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Brendan Hamill


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The guys a champion and is only like 15 years old. IMO, if he stays put - likely choice to take the armband off Topor when he retires.


Yeah, he was Captain for the FFA Cup match, against Palm Beach Sharks.



scored too faarken

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Agree with above, one bad game with a few mistakes doesn't make a bad player and he deserves our support and backing still.


He has put a bit of extra pressure on himself that he didn't need this early in the season mind. He has the focus on him and he cannot afford too many more performances like last week. All part of being a pro, needs to prove he can dig back in with a few solid performances and last week will be a distant memory. Cannot live on the back of some good performances in the ACL, that is gone, the next game is all that matters.


Hope he proves the haters / doubters wrong.

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What the f*ck happen to him?

Two games and no signs of him?

Popa had enough of him?

There are better players in defence than him. Notice after the first Brisbane game how our defence has improved.
I rate Hamil over Neville but popa seems to love him. No idea!
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Is Hamill your favourite player?


Know someone whose favourite player is Hamill, and you haven't got them a Christmas prezzie yet?


Then be sure to check out http://www.wswandere...pu1iag74moxorud) -  and make a bid on his signed boots - that he has not only worn in promos, but also 2 training sessions!!!






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Is he injured or has he just been left out of the squad?

Bit worrying isn't it....


Taurus do you have any news?



Yep  :xnod:


















Hope for his sake, that he gets an offer in the January window.  

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Well down the pecking order of CBs behind NTS, Alberto and Aspro. Clearly behind Neville in the fullback pecking order, too. Wouldn't be surprised if Cole was the preferred injury/suspension fill in on the right, especially given that Cole likes to bomb down the wings in attack.


I rate Hamill highly. He deserves to be playing football somewhere, and not stuck in squaddie limbo :(

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Very disappointing if he leaves, but, like Elrich and to an extent Mooy, if he has to go elsewhere to play consistently and reach his potential, so be it. No point staying if he doesn't want to be here.


I would like to see him stay, but he's currently fourth choice and needs a change of scene.

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