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Wanderers from Blacktown

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So they say that the Workers club will be open.


Considering going, however the atmosphere in at parramatta will be great


Don't do it mate.


Seriously, not for this game.


if you don't want to go to Parra fine, but at least Marconi mate.


You'll regret it, you want SOME atmosphere


I'm agree Tranquilo, parra live site for sure





























unless 5 degree overnight temps and torrential rain farks up the giant screen


i remember the last live site i attended was in Brighton back in 2004 for the euro final. Pascalidis was hosting it and by the end of the night had to beg with the crowd plz don't chuck flares at the screens as 1 had already been burnt due to the celebrations. Don't think Brighton council will ever host a live event again after that night.

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To all my fellow wanderers from Blacktown, Im still in North Carolina USA but I wish to be in Parra. Still wearing my shirt and watching the game with my familia. 

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SBS will be showing this documentary soon, not sure exact date will include areas around Blacktown. Also FFA cup tie from Blacktown derby has been rescheduled for wednesday as Taurus mentioned in the FFA cup thread due to last nights lightning.

Struggle Street – Keo Films Australia
Filmed over 5 months, this 3-part (x60mins) observational documentary series, follows the residents of areas of Sydney’s West. Gritty issues will be embraced through their everyday experiences, but through it all will come; joy, humour and triumphs that are still very much part of everyday life, despite often overwhelming challenges.

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A for creativity, it's the maraccas that make the act..

He actually asked for money for some Maccas...... :P

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looks like the doco will go ahead, worst thing is that tax payers coughed up nearly $1 million to fund this documentary. I could of shot it for a few hundred bucks!



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I find stuff like that funny,
mainly because that's how people from the east think that 95% of the population are.

I remember when I was playing rep cricket for blacktown when I was about 12 yo and we played against some team from the east or north shore at Aqullina reserve, where the Blacktown Spartans home ground is now.

All of the parents from the other team sat and watched the game from basically in the carpark because they didn't trust their cars not being stolen, most away parents sat near the boundary rope but these guys sat about 30m away from the field on the other side of a little gully right near their cars...

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its all Blactown council and its a 3 part series, so its been shot all around the west of sydney.

after blacktown council went with a few garbage trucks to sbs headquarters to have it axed but with no success, seems sbs has changed their promo ad, maybe some late editing with all the backlash now.


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its all Blactown council and its a 3 part series, so its been shot all around the west of sydney.

mate i dont care what council it is how many parts it is they make out like mt druitt and blacktown are the same place this thing needs to be stopped immediately.


on another note i wander if they will show the albino african bloke who romes around the shops with his mate. that guy is like a blacktown superstar

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guess everyone will just have to watch it and see it in its own benefit. In the end of the day the westies always cop it and are painted with the same paint brush.

Just be sure to have a good old laugh at some of the characters on show!

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whatch it??? what do i need to watch it for i get it live...all day...every day...24/7...this comment is getting more and more depressing :sorry:

cheer up, WSW is our reward for sticking around in the west, and givin us something to be proud of  :clapping:

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Trying not to treat it as a comedy, you realize how close it is to home. But they make such stupid/poor decisions that would seem like normal common sense to us

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