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17 hours ago, wendybr said:


Except the crickets have probably all been poisoned by insecticides long before a harvest.


poor insect gets poison AND killed.

at least the meat I eat is killed for consumption.

you know whats worse? the fact the poor insect won't be eaten. 

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18 hours ago, TehSmileyBandit said:

If it makes you feel any better Wendy, I've had duck feet and duck tongue at Yum Cha too. I don't discriminate.

:shok: :shok:



PS It's nice to see you back again TSB...apart from hearing of your culinary predilections such as these. :bad:

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10 hours ago, MartinTyler said:

Finally got over to 'Little India' again at Harris Park last night. Streets were buzzing and we enjoyed some excellent food at 'Not Just Curries'. WOuld certainly recommend it.

Yeah, can't usually go wrong down there, I have been to most up and down Wigram Street and all pretty good. Closest thing in Sydney to British style curry houses of the sort you get across the north of England.

And Wendy, some of the vegie curries I have had down there have been awesome. 

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Post it every year but for mine the best time of the year is when Aussie cherries come out, love them and amazingly so does my son. He has just  finished bowl full and looks like he has just ripped into raw steak going by the stains around his mouth....

Not seen too many in the shops yet mind, first time this morning and not big amounts...maybe not such a good year....

See the source image


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On 16 October 2018 at 11:09 PM, mack said:

That guy is a good reviewer but the #1 is Steve1989MREInfo


When I was in the Army Reserve we did an exercise with the US Marines and they were given our 24 hour ration packs.

Problem was they're used to 1 meal packs so they demolished the whole things in the morning and asked where is the next one.


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55 minutes ago, Smoggy said:

Currently at IKEA eating 2 serves of princess cake...a dome of pink marzipan filled with cream, jam and sponge cake...all things i love...

My son thinks its hillarious that i love something called 'princess cake' but im comfortable with it.....

Meatballs tonight...

Hang on...Smoggy!

It's 2019.

Aren't you supposed to post the photo/video of your plate of food,  that you're also posting on Instagram??

Won't someone demand " Pics - or it didn't happen" ? 



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Back from SA and indulged in all the good gear. Some of the best feeds to be had (in no particular order):


Holy trinity of Kitchener Bun, Pasty & FUIC


Pie Floater at O'Connell's (AndyPK knows how good this place is)


Garfish, French Fries & Garlic Aioli at Moonta Bay (delish)

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2 hours ago, Smoggy said:

Slow cooker with lamb falling appart nearly done..guinness at the ready to wash it down with..and wanderers on TV....bliss...

Just saw this!

Maybe it will turn out that way, but.....bliss? :cheeky:

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