomly shot things like the bed or the lounge :P

The Molotov cocktail one is funny as well.

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On 14/04/2020 at 2:38 PM, MathyouWSW said:

The Molotov cocktail one is funny as well.

i found that one amusing


i am looking at a game called Sakura wars, just the start of this video amuses me



i love choice based games and it looks like you can be a massive jerk :P

however the last 2 games i have bought is persona 5 royal(it reminds me of that game a tiny bit) and final fantasy 7 remake, i worry f i buy 3 japanese games in a row i'll get my weeb license which i do not want :P

then there is the swimsuit bundle which is a dlc where obviously all the female characters have swimsuits instead of actual clothes..........that dlc does not bode well for a good game :P actually all the dlc seems kinda dodgy and the entire dating sim does not work for me but if its like how it works in persona 5 and the characters are interesting then maybe it wont be as terrible as i am expecting 

i think its safe to say if i have any interest in this game i have already lost to the weebs and became one :P

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Anyone heard anything concrete on when the new 3070 graphics cards are available here ?

I don't wanna build a gaming rig now and then a new card comes out.


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never was into the last of us so this didnt affect me but there is such a shitshow around the last of us 2

jb hi fi not allowing returns, wonder what the ACCC will have to say about this

might be able to get away with it because of the virus

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honestly forgot about that, they delivered what they promised(i mean there was a tiny bit of false advertising but that is normal) and its a game by all accounts works well, my bad i forgot it had to be completely broken for the ACCC to get involved, my bad i just got confused because returns are normal but now less so

on a more positive note i cant wait for this remake, loved the hell out of the original years ago


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also on a personal note i am enjoying the hell out of borderlands 3 right now, soon there is going to be some new dlc added cant wait to play it, the dialog is just garbage but that is why i watch youtube while playing(videos i dont need to watch but just listen to) and its so much fun as that

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