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Wanderers Into ACL Semi-Final On Away Goals!

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They're honestly a pack of **** bags, staff, players, fans, the whole ******* joint. I despise everyone of them. I hope they cry themselves to sleep tonight. It's a shame (probably a good thing) I don't have Instagram cause I'd love to feed **** to those mungrels for days to come. **** them all, WE WON !! COYW!!

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Guest mickisnot

All the haters in the media will be lining up to suck our ***** in the morning.

Don't shower, keep it stanky.

Let them smell the funk.

Where's ColdRock when you need him? I want him to post something that will notch this up to the next level of disgustingly funny.


I'll have a go though..


With all the news that came out after the Guang fans abused our poor players, rang into out players rooms early in the morning, abused at training, lippi coaching from the stands, Diamanti acting like an entitled brat as well those c-unt fans storming our bus.


I want to 'hate f-uck' the lot of them.


Then the media can clean me up.

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Lovely result - Evergrande might have just passed the Smurfs to be the most hated team from our perspective. Actually you could put the worst together of the Smurfs, Victory and Roar together and it wouldn't come close to Evergrande


Disgraceful in every way - players, coaches, fans.......


Justice is sweet! Well done boys and leaving China with your heads high. We are Wanderers!

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**** me, what a performance...I know it's a knee-jerk reaction but it's hard to think of a night where our boys displayed more BALLS than that. 


Covic, I had my doubts before this season based on some shaky performances towards the end of last year, but he's started brilliantly. 


NTS was an absolute monster, the whole defence really did great considering they were up against it all game.


Saba's tackle seconds after coming on, hahaha brilliant.


Plus I'm gonna go against the grain and mention Kwabena...yeah his touch is **** blablabla, and to be honest he isn't good enough, but when you think that he's just some kid from Parra playing on such a huge stage, his sheer pace alone scared the **** out of them and prevented them from pouring forward more. The game today was always gonna be as much about effort and commitment as technical skill and he showed plenty of it.

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Covic was massive for us , What is the prize money worth making top 4 & winning this comp ?

Just enough to share amongst all the A-League teams. It was a group effort after all. ;)

Is it really shared? Surely not...

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Long time reader of the forums, but first time poster, I just had to register after tonight`s game. Omg what a night. Ive gone through of all the possible emotions. From anger (penalty) through relief (Legend Covic`s safe), and joy (Juric`s goal), and anxiety (2-1) to ECSTASY (full time whistle).

It has been an amazing night, and right now I`m so proud to be part of this Red and Black Family.

God I love this team so freaking much!

welcome to the forum, i was not too angry at the penalty because i dont think it was a dive but i couldnt look, thank god Super Ante knew what we was doing

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